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Thanks To Christine

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I never forgot how much she loved it.


Your 'My Friend Seth' was very nicely written in that it first gave us a nice visual of yourself and then used words to describe the event that guaranteed readers full blown orgasms right along with you and Seth. What amazed me was that I had a somewhat similar adventure with a striking 28-year-old recent divorcee.

It started quite by accident. I was a young, blond-headed dive master aboard a dive boat working in the Bahamas. It was a Singles Trip and she took a liking to me. Bad weather forced us to overnight at Grand Bahama Island where everyone but the two of us spent the evening ashore. I had duty watch aboard the boat and couldn't go. She went off with friends but returned later by herself. She insisted that the two of us go up to the top deck where there was a large comfortable lounge lit only by a full moon. She said she wanted to just talk with me.

We did exactly that for a good hour or so. Eventually the talk got around to sexual subjects. She asked me what I liked to do. I told her. It was something that always gave me a great deal of erotic pleasure, often to the point where I would ejaculate purely from the excitement of doing it to a woman who really enjoyed it that way.

That got us into a discussion about the size of different kinds of clitorises. I told her about the kind I loved and what things I did to keep a woman right on edge for a long time without letting her go over. Doing that for me was like reaching my own climatic peak and just staying there enjoying her reactions to what I was doing between her long, stiffened legs while her hips jerked back and forth uncontrollably.

Long story short, the woman I will call Christine leaned back on the lounge and looking down at her lap said, 'Well, you've certainly got me in a mess.'

I couldn't believe it. The entire crotch of her powder blue shorts were soaking wet. Before I knew it we were tangled up in each other's arms with our tongues down each other's throats. She wanted me desperately to do what I had talked about. I said this was no place for that but that we might do other things.

We did. I was amazed to feel with my forefinger that Christine had a beautiful large clitoris. It was very stiff and the gland stood out well beyond her lips. Her hand already found my cock and was pumping it vigorously. I made her stop and go very slow. I caressed her rigid clitoris the same way. I told her, 'The longer you hold the fuse the bigger the explosion. Let's make it a big one.'

Panting and giggling she agreed. She wrapped her legs around me. Our fingers and hands went to work. Whenever her hand would bring me to the brink of orgasm with my limbs stiffening and me holding my breath, I grabbed her hand and stopped it. She understood. The same way I could play with the area around her clit until she was rigid and hardly breathing in anticipation, then I would stop.

Our juices were drooling all over our hands. Finally, I asked if she was ready. 'Oh God yes!' she panted. PLease, please....' I asked her to just use the ball of her index finger and rub slow little circles around the underside of my straining hot gland. I did the same for her clit barely touching it. She almost screamed. I watched her breathing and matched her rubbing with mine. We slowly rose to one incredibly high, tingling peak, straining, gasping, stiffening...

When the explosion came it was a blinding blockbuster. We froze, then jerked together, spasm after spasm, our hips jerking back and forth as the juices spewed all over us...stars, skyrockets, pinwheels went off before our eyes and we kept spewing sparks. Christine buried her head in my shoulder and bit me to keep from screaming. I just held her tight and kept fucking her clenched slippery hot hand.

It seemed that the throbbing, pleasureable spasms of ejaculations would never end for us. When we finally came down, Christine was sobbing at my cheek saying over and over that she had never ever felt anything as incredibly good as that before. Never. I had to tell her that she literally stopped my heart with her fingering my straining cockhead.

When I finally looked to see what we had done on each other I couldn't believe it. Hardly anything was dry, We had shot our come all over each other and we were a slimy mess.

We hurried below and showered together before the crew came back. We never had a chance to pleasure each other again like that. Christine said she would never forget that night. Neither have I. I feel sure that she and I often relive it in our minds as we masturbate ourselves to intense throbbing orgasms that are almost as incredible. So thank you for the memory of shared pleasures, Christine. I wish we could share that experience together once more. Write again and make the sparks fly.



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