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Thank you all. I feel normal.

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Am I normal? Thank you for your replies.


I don't get much private time on this computer so it's been a long time since I wrote my first story here on Solo Touch telling you all about how much I jerk off & asking opinions about if I was normal or not. I'd like to thank everybody who replied. There were so many of you that made me feel like I was normal. I thought I jerked way too much but I can't help it. I get a boner at least every hour & sometimes it won't go away unless I cum. Maybe it's because I think about girls so often. Maybe it's because I think about my cock so often. Either way it's good & I'm sure once I start hooking up with girls I won't need to jerk as much. For now I'm going to do it as much as I want to.

I liked reading the replies from the girls out there. I got a hard cock just knowing they read how I jerked my cock plus it was nice that you all did care to reply. Thanks again.

I've been spending lots of time at my uncle's place. He's a great guy & understands about being young & what we need. I never took the advice to invite him to jerk off with me. That would be weird for me. I sure want to invite one of my buds though. He's been talking more & more about girls & jerking lately. He's had a few girlfriends already & tells me about how they do it together. He told me about a girl he hooked up with just before summer who talked dirty while they screwed. She said things like 'fuck my cunt hard' & "I'm going to suck your cock so hard' & 'take your cock out of my wet pussy & let me taste my cunt juice on your cock'. I never thought girls would talk like that. He told me she told him how much she's going to love sucking his cock while he cums in her mouth & that she lets him squirt his cum in her mouth & she swallows it. That part is really HOT. I'd like to do that too but with a nice girl. I don't know if I'd like her as a girlfriend but it would be nice just to hear her say those things. I hope I get a girl who likes sex all the time & a bit of dirty talk would be fun but not that much.

My uncle has been away working quite a bit so I get to spend more time watching his porn in the man room as we now call it. One thing that happened two weeks ago that was embarrassing was he came home while I was watching the porn & jerking off. I thought he was going to be out all night & I like to turn up the volume to hear the girls in the movie moaning while they get fucked or if they're masturbating. I was watching one of my favorite movies that's more of a documentary of some kind. Real girls & not porn stars were interviewed & asked about how they learned to masturbate & stuff then they take off their clothes & did it for the lady interviewing them. I just love that one & I've seen it so many times now. Anyway I was jerking off with the volume loud & had no idea he had come home. I think he would have heard the girls in the movie & when I came I talked back to the TV like they were real girls saying 'watch me stroke my big cock, here comes my big hot load, watch me cum' then the cum felt so good I grunted & yelled out 'look at me cum, there's so much cum, oh it feels so good' or something like that.

After I cleaned up & turned off the TV I opened the door & went to the bathroom. I was just about to pee when I heard talking. Uncle came home with a girl & they were down in the living room. All I could do is hope they never heard me. I had to walk right by them to go home & uncle stopped me to introduce me to the girl. Her name was Sam & she was real pretty & had a nice body. She was wearing a t shirt that showed her tits right through. The shirt was long & I don't know if she had underwear on or not. All I saw were long bare legs & bare feet. She had nice long nipples showing too. She stood up & gave me a hug like she knew me or something. All I said was 'nice to meet you & I have to get back home now' then I left. I never went back for three days until I knew he would be away for work. I turned on the movie about the same volume, closed the door & went down to where they were sitting. I could hear almost all of what the girls were saying on the TV. I sat there thinking for a few minutes about how stupid I must have sounded too & that Sam must think I was a perve or something. I was sitting right where she was sitting that night & listened to the first girl on the movie having an orgasm. If Sam was so nice to me then maybe she was cool with it. If not she would have looked at me funny or something. Then when I thought about what uncle was wearing it clicked in. He was wearing like PJ bottoms & nothing else. I think they were having sex & maybe while listening to me. It's a bit weird but then I thought about Sam & if she was listening to me while getting fucked. That's what I think happened but I've never asked uncle. He's been away so much so we have not have much time to talk. If it was what happened, now I like it. Maybe she heard me cum while she had his cock inside her. Maybe he was licking her pussy or she was sucking his cock. He's such a lucky guy to have a girl that pretty & sexy. Maybe she'll come back. I'll have to ask him.

One other thing I think I'll tell you all. It's just something that happened to me that was good. It was Saturday & uncle was away. I went over to his place just after dinner & I was jerking by about 7:00. Uncle has so many movies so it's always different. I decided to see how long I could go holding back my cum. I've learned to jerk off until just the point where my cock is going to shoot cum. I let go of my cock & tighten up all the muscles in my lower body & it's almost like I cum but it doesn't quite finish. I wait for about a minute then I can start jerking again. My cock stays hard & I can last a long time & do it over & over. It's almost like having 15 or 20 orgasms before I actually keep going & shoot my cum. Anyway I did this thing until 10:30. My cock felt like it was going to cum almost all the time. I could hardly touch it. I never had it feel that good before. I decided I was going to cum all the way at a certain point of the movie I was watching. There is a hot girl who is licking another girls pussy & that girl has the most amazing orgasm. You can see the one girls pussy twitching under the tip of the others tongue so you know it's real.

For about 15 minutes before this part came I could only stroke my cock with two fingers & I could barely touch it. The cum feeling was right there & I just rubbed tiny short strokes with two fingers a few times then stop. A few tiny short strokes then stop. The feeling felt like it was in all my lower body after a while. It was like my body was feeling the 'almost orgasm' not just my cock. When I finally came it was the best feeling I have ever had. Cum shot everywhere but I didn't care. I even had cum on my face. That cum feeling, or orgasm I guess I should call it lasted almost a whole minute then there was this strange but good thing that happened. I felt like I had just been running for miles as fast as I could. I had no breath left & I had to lay flat. My whole body got this strange feeling & I kept jerking from head to toe. I don't mean jerking off. My body was jerking. I would be still for a few seconds then my body jerked like a shiver. It lasted for almost five minutes long! I never felt anything like that before. It was the best thing ever!

Then about a half hour later my cock still had this feeling like it was coming. Sort of like a muscle that's sore but feels good when you rub it. I was hard again but not real hard & I had the urge to squirt cum again. Not so much sex, I just needed to squirt more cum. I put on the movies again & started jerking. This time my cock felt like it was close to cumming all along but it was not too intense, just nice. I kept jerking but this time all I wanted to do was cum. I had to. It only took about five minutes & then I felt the cum building up. I kept jerking then I came so hard that I thought I was going to faint. I couldn't help but scream out loud. It was a good thing I was alone. The orgasm part lasted shorter but very intense. Then my body did that same jerking thing for a few minutes. I fell asleep for two hours & woke up with dried cum all over. My cock felt like I was just at the very beginning of a cum all that night. I never had that happen before & I want to try it again if I can. I need the house to myself & a long time too. I'll try it as soon as I can



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