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The Best Working Hour Ever!

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A handful of years ago, I worked for about six months in a massage parlour! Actually that is not entirely true; it was at one of those day spas that seem to be popping up all over now.

It was not a field of work I particularly meant to get into, but after years of giving massages, first to my family and then, later, to female friends, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I had a year of night schooling to qualify to do it professionally, and then began to look for a job. I hadn't realised just how hard it would be to find employment - the owners of all the spas in the area were very hesitant to hire a male. They felt that their clientele would be reluctant to have their bodies felt by a strange man (in retrospect I can see their point). There is quite a high turnover of staff though in the massage business, so eventually I was given a two month trial by one of the more open managers.

For the first couple of weeks I got very few bookings. The female patrons were indeed apprehensive about having a strange man see them semi naked, and the male patrons wouldn't even consider it (and never did, it has to be said!).

After a while though, things began to pick up and I would give the odd scalp massage here, and back relaxing massage there. Within two months, I was basically doing most kind of treatments, and had built up my own list of customers who would specifically ask for me.

You might think that this would be a dream job, but in truth it wasn't. I found that people telling me their problems all day long was a bit depressing, and while I did get the odd good looking woman to massage, it was mostly unattractive larger women who would invariably be wearing too much perfume!

When I had been working there about five months, I arrived at work and went to look at the bookings for that day. I noticed that at two o'clock that afternoon, I was scheduled to give a full body massage to a 'Danielle'. Very few people received full body massages from me, and they were all regulars who did.

I didn't recognize the name at all, so I asked the girl at the front counter about it. She told me, with a smile, that 'Danielle' seemed to be very young, had asked for me in particular, and had seemed embarrassed throughout the entire booking procedure.

When two o'clock rolled around, I finished preparing my room from the previous customer and went into the reception area to collect Danielle.

I could hardly believe my eyes. She was seated in the corner away from the window and she was beautiful. She was very slim, had her brown hair cut into a short bob, had dark green eyes, and the cutest nose I had ever seen in my life! I caught my breath and escorted her to my room. She also looked to be about sixteen.

When we were both inside, I introduced myself, and told her about the massage for which she was booked, and everything it entailed. I also asked her how old she was, as she really should be eighteen to put herself in this position.

'I'm eighteen.' she quickly replied.

I had my doubts; she actually looked closer to fifteen now that she was in the light, but if she told me she was eighteen, I couldn't do anything about it.

I told her to undress, but keep her underwear on if she liked, get underneath the sheet and then I left the room to give her some privacy.

When I came back, she was lying on her back under the sheet with her chest covered by the sheet but her arms and shoulders exposed. I noticed that she had taken off her bra. I told her to turn over, and when she had done so, I pulled the sheet down to the small of her back, covered my hands in oil and began to work on her petite shoulders and back. In all my time working there, Danielle had, by far, the nicest skin I have ever come across.

We began to talk, and after a couple of minutes I told her she wasn't my normal type of customer, and I wondered why she was there.

I will never forget her answer.

She turned her head towards me, looked in my eyes, and said, 'I know this isn't proper or anything, and I'm very embarrassed to tell you this......' She paused.

'Go on,' I said.

'Well, it's like this. Most girls my age are very shy about sex and stuff, but ever since I was about thirteen, my desire to have orgasms has always been very strong. I haven't had one for about two weeks, and I was wondering if I could bring myself off while you... kind of... watched.'

Needless to say, I hadn't expected her to say anything like that at all! She looked like the most innocent girl I had ever seen, the type who gets shy having a shower alone!

I continued to massage her as we talked about this. I had reservations to be honest. Eventually though, my penis won out and I decided to let her go through with it. I didn't tell her straight away though....

When I had finished with her back, I slowly pulled the sheet down lower exposing her perfect round little bottom - she was naked,I realized. She had very narrow little hips and lovely slim athletic legs.

I began to massage her bottom using lots of oil. After I did this for about five minutes, her breathing became more pronounced and then she gave a soft little moan.

'It's no good,' she gasped 'I've got to cum.'

By this point of course my genitals were just yearning to be set free from my clothes - but I knew I couldn't do it.

Danielle knelt up on the bed on all fours and the sheet slipped to the ground. She then climbed off the bed and stood in front of me completely bare. The sweet girl from before had faded, and she was now a sexual being on a mission!

'Put your foot on that stool!' she commanded me as she gazed into my eyes.

I did as I was told.

She then walked over to me, her size A breasts perfectly formed above her flat narrow stomach. I just had time to notice that her vulva was swollen and lightly covered with pale thin hair before she held onto my waist with both delicate arms and then put one leg over my leg on the stool and lowered herself down a little.

What followed, was the most exciting five minutes of my life. Danielle began to hump my leg. Sometimes she would use circular motions, and sometimes side to side. Mostly though, she just humped herself on me in a backwards and forwards manner.

In the meantime, I was caressing her shoulders, legs, and waist with my oily hands. It was incredible!

Suddenly she stopped for a second. 'I'm going to cum now,' she said, 'and I'm going to cum hard.'

'Please don't be too loud,' I asked.

She nodded her head. With that, I put both hands on her small perfect bottom and began to gently stroke it. Danielle then put her perspiration dotted head down on my chest and really humped my leg hard. She began gasping and moaning and squeezed hard with her arms around my waist.

After a while, she slowed down, stopped, climbed off, smiled shyly at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek!

'Thanks!' she grinned, as she began to get dressed. 'Are she going to rub yourself when I've gone?'

'The second you leave,' I replied.

After we said goodbye (I knew I wouldn't see her again), I stepped back into my room, closed the door and quickly removed my shoes, pants and boxer shorts. With my hand already pumping my throbbing penis, I slid down the door to a sitting position and came all over my hands, legs, and floor.

My best day at work ever!



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