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The Best of Friends (Part 1)

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I have posted on here once before, in an entirely fictional story. This story is completely true, and a bit weird for me to tell to someone, much less in writing. All names were changed.


The Best of Friends (Part 1)

When I was a kid, I lived in a quiet neighborhood. The only kids on our street were me, my twin brother Matthew, my best friend William, and his younger brother James. At the time of this story, Matthew and I were 14, William was 15, and James was 13. William was always the most attractive one of the bunch. Tall and lean, but muscular, with wavy blond hair in a surfer cut and big hazel eyes, William was handsome in a very traditional sense. Matthew and I were identical twins. The two of us were delicate little boys, small and slender with black hair, green eyes, and perfect white teeth. James always looked young for his age. He resembled William, only with blue eyes and messy brown hair. He was constantly made fun of at school for his small size and youthful appearance.

If William and I were best friends, Matthew and James were much more than that. The two of them were inseparable from third or fourth grade onwards. But the first part of the story will focus on my relationship with William.

My parents were pretty conservative. They never told Matthew and I what not to do with our bodies, but they sure as hell didn't give us any information, so puberty was tough for me. Going through all sorts of changes without any idea whether it was normal really put me through a lot of stress. The summer after sixth grade, I began getting constant erections, but I had no idea what to do with them. If William hadn't been around, I don't know what might have happened.

William was always an older brother figure to me when I was younger. As a kid, I had never heard of homosexuality, but something about William was very enticing to me. He was tall and slim, and much more developed than me, and he always excited me.

At the end of seventh grade, I turned 14, and for my birthday, he invited me to his house for a sleepover. His parents were going out of town, and my parents gave me permission to spend the night. James would be spending the night with Matthew at my house, so William and I would get the house to ourselves. I was incredibly excited. The sleepover was on a Friday, a week after my birthday, and I went straight to William's house after school.

We watched a movie, ordered pizza, and talked for a few hours about whatever kids talk about. Then we went up to his room.

'Hey Aidan,' he said, 'I'm gonna grab a shower. You want one?'

'Sure!' I said.

'You want to go first?' William asked.

'No, I'm fine. You can have the first shower.' As I said this, he pulled off his shirt and headed to the bathroom, revealing his beautiful alabaster abdomen. He looked like a modern American Adonis. Five minutes later, he came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist.

'Ok buddy, your turn!' William said.

As I walked into the bathroom, I took it all in. The room smelled warm and soft, just like William. Just thinking about him in that shower made me hard. After I was cleaned off, I slipped on my briefs and t-shirt.

When I got out to the bedroom, William was already in bed watching TV, wearing only his boxer-briefs. 'Aidan, want to wrestle?' he said, jumping up. Within seconds he had me pinned to the bed. I grabbed at him, trying to get up, and finally flipped him over. I lay on top of him panting, and as I lay there, I felt the outline of his boner pressed into my stomach. Apparently he could feel mine too, because he just looked at me and laughed. 'You need a little relief?'

I looked back at him, confused. 'Relief?? What do you mean?'

William looked back, 'You know, like jacking off.'

'Jacking off?' I was intrigued. I had heard that term, but I had absolutely no idea what it meant.

He looked at me, disbelieving, 'Dude, like touching yourself?'

'What does that mean?' I rolled off of him. Now I was curious.

'Ok, so you've never gotten a boner?' William asked.

'Yeah, but what do you do with it?'

'It's hard to explain, but I can show you if I want. It's like the best feeling ever.'

'Ok!' If William liked it, I was up for it.

'Here, it's a birthday present. Just be still and let yourself enjoy it.' With these words, William touched my back lightly, tugging on my shirt. As he pulled it over my head, I laid down on the bed, anticipating whatever was coming next. Sensing how tense I was, he stroked my shoulder, whispering to me, 'It'll be great. Just relax.' Then he touched my stomach with the tips of his fingers, circling my belly button. He looked me in the eyes, then grabbed the waistband of my white briefs and pulled them down my smooth, thin legs. He looked down at my penis, five inches long; perfectly pink, circumcised, and with the first sprouts of teenage hair. Then he began stroking. I felt a strange, tingling sensation, unlike anything I had ever felt before. Slowly and carefully, he pulled his hand up and down the length of my cock. After several minutes, I felt another unique sensation.

'Stop it! I'm gonna pee!!!' But William wasn't listening.

His strokes grew faster, as did my breathing, and I felt it coming. And then: 'OH GOD WILLIAM!!! DON'T STOP!!' A gooey white fluid was flowing from the tip of my cock in spurts. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

He collapsed on top of me, and we just lay there for a minute. Then he smiled at me and said, 'That is how to jack off. What you just had, that's called an orgasm. Now let's go wash up.' He pulled me to my feet and helped me into the shower. His long, muscular frame next to my delicate little body, we hugged as the warm water streamed down on us. 'Hey Aidan,' he said, 'Hope you don't mind if I give myself a little relief now.'

'Let me do that,' I said, and he smiled. For the first time, I realized that he had taken off his boxer-briefs before jumping into the shower, revealing a perfect, cut, seven inch prize. I clumsily tried to feel him up like he did to me, failing miserably. Then I felt his big strong hand guiding mine along his cock, and I let him take over. I watched in awe as he masterfully stroked himself, and his cum spurted out of his penis in three long shots. He groaned and moaned, obviously showing off for me, but I didn't mind. William was my idol, and I would take all I could get.

We cleaned up and dried off, then headed back into his room. As we lay naked in bed, we talked.

'Aidan, you've really never done that sort of thing?' William asked.


'What about Matthew??' he said.

'Ummm... I don't really know if he has.' This was true. Matthew and I were normally very shy about that kind of thing around each other. The last time I had seen him naked was in first or second grade, back when we used to take baths together. Soon the talk drifted to other things, and eventually, we drifted to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up in his arms, and everything felt all right. Before I packed up to go home, I told him that it had been the best birthday present he could have given me. He smiled, and I headed home.



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