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The Cave

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As a teenager I would compose lurid short stories for my own entertainment and to occasionally share with a couple of my friends. Since porno wasn't available at that time in the fundamentalist area where I grew up I would also draw erotic pictures and homemade sex comics. Made a few dollars every now and then selling them to friends too! It sure beat 50 cents an hour doing farm work but did that too when I could get it. I could go to the movies in town for 25 cents and get a coke and popcorn for 10 cents more. Of course when I was in town I made it a point to go by the tobacco and news store. As a matter of fact it's still there. I still remember the smell of stale cigar smoke, roasting peanuts, popcorn, and newsprint. They had a box under the counter in the back where there were magazines of, for that time, an explicit nature and after they got used to me being there they would ignore me as I flipped through the pages of scantily clad women. On a good day there might be a nudist magazine but they went pretty fast. When I had the money I'd buy one and then stuff it in my pants under my shirt on the ride home with my father. Then I would wait for an opportunity to hide it somewhere safe until I had time to properly jackoff looking at it. The women in the magazines were not particularly young or pretty nor were their bodies anything to compare with the slick magazines today but the nudity was a constant source of facination and inspiration for a perpetually horny 13 year old.
In the hills behind the farm there are numerous heavily wooded ravines of poplar, hickory and oak offering essentially a very private environment for whatever diversion I chose to indulge in. There was only one way in as the grade was very steep on the sides and I could easily hear anyone rustling through the dry leaves long before they were in sight. In addition there was a small cave at the end of one of the ravines. It was just large enough to stand upright in and roughly 20 feet by 30 feet inside. The entrance was hidden behind a large fallen tree. The roots of the tree had exposed the entrance which was quite small but some diligent digging exposed an opening about 4 feet wide by 2 feet high in the solid limestone. Water flowing into it during rain storm had basically left a flat dirt floor. This hideaway was my pride and joy. I carefully spread the soil from the excavation around the forest floor and covered it with leaves so that no one would discover my secret place. I always took a different route to prevent a pathway from forming and carefully preserved the saplings and vines concealing the entrance. I outfitted it with a kerosene lantern, candles, a couple of folding chairs, and a discarded but usable chaise lounge that someone had discarded next to the gravel road about a half mile away. Because it was private property and also an inconvenient place to get to I never saw anyone while I was there. I used it from age 14 until I went away to college at 18. Since it could get very damp in the cave during rainy weather I kept all my dirty magazines and drawings in a 5 gallon paint can also scavenged from the roadside dump. I felt like Huckleberry Finn but without the river to raft on.
On any summer day (and even in the snow in the winter) I slipped off into the woods and removed all my clothing as soon as I was out of sight and carried them to the cave. Of course my penis is pointing skyward thumping against my stomach the whole way and I frequently pause to give myself a few loving strokes admiring my hard cock standing so proudly. Before entering I stand intently listening for the telltale sounds of anyone in the woods besides me. Once inside I light the lantern and hang my clothes on a makeshift clothes rack made from a cedar sapling. After rumaging trough my stash of magazines and making an appropriate selection I stretch out on the chaise lounge with my rigid cock thobbing on my belly as I intently study the pictures in the warm glow of the lantern. After a while I sit up with my feet on either side of the lounge and slide a vaseline coated red Christmas candle up my ass. Once it's almost totally inside me I sit down and rock my buttocks back and forth with the magazine open between my legs and furiously pound my dick which is now glistening with precum and vaseline. I repeat the process time and time again stopping just before ejaculating and get up occasionally to listen for sounds of anyone else in the area before returning to the lounge and my delicious attentions to my asshole, cock and balls. When it's time to go home I step outside and stand on the fallen tree trunk and finish off my straining hardon spewing great streams of cum down the mountain side.



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