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Thank You Natalie...wherever You Are!

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Getting married seemed like the only way to fix our rocky relationship. What a bad idea...it only made our fighting and bickering worse. Our love life tanked..for over a year. Then about 4 months before the doomed wedding she tells me she is going to Europe for 6 weeks. Just her and her best friend as a little last hurrah. Two days into her trip I discover they are not alone. I found out my fiance' had a boyfriend in Chicago. Which explained why she had visited her sister there so often over the last year. I then find love letters talking about the trip to Europe. My fiance' and her friend are going to Europe with dates!

Enter Natalie..I had bumped into her just a few weeks earlier at the video store. We dated many years before. We caught up and exchanged numbers so I could invite her and her boyfriend to the wedding. Not two days into my disovery Natalie rings me up. I explain what has been going on. I was really down in the dumps. I tell her I am on leave from work to deal with moving out finding a place to live etc. She says ' I'll be right over'. Natalie shows up 20 minutes later. 'Thought I might cheer you up!'... She does... I tell her every thing, even the lack of sex. She then orders me to sit down and watch. She puts on a Coltrane cd and disappears in the bedroom...My soon to be ex's bedroom. Natalie comes out a song ot two later wearing one of my ex's teddy!!!! It does not fit her. Her breasts are spilling out all over the little 'A' cups in the teddy. We both break into a huge laugh. I'm so shocked and excited. She sits on my lap and whispers in my ear 'I think you need a little female attention'. Then she slips her hand down my pants and strokes me till I almost lose it. The sight of her body in the ex's teddy is almost sending me over the edge. Then she gets up and sits down on the couch by herself and says 'Did she ever do this?'. She lies back and spreads her legs and starts fingering and rubbing herself. I confess no she didn't. She repiles 'She doesn't deserve you!'. She then masturbated in every postion possible in front of me. This went on for the a whole week until her vacation time ran out. We masturbated all ways..nothing was sacred. She found the ex's toys and came on them.

Calling her nasty names while doing so. She came on her picture...on her sisters picture... you name it. My favorite is when she came on her fathers pic. calling him all sorts of foul things. She even came on my ex's favorite stuffed animals. She would masturbate me off and on when the mood struck. We never had sex... I think it wasn't the point. The morning she left she kissed me and said remarked on how much fun we had. She said she got off on giving my ex what she deserved. She said the thought of her snuggling with the teddy bear she came all over will make her laugh for years. She then told me I'd find the right woman in the next year... I never saw Natalie again. She was right though...I did meet the right woman just two weeks later...We are now married!

Oh, I never picked the ex up from the airport.




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