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Adventures of Temptation

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Okay, this is my first story here, ever. I used to come here all the time for great male/female stories. If this gets decent response then I'll have another.


Okay, I'm as of now doing an experiment. As odd this would be for a pro-masturbation site, I decided to quit masturbating. I began to have weaker and weaker orgasms until I decided that enough was enough.


But, onto the actual story. Recently I had started the breaking of my habit. I had stopped masturbating for several days. After learning how my body responds to several days of no proper orgasm (I start to quiver and shake if I sit still) I picked up soccer and basic working out to use up my extra energy. This worked pretty well, actually. After a while, I would spurt random erections at class or at home. I would walk around with a throbbing mass for a long time afterward.

Soon afterwards, the random erections would stop too. At this point, I would had gone about five/six days without masturbation. But if I did so much as think about a girl, I would get rock hard again. I slowly changed from a gentle spirit to powerful, sexual being. As much I as moved my body for soccer, my desire to thrust my hips just got stronger. Many, many times, I would get out of the shower and feel my cock. Peel my skin back and forth, and once hard I would wrap my fingers around myself and thrust into my hands. Seeing myself in mirror as I did this with my face full of lust and sexual aggression. Luckily, I would stop myself, and keep going though the day.

The other day, I came real close to failing though. Even though it's bad for a person quiting masturbation to visit such a site I made the mistake of going to others which are full of porn mostly. I saw a girl tickling a dick at the glans and making him blast his load. I googled the source video, and downloaded it (took forever).

And I watched as this woman slid her lubed hand up and down this faceless man's cock. I got hard from this. She played with his balls, slowly stroked him, did it fast too at times. After a while, I had pulled my cock out. At first, I didn't touch it. Then I played with my balls lightly. After I while, I was very lightly stroking myself. Like always it didn't feel great (since I trying to get my sensitivity back) but it was clear my body was liking it.

Soon, my dick was oozing precum. And I finally gave myself a tighter grip to spread my lube with my foreskin. The thing I noticed was my self-control in all of this. I normally would have orgasmed when I lost control of my arm. I could masturbate for hours with this kind of control.

Then I learned that this video I was watching was actually a femdom porno (which I hate) but I was so horny from all days spent not rubbing my cock to care. I learned that this chick tied up her boyfriend in the middle of it (I skipped around) and tortured her man sexually.

The end of the video was hot, she made him cum hard with her hand holding his balls and the other tickling his head. When I saw him cum, I contracted too. Didn't cum, but you can feel other people's orgasms too to a certain degree. Then I shut down my computer and stroked a few more times and went to my room to sleep. When I saw my dick after this 'edging' (which I shouldn't do either), it was practically pointing to the ceiling. To add, I only had one thing on my mind; fucking some girl really good with my increased stamina.

I'm still going strong with this, and the longer I go without stroking, the better it does feel. I yearn for the day I can have intense orgasms again. But there's always temptation, so maybe another time.



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