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Thanks FedEx

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This just happened yesterday and I couldn't wait to write this story on this site. I've been reading this site for about a month and I think this site gave me the courage to do what I did. I was lying on the couch next to the front porch window totally naked with the house all to myself watching TV. I am normally modest about the size of my cock, but I will brag a bit here. My huge 9.5-inch cock was starting to pep up, and of course I started rubbing the head with my fingers teasing it to a full blown throbber. About that time, I noticed my neighbor walking down my driveway with a package that FedEx had left at her house for me.

I knew this was my chance to do something exciting, so I quickly opened the mini-blinds slightly. She stepped up on to the porch and as she passed the window she stopped. (It worked.) The blinds were positioned so that she could see my entire body but not my face or head, but I could see her.

I began the show by slowly pumping my huge dick and playing with my balls with my left hand. She just stood there with the package under her arm and peeked through the window blocking the glare on the glass with her one free hand. I guess she thought she was being naughty and that I couldn't see her. She is about 45 years old, and I have thought of her while jacking off before.

As she watched me, I spread my legs wide and really got my balls bouncing all around from pulling and pushing faster. I let my middle finger find its way to my butt hole and stroked it as I pumped my dick. She didn't miss a thing; her eyes were glued to the action. I was very hard and every now and then I would remove my hand and let her see my dick free standing.

My precum was beginning to ooze in a strand that connected to my belly button. I felt it beginning to happen. I jacked it as hard as I could, and I shot my load all over my chest and the first squirt landed on my neck. I just lay there covered in my own cum, and she remained watching so I let her see me clean up. I used six or seven napkins and put them in a pile on the coffee table, and then I heard the doorbell. I was kinda scared now for some reason. I don't know why because she must have liked it because she watched the whole thing for at least 35 minutes. I ran and put on my robe and answered the door.

She said that FedEx had left a package for me at her house and handed me the box. She looked though the living room to the kitchen and said, 'I see your wife got the new floor tile that she wanted.'

I said, 'You can come in if you want to,' as I took the package and put it on the floor and she did. She was 15 feet away from my in the kitchen as I sat down on the couch were I had just pumped for her. I propped one leg up on the coffee table trying to give her a clear view up my robe. I opened up the box and appeared to be reading a paper that was in it so that she could view my semi-hard cock and balls. She just locked in on it and kept looking. I know this because I wasn't reading the paper. I was watching her reflection in TV screen. I started getting hard again and panicked a bit. I told her I had to get ready and she left.

I think if she ever comes back in a similar situation I am going to try to fuck her.



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