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The Moped Girl

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Another story from a client.


I extended my vacation in Hawaii by quitting my job, and looking for work on Ohau. I found a suitable job in Waikiki fixing mopeds for a rental company. As a fringe benefit, they let me use a moped all the time, which was a great boon because I couldn't afford a car.

One day in a parking lot right near the beach, I saw the cutest Japanese girl on one of my company's mopeds. Being a rather bold individual (which has gained me many great opportunities), I rode up to her and said "Hi." She said "Hi" back with a nice smile.

But that was the end of any sensible conversation. "Hi" was one of the few words of English she knew, and I didn't know any Japanese. I didn't even know what country she was from, originally.

Somehow, we hit it off, and with a series of gestures, undecipherable words, and a little pad and pencil, we managed to communicate to a limited degree. So, we arranged to meet at a restaurant the next evening.

Problem was, the communication wasn't clear, and she ended up at one place and I at another. I had her number, and she had mine, but when I called her to figure out what happened, all we could do was shrug it off, and with a lot of frustration, I finally figured out where she was and went over there.

Fortunately, we met up and had a nice dinner with lots of laughter, but didn't learn much about each other. I did finally understand she was a nurse, also on an extended' vacation. But while I had a job, she was just coasting on savings.

One thing led to another and we started dating regularly. In time, I learned a smattering of Japanese, and she learned some English.

To my disappointment at the time, she was not in the least interested in fucking. I guess, as a nurse, she was properly afraid of STDs. However, she was a sexual monster with a high libido, and absolutely in favor of anything oral or manual, meaning I could rub her clit for hours while she'd have orgasm after orgasm, every few minutes. She'd give me a handjob, and I'd cum, way too soon usually, then she'd want to keep going on me.

That part was horrible, and great all at the same time. Sometimes she'd sit on my body, and just keep jerking me off. Any guy knows that after you cum, any further stimulation is torture. So, she tortured me, laughing all the way, while I squirmed and yelled, and did what I could to get away. Actually, I could have thrown her off in a heartbeat, but I more-or-less pretended to try to get away. However the squirming and yelling was all for real.

She'd just keep going, and eventually, the feeling changed. Pretty soon, it felt nice again. My half-deflated dick would spring back to life, and I'd cum again.

After the second or sometimes third cum, I'd turn my attention back to her. Typically with one finger stuck deep into her pretty, silm little ass, I'd rub her depilated vagina with my other hand, and she'd have a few more orgasms. Then, typically, she'd fall asleep with me still rubbing her.

This went on for about six weeks. It was the most remarkable non-fucking sex I've ever had, and frankly, although I really wanted to fuck her at the time, I realize now that I wouldn't have traded what we did for anything. I think having actual sex would have ruined the relationship in some undefinable way.

Finally, the money she had allocated for her vacation was used up, and she flew back to Japan, never to be seen again.

I had other nice adventures in Hawaii, which I may tell you sometime.



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