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Indulging A Newly Discovered Fetish

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Another fantasy story about a young teen living out a fantasy with the neighbor

She might have been a couple grades ahead of me, but I knew her about a well as someone might know their own sister. Her family had moved down the street when I was 11, and over the next few years our parents had gotten to know each other well. About once or twice a month they got together at one of our houses for drinks and to play cards, and we would tag along and end up either seeing them play or watch tv elsewhere. From that point until the present I had gone through the first part of puberty, and my penis had gone from about three inches hard to just a hair over five and a half. Enjoying my newfound length, I couldn't keep my hands off of it.

Masturbation wasn't discussed back then, but I was probably averaging three times a day, with twice being the minimum. It was also when I became very aware of what turned me on. I didn't know what a fetish was at that age, but I did know I couldn't get enough of looking at girls' feet...especially hers.

To paint a picture, she had blossomed to about 5 foot 8, had shoulder length blonde hair with a nice tan, and dressed somewhere between a tomboy and a California surfer girl. Possibly due to the warm weather, I also never saw the girl in socks. Honestly...I'm not even sure she owned a pair of socks.  Every day she either had on dark brown clogs, flip flops with a 2 inch sole, or my favorite, those wooden exercise sandals everyone had back then. Every step she took, they would make a loud *slap* as the wood made contact with her foot. It drove me absolutely wild, and there were many masturbation sessions that I blew my load visualizing her soft, yet leathery feet. I thought I was always careful to sneak a peek to get my fix of her bare feet...that is until one particular Friday.

They came over to our house, and it was a rather warm night for that time of year. When she walked in, she had on those sandals accompanied with loose fitting jeans that just touched the tops of her feet and a button down, white short sleeve shirt. I was already fighting not to get an erection. It didn't take us long before we headed downstairs to our rec room due to the boredom of watching them play spades. Going through the dial, we eventually settled on some reruns and sat on the couch and watched while hearing the sounds of laughing and bottles clinking upstairs. She had her legs crossed and was dangling that sandal off of her foot, and I kept glancing down at it. I tried keeping my penis tamed the best I could, but even then I was still sitting with a half-erection.

I thought I was being slick, acting like I was stretching around to get a closer look, but my heart nearly stopped when I heard her say, "You really like looking at my feet, don't you?" Stammering, I said, "Huh? No, I'm not looking at them." "Oh come on, every time we're together I catch you looking at them. I can tell you have a foot fetish." "A what?" "A foot fetish. You get horny looking at feet. You're probably turned on right now, aren't you?" As she said this, she started slapping that sandal harder against her sole, causing my half-hard cock to grow into a full erection. I swallowed hard and could feel sweat budding on my forehead. She giggled and said, "Don't get shy now, I think it's kind of cute that you like looking at my feet," as she held up her foot and pointed her toes. She then said something that is still burned into my mind; "How about this...you get out of those clothes, and I'll let you do more than look at my feet." I was speechless. I could barely breathe. She grabbed my hands and stood me up, but my wobbly knees could barely hold me. Taking a step back she said, "So? Are you up for it?" I just nodded and kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks, then slowly lifted my shirt. Standing there in just my jeans, my erection was on full display. She raised her eyebrows and signaled to my pants, but I finally said, "What about our parents? They're right upstairs." "Do you hear all of that? The door is closed and they aren't paying any attention to us. Besides, it's not like we're having sex or anything. Go on. Get naked." Taking another hard swallow I undid my belt and zipper, pushing my jeans to my knees, revealing a big wet spot on the front of my white underwear, making her giggle. Stepping out of them, I hooked my thumbs in my waistband and pushed them down, my pale body now completely on display. 

Telling me to sit down, I sat back on the couch, my penis standing straight up with a steady flow of precum running from the tip. Slipping her foot from her sandal, she looked at me as she pointed her toe and ran it against my cheek. I closed my eyes and shuddered, not able to stop myself from instantly cumming. I sat there shaking and groaning as shot after shot landed on my chest, and she laughed saying, "Wow, that was fast! Either you really needed that or you REALLY like feet!" I just sat there, blushing. "That's ok, I knew you weren't going to last too long. Good thing is, I know you can go again real soon." She was right. Even after the orgasm of my life I was still hard as a rock. "Ok, let's see if you can last longer now. You like these sandals, don't you?" I just nodded. Picking one up, she slid it over my cock, the smooth sole resting against the underside of my shaft and my balls. My toes curled against the rug. She then told me to get on the floor on my knees and face her on the couch. I did as she said, and I watched as she undid the buttons on her shirt, revealing her B-cup breasts as she wasn't wearing a bra. Squeezing them, she held up her foot to my face and told me to smell it. Resting my lips on the ball of her foot, I inhaled deeply as she said the air running through her toes tickled. It was amazing, with a slight smell of sweat and the natural aroma of her bare feet. She slid her hand inside her waistband and started rubbing herself as she said, "Ok...lick it." Sticking out my tongue she moved her foot up and down, my wet tongue running all over her sole. She started breathing heavier as I wrapped my lips around her toes and started sucking. Now visibly masturbating, her shirt had slipped down off her shoulders. She stopped for a second to pull it off, then reached back into her pants to continue rubbing herself. "When you cum...cum on that sandal." She didn't have to tell me twice. I pulled it off and started stroking, and in about 20 seconds I held it at my tip and started cumming all over it. She pulled her foot from my mouth and watched as I came hard for the second time in less than 10 minutes. "Now...put it back on my foot." Hands shaking, I took it and slipped it back over her toes, to which she said, "Ooh, it's warm and sticky..." She kept going for two or three more minutes before she whispered that she was going to cum. She closed her eyes and rubbed hard before her knees clamped together and she doubled over on the couch. It took her a minute or so before she sat back up, pulled her hair back from her face and said that felt amazing. 


Now that we had both cum I became very aware that I was still naked, and having to clean up my cum with my underwear meant I had to hide it somewhere. I figured under the couch would be the best spot, and I would sneak down after they went to bed to put it in the dirty clothes. She put her shirt back on and I got dressed, and when we headed back upstairs our parents had no idea she had my cum getting smooshed under her foot. They were all quite tipsy by that point, and didn't object when she said she was tired and was just going to head home. I followed her to the door, and looking closely I could see my cum stringing from her foot. Before she walked out, she said, "Not a word to anyone, ok?" I just smiled and nodded. "Good. Maybe next time I'll have on some new sandals" she said with a wink before walking away. 

That night before I went to sleep, I masturbated a third time in the shower and a fourth time in bed. 



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