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The Butler

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Being a butler is the best job in the world!


You know my boss. He is literally world-famous. Of course I won't tell you who he is, and perhaps one or two details have been changed to protect his identity.

I am his chauffeur and butler. Oddly, his favorite car is an old restored Buick, and when I drive, he sits in the right front seat, not the back. He says sitting in the back of a Mercedes would bring too much attention to him.

I carry his cell phone, and am what he likes to call his 'foil.' It rings quite often, even though only about 40 people know the number. My job is to screen his calls, and politely redirect or put them off until he wants to call back. Almost everyone who calls, including his agent, and even his mother cannot get through, unless he is ready to talk with them.

When I started this job, I was mostly his personal assistant. I'd do the cell phone thing, and when we travel, which is often, I set up his instruments (oh yes, he is a really, really good musician, and practices all the time). I take care of his clothing, which is mostly a remarkable collection of T-shirts.

So, once I had been on the job for a few weeks, I started helping more and more with personal things. I'd not only lay out his clothes (shorts, T-shirt and sandals, typically), I'd fill the bathtub, lay out the shaving stuff, and so on. Naturally, I'd see him without his T-shirt and shorts in brief glimpses. Then, as he became more comfortable having me around, he'd practice, watch TV, and so on totally nude.

One time, I saw him with a woodie when he woke up, which he tried to hide. I told him there was no need to hide such a 'great thing.' He laughed. But, I noticed a change that day. After that time, not only did he not hide his wood, it seemed he made it a point to show it off in front of me.

Now, he's not gay. Bisexual probably. But he dates women occasionally. And what women! Some of the biggest names in the world of entertainment!

The only part of my job I don't like is when he brings a woman home (or to the motel we happen to be staying in at the moment). I have to either be out, or stay entirely in my room at night, and when they're not doing you-know-what, I have to not only take care of everything he wants, but what she wants too. Orange juice, find a certain towel, make a phone call for her, etc.

So, back to the story: One day when he was walking around with a hard-on, he absent-mindedly started stroking it in front of me. I don't know what came over me, but I just blurted out, 'hey, you want a little help with that?'

Fast forward to today. Pretty much every night, I stroke him to sleep. I'll gently rub his penis until he ejaculates, I'll clean up with some TP, and he'll fall asleep perhaps a minute afterward. Sometimes, it is a lot rowdier. Lately, he's been especially enjoying a technique where I hold the shaft of his penis in one hand, and rub the top of it with my other palm. It makes him squirm, and you'd think it is something no one would want. But he loves it. And, strangely, I enjoy doing it!

So far as I know, he has never seen me nude, and probably never will. I am the butler, after all.

Take care, Man's Man



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