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One day my lover and I were driving back home from seeing her son and his family. It was a pretty long drive and the highway was busy, but not at all congested. My lover drove (I do not drive at all. Don't know how.). The day was sunny and warm and the radio was tuned to an oldies station (We both love real rock'n'roll.).
As we drove along, I began to feel more and more horny. I'm not sure why.
Now, my lover is a very open minded woman who is almost totally unafraid of anything sexual. We rarely wear clothes at home and she loves to grab my butt or squeeze my balls. In bed, she's wonderfully uninhibited. One of the joys of making love to her is her unrestrained shouts and cries, her wild body movements, as she gets more and more excited and especially as she cums, over and over again, as she always does. She lets everything go! There is never any doubt as to her pleasure. Which serves to increase my pleasure.
After thinking about my situation for a few minutes, I finally unzipped my jeans and pulled out my partly hard penis (an action made easier by the fact that I never wear underwear.). My lover looked over at me in surprise and asked what I was doing. She was laughing as she said it and there was an edge of excitement just beneath the surface. She tried to pretend shock, but it was a bad job.
I began to pull on my dick and was soon very hard. L., my lover, kept glancing back down at my engorged penis and then back to the road. She was grinning and her face was getting more and more flushed, even as she kept protesting. I slid down in the seat and reached into my pants to hoist out my hairy balls. They were swollen with lust and my scrotum was pulled up tight. Then I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them further open. I was now completely exposed. The sunlight pouring in the car windows felt wonderful on my hard penis and my balls. The breeze from the air conditioner tickled my thick pubic hair. L. was clearly finding it difficult to keep her eyes on the road and I was loving every moment. My heart was pounding hard!
As I stroked and pulled, now and then I'd arch up off the seat, high enough for my dick to be seen by passing cars. Every time I did, L. would laugh and reach over as if to push me back down, calling me an old pervert. Usually she managed to make some contact with my penis or my balls. I unbuttoned my shirt (which I always wear out) and ruffled the dense hair on my large belly and my chest. I tweaked my nipples. The head of my dick was bigger thana golf ball and a deep velvety purple. I kept the pace of my jacking slow. I didn't want this to be over any sooner than it had to be. I was having way too much fun. So was L..
Pretty soon I was leaking precum. I'd catch a drop on my fingertip and lick it off, making sure L. was watching, smacking my lips with exaggerated pleasure. L. was laughing harder as she watched me. Then I presented her with a wet fingertip and she eagerly licked it clean. I gave her more precum and she took it all, even sucking my fingers hungrily. I was so excited, I could hardly stand it.
All this time cars were passing us, or we, them, on either side, some our size, some pickups or SUVs, even a few big rigs. I don't know if any of them saw anything, but just the possibility was exhilarating. Just a few feet away, strangers were nearly participants in my lover's and my little game! Damn! but I loved it! And L. clearly did too. Even as she protested. And then licked precum from my finger.
We were nearly home and L. begged me to hold off until we got there. As excited as I was, I did as she asked, stroking my rigid pecker very slowly. I knew there was one helluva lot of fun waiting. When we pulled into our driveway, I buttoned my jeans and tucked my genitals loosely inside without rezipping. L. and I hurried into the house, stripping as we went. Naked, we piled onto the bed and began to grope and kiss, rubbing our bodies against one another. In a very short time, L. was groaning and shouting in the first of a long series of orgasms as I fingerfucked her (Her favorite is my thumb plunged over and over as deep as possible.). A few minutes later, I replaced my finger with my penis. More delight, for both of us followed! We screwed the hell outa each other!
What a great day!



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