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Terri Teaches Me

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We were new to the area when I first met Terri. Dad had gotten a real nice raise and a job transfer to this area. About a month after we moved in mom brought a girl (Terri) over our house to meet me. I was thirteen and Terri was seventeen. Terri was going to serve as a companion for me when my mom and dad were going out on various evenings. Of course I can take care of myself but mom and dad didn't like the idea of me staying alone in the house.

I immediately liked Terri and we became friends rather than her just being a companion for me. We talked about everything, watched TV together and played some board games. Sometimes we also talked about sex and boys. One night Terri told me that she was still a virgin but that she lets her boyfriend touch her all over and that he even makes her cum. I asked her what it feels like to cum and she looked at me with a surprised look. She then said, 'don't you jill?' I told her I wasn't exactly sure what that was about. Terri then asked me if I would like to have her make me feel real good and to learn about jilling. Considering how much I liked Terri I said OK.

We went to my room and sat on the edge of the bed. Terri told me to take off my shirt and my bra. I couldn't believe what I was just told. Someone besides myself was going to see my tits and my nipples. My face flushed and I was real nervous. I just sat there looking at her. Terri laughed and started to unbutton my shirt. She took it off me and then reached behind me and undid my bra. My hands flew to my bra cups and I held them to my body. Terri said, 'I'll wait for you to put your hands down.' After several seconds I dropped my hands and she lifted the bra away from my body. Terri stared at my tits. I'll never forget what she said, 'your nipples are beautiful and so brown.' I don't know why they are like that because the rest of me is pale white.

Terri reached forward and started to play with them. I was getting real excited at this point. I asked her if I could see hers. Terri smiled and took off her top and bra. I never saw real tits before, just on the net. Hers were real big with very large pink circles around her nipples. I touched them and she told me to suck on one. I put it in my mouth and started sucking. I was now tremendously stimulated and didn't want to stop. Terri now told me to take off my pants and my panties. I didn't know if I wanted to do this but Terri said, 'you're going to love this.' Slowly I removed both pants. Terri looked at my pussy and said, 'you should think about shaving that.' She then told me to lie back and she started to play with my nipples. I loved it. She also kissed them and sucked them.

Terri then whispered in my ear, 'I'm now going to fuck your little cunt hole.' I felt her finger entering me and it hurt a little and I cried out. She pulled her finger out and it had a little blood on it which she wiped off with a tissue. She then put her finger back up me and started moving it in and out. She told me I was being finger fucked. Terri then put her fingers on my clit and told me what it was. She began rubbing it in little circles and it felt wonderful. Then, she kept rubbing it with one hand and with her other she started finger fucking me again. All of a sudden I felt this intense feeling around my pussy. I arched my back and I felt like something was going to come out of my pussy hole. The feeling peaked and then stopped. I was panting like a dog. Terri continued to pump her finger in and out of me. After I calmed down Terri removed her pants and panties exposing her totally bald pussy. She laid back on the bed and told me to please her. I did all the things that she did to me. I found her clit and I rubbed like she rubbed while at the same time I fingered her. Terri also had me kiss her all over including her rear end. I know it probably sounds weird but I really enjoyed kissing her rear it was so round and soft.

I loved watching her achieve an orgasm and unlike me, stuff came out of her while she was cumming. She put the stuff on her fingers and had me lick it off. It tasted funny. We then got dressed. Our timing was perfect, because about a half hour later my parents returned and they were at least an hour early.

PS I found this site while surfing the net about masturbation. Terri taught me that word. I hope you enjoyed my story. The next day I did it to myself until I came. It was great but not as good as with Terri.



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