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Texting With My Husband

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I've saved these texts for about six months now. I just realized they'd make a good addition to this web site.


'hey sweetheart. Hows your morning?'

'excellent. yours?'

'fine. Whats so excellent about your morning?'

'i found the surprise you bought me'

'oh yeah? whats that?'

'the purple one thats 8inches long and already has dead batteries :p '

'you seriously drained the batteries already? Its only 8am!'

'i got up at 6:30, right after you left. '

'sooo... It was good?'

'it IS good.'


'IS? Like, present tense?'


'youre using it now?'

'mm hmm.'

'holy shit. I need more description. This is the hottest text message ever. Tell me more honey.'

'what do you want to know?'

'like, are you using it now? Is it inside your pussy right now?'

'well its in, then out. Then back in, then out.'

'sweet shit this is hot. I dont even know what to say... Have you orgasmed yet?'

'4 times'

'ohmygod thats hot. You always stop after you cum, why have you done it so much this morning?'

'the first time I came it took like 2 minutes. I wanted more.'

'how long did the second time take?'

'about 10'

'then why did you do it again?'

'i was satisfied then, but got up without getting dressed and lounged around the apartment nude. I dont know why. Next thing I knew I was horny again'

'and then?'

'lol. And then I took it in the shower with me'

'tell me about the shower'

'well, I washed myself, shampooed my hair, and shaved my legs and decided to shave my pubic hair all off'

'youre bald?! Thats great!! Ive been wanting you to do that forever!! Thats so hot!'

'yes it IS hot.'

'so what else?'

'what else, what?'

'you know what else! Tell me more!'

'lol, well, I used it in the shower forEVER, until the hot water ran out... Then I looked at my pussy in the mirror for awhile... I was trying different poses, and pulling on it and everything. Then I started fucking myself with it really deep while I watched in the mirror.'

'holy shit. I cannot believe this is my sweet little wife.. '

'yeah, it was very hot. Watching it go in and out. It was all wet, stretching my pussy really open. I've never had anything this big inside me'

'holy shit this is hot. Do not stop. More details'

'more details..? What else is there to tell?.. Oh, I was moaning a lot, and touching my breasts, and sucking my nipples, looking at myself in the mirror.'

'you are so hot. I never knew you had it in you'

'lol, I have it in me right now ;) '

'so hot! Hey I am surprised it even goes inside. You usually just vibrate your clit I thought.'

'yeah, before.'


'yeah, before this huge rubber dick made me cum'

'so. Fucking. Hot... So what made you decide to insert it?'


'hot hot hot. So was it difficult to get inside?'

'yes, very.'

'but you powered through... Did you use a lube?'

'just my natural lube... The head was the hardest part. Its like a tennis ball'

'no shit. I really didnt think that thing would ever go inside you. This is so fucking hot. I cant wait to get off work and see you.'

'its not really the size of a tennis ball'

'i know. But its big. would it fit in your mouth?'


'like, yes it does? Or yes it would'

'yes. It does.'

'youve had it in your mouth?'

'oh yeah'

'why.. Why did you do that? Curious?'


'well why?'

'kind of embarrassing'

'what? Why? Just tell me'

'i dont know...'

'tell me!'

'only if you promise to react positively'

'i promise'

'ok.. Well, I wanted to taste myself on it. Ive tasted myself from your mouth before, and from your dick, but Ive never done it alone, and I was extremely horny, and it was very slimy when I took it out, and I really wanted to do it. So there. So I put it in my mouth a few times'

'thats the hottest thing I've ever heard in my life. I am so damn horny right now I literally cant work. Hey wait a minute, how many times did you do that?'

'i dont know, a thousand :) '

'seriously, how many times?'

'i didnt count, silly.'

' like a few times? Or a dozen? Or a hundred?'

'i dont think a hundred is correct'

' would you say ... 20?'

' yeah, at least 20. But I certainly wasnt counting.'

'let me get this straight... You pulled that huge purple vibrating dildo out of your pussy and put it directly in your mouth? For the specific purpose of tasting your wetness?'

'well, it wasnt vibrating, but yes.'

'and you estimate that you did this at least 20 times?'

'yeah, thats my estimate. Maybe 30.. I dont know'

'i have never been this horny in my life. I have the hottest wife ever... Do it again.'


'are you doing it now? Tasting yourself of the dildo?'

'yes. And now twice'

' holy hell this is hot. Are you naked? Where are you?'

'im wearing my long boots that come above me knees. Im in the living room on the couch.'

'thats all youre wearing? Holy shit thats hot.'

'i feel sexy with these. Ive been wearing them around the apartment since my shower. I took some digital pictures and saved them on the computer.'

'email them to me. Here at my work'

'i definitely will not do that'

'i have an idea for you and your new purple friend'

'oh yeah? Whats that?'

'promise me youll do it'

'anything except put it in my ass'

'haha, no thats not it.'

'lol good'

'pump it in and out of your pussy, get it all wet and messy.'

'ive been doing that for almost 45 minutes now'

'good, keep doing it. Get it as wet and messy as possible, and when its at its peak sloppiness, pull it out and smear that juicy wetness all over your face and mouth'


'very hot. Put it back in your pussy and repeat'

'done again'

'Sweetheart, that is so fucking hot. Do it again'

'done. Oh my god this is hot. This is so dirty.'

'do it again. Keep doing it. Keep it as wet as possible. I want you to count how many times you do it.


'good girl. Keep going. Are you still plenty wet?'

'my god yes im wet. Five.'

'excellent. Keep going. I want you to talk out loud while you keep doing it. Say how you love your pussy. Say how you love its taste. How you wish you could lick your own pussy. How you wish you could suck your own labia.'



'my face is covered. Its everywhere'

'keep going. Are you still wet? '

'i am sopping wet...8'

'is it all over your cheeks? Mouth? Forehead and nose?'

'yes, yes, and yes. Ohmygod this is so fucking dirty. I really do wish I could lick and suck my own pussy. I wish I could do it so bad. I love my wetness. Ive never felt this way before. I am so fucking horny'

'rub that wetness all over your tits, and then all over your pussy and thighs. Keep talking dirty out loud'

'i cant believe how wet my pussy is. I cant believe it. I wish you were here. I think im gonna cum soon.'

'dont cum yet honey. Next I want you to use your fingers to play with your wetness. Put that big dildo in your mouth like the dirty slut you are, ans then use your fingers to open up your pussy and scoop out all that wetness and smear it all over your pussy and your belly and tits, and all over your thighs. Smear it everywhere, and keep talking dirty to yourself about how much you love your pussy'

'i have never been so wet in my life. I cant believe how wet I am. I want to cum so bad.'

'if you can,scoop up some more of your wetness and lift it up high, and let it drip off your fingers onto your face. Can you do that?'

'i am shaking. I have never been so horny. Yes, I just did it twice. That was extremely dirty. I fucking loved it. Tell me what else to do. I am yours. I am so fucking horny'

'promise me this'

'anything. Anything'

'you will not clean yourself up before I get home'

'i promise. I will leave all my cum everywhere until you get home. What else?'

'i am going to tell you how I want you to cum'


'put your fingers in your pussy, two or three from each hand, and fuck yourself hard, pumping in as deep as possible. Stretch your pussy. Then put your messy fingers in your mouth and suck them, making sure to moan and talk very dirty out loud. Move your fingers back and forth from your pussy to your mouth many times. '

'that sounds fucking fantastic.'

'do it now. Let me know when you cum'




'that was...otherworldly. I dont want to text anymore. I love you. Come home soon'

'i love you too. Ill see you very soon.'



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