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Summer fun with my cousin

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This is my first and fondest memory of doing anything, with anyone. I'm glad to say that it was with my cousin and that we can still have fun with each other, even today when we both have girlfriends.


I guess you could say that my cousin, Luke, and I had always been close. We never really saw all that much of each other growing up, until we were a bit older. But we were still good cousins anyway, maybe because we were the same age.

Luke was a muscular, real farmer-type guy, he had dirty-blonde hair and brown eyes and quite a nice six pack. I on the other hand, am more lean. Not such a defined six pack or muscles. With brown hair and blue eyes.

This all started one summer not too long ago, when I decided that I would like to go and stay with my cousin and his family on their farm. My Uncle and Aunt had no problem with this.

I arrived on the farm and said my goodbyes to my parents. Luke decided that he would take me on a tour of the farm, since I hadn't been there for a long time.

As we were walking around the farm, we began to talk about all sorts of things and the topic eventually came to girls and porn.

Luke asked me if I watched porn and I sheepishly said yes. He said he did too and I shouldn't be embarrassed. Then he said he needed to piss, I decided I needed to as well. I went and stood by a bush and whipped out my semi hard cock, Luke came and stood right next to me, taking out his massive soft cock. I got hard straight away. Luke looked down and said "Nice hardon" before his dick started to grow as well. He was a shower, not a grower, but his dick was still big. We both finished peeing and continued on the hike. The topic changed rather quickly, but I had a boner just thinking about what we had just done.

We were both pretty tired and dirty when we got home and we both took showers separately. We watched some t.v. and played video games until my aunt and uncle went to bed. Then we went to his room, where I was staying. He had a bunk bed and I was lying on the top.

He asked me if we should watch some porn. I said yes, as long as the volume was off. He took out his laptop, and found a video. He put it on a table and asked if I could see it from the top bunk, I said yes.

I was rock hard, and slowly stroking my dick. A few minutes later, I could feel the bed shaking, and it was quite obvious that Luke was jerking off too. I asked him if he was jerking off, and he said that he was. He asked me if I was too, and I said yes. Then he said that he was feeling really horny.

I almost came right there. I asked him if he has ever done anything with a girl. He said no, and I told him that I hadn't either but I wish I could.

After a long silence while we both jerked off, he suddenly asked if I would ever let a guy jerk me off if I could do the same for him in return. I said yes.

Another pause, and then he said if I was up for it, he was. I thought about it for no longer than 2 seconds before jumping out of the top bunk. He took his blanket off and exposed his huge cock, sticking through the hole in his boxers. I pulled my boxers off, exposing my throbbing dick. Luke had a 6.5" cock easily, while mine was just under 6". I got into the bed next to him.

He reached over and held my cock with his fist. I did the same to him. We jerked off for 10 minutes before he said he was close. We both decided to stop, as we wanted this to last for as long as possible. After 2 minutes or so. We started again, this time Luke climbed on top of me, I was shocked. He started to hump me, rubbing his hard dick against mine.

It wasn't long before I told him I was close, he said he was cumming. He shot at least 4 ropes of cum onto my stomach, but continued to hump. My dick, now rubbing against him cum on my stomach could not take it anymore and I exploded, shooting a huge load onto my stomach. Luke just lay on top of me, out of breath.

Our dicks felt like they stayed hard for eternity.

Luke said I could stay in his bed for the night. He got up, switched his laptop off and locked the door. Then he stripped off his shirt and got into his bed. We lay close together on the single bed. He pushed his butt against my soft cock, which slowly began to grow again.

Nothing else happened... that night. But so began my summer of fun.



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