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Teaching Carry and Others (1)

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Little long, but had to set up story.


My parents, both doctors, had worked together at a clinic in a big city in the Midwest. My dad was an OBY GYN doctor, my mom a pediatrician. Kind of a team. They became aware of a small practice becoming available in a small southern town. Having tired of the big city rush, they decided to purchase the practice. So at the time I was to enter 10th grade, we moved. I was a 16 year old virgin, had little more experience other than some kissing and touching outside the girl's clothing.

After about three or four weeks into the school year, I had met several of my classmates, both male and female. One of the girls, Carry, was especially friendly and I thought I would like to get to know her much better. I knew she was a cheerleader and very pretty, with what appeared to be a somewhat average body.

One day Carry and I were talking after school and she invited me to her house for a coke. I quickly said yes and we were on our way. We walked and talked to her house about many things related to the classes we were taking and how I came to move. She was very interested to hear about my parents professions. She hoped to attend medical school after graduation and asked many questions. I told her I would be happy to arrange for her to meet my parents and get an opportunity to question them.

When we arrived at her house, I learned that her parents both worked the mid day shift and would not be home until sometime around 10pm. He managed a restaurant and her mother was an anchor weather broadcaster on TV. I later learned I had watched her many times.

Carry and I sat in their family room for a couple hours visiting, after which I mentioned that I needed to be home soon. As I left, Carry pressed her body into mine and gave me the hottest kiss this 16 year old had ever had. I could feel the blood rushing into my dick as it grew in my pants leg. All you guys know that feeling as your cock hardens and is pointed down towards your toes. She told me that she was glad I had moved here, that she had grown up with all the guys in school and that they were crude and always trying to get in her pants. This was a small town, and our class had probably less than 80 students.

Later that night I managed to find some time to take that into my hands and as I did I thought about the kiss from Carry. My cum came out and splattered the bathroom mirror half way up to the ceiling. My infatuation had begun.

The next day in school Carry met me at the door and we walked to the locker area. She was in my first class, so we walked together. Carry invited me back to her house after school that day, and I could hardly wait til the bell rang and we were on our way. This was the day my parents clinic was open until 9pm, so they would also be working late. As we entered Carry's house, she spun around and pulled me into her, again with the hot kiss. Her tongue did things I could not have imagined.

We continued the kiss as we moved to the couch in the den where she sat on my lap and we continued to make out. She made me promise that I would not attempt to fuck her. Her exact words. Her best friend had succumbed to a guy and wound up getting pregnant at 14. I agreed and told her that I too was a virgin. She was excited to hear that and I got another of those HOT kisses. During that kiss, I began running my hands up and down her back, through her hair and they found their way to her breasts. I had thought she had an average size set for her age, but was excited when I found out was that she did not wear a bra and those tits were the absolute perfectly shaped, firmest tits on earth. My cock grew more.

Carry was hot, wiggling on my lap like a wild cat. My pecker was straining at the back of my zipper, and it hurt. I asked Carry to lift off me so I could take care of it. She offered to help me with that and I of course managed to let her help.(tough choice). The outline of my cock made it super easy for her to find. Carry put her hand on my dick and turned it to a much more comfortable position. She continued to leave her hand on my cock, squeezing it softly and running her hand along its six inch length. Her soft 'oohs' let me know of her approval of what she was holding.

Carry's nipples were hard as my cock and I tweaked and pinched them through her shirt. This brought more moans. She could not get close enough to me as she kissed and pressed her body into mine.

Carry whispered in my ear, asking me to take off my pants so she could see and touch me. I objected (yeah, right). I never wore a belt, so Carry began by unbuttoning my pants, and slowly pulling the zipper down. I lifted my ass off the couch so she could pull my pants down and she slowly removed them. Then, she just pulled the top of my shorts away and peeked into them. A gasp came out as she sucked in air. My uncircumcised cock jumped and twitched into position when released from my shorts. It was then that Carry told me that this is the first penis she has seen in person. She wanted to examine it in detail, and asked many questions. She wanted to know all about it. She was particularly interested in my foreskin. I told her I had seen cut guys in the locker room, and that I was glad my parents did not do that to me. Carry rolled my foreskin up and down over the head of my cock. As she did this, small beads of pre-cum escaped. This amazed Carry and she touched the tip of my cock, spreading the juice over my crown. It was my turn to gasp, suck in air as my dick twitched and jerked in her hand. Her fingers slid over the head of my cock as she asked about what felt good. I told her it all does, but especially the touch on my crown. Carry said she liked seeing my cock and how much she liked how the head skin was so silky and went from a pink to a deep purple as she ran her hand over it.

Her left hand moved down my shaft and found my balls. Carry said she liked how my testicles slid around in my scrotum. I told her to call them 'nuts' and 'ball sack'. Why do girls giggle when they see a guy's package? Her fingers lifted my ball sack and she said they are heavy. She asked about how the sperm got from them to the end of my penis. She always called it a penis. I told her to call it a cock, dick or pecker. She laughed and said, 'I like your cock, nuts and ball sack'. Rolling my nuts in one hand and caressing my cock head in the other, she soon got more pre-cum on her hand. It was almost running out. This brought more questions. I explained about why pre-cum escaped and where it came from. I explained about how sperm comes from the nuts and joins semen from the prostate prior to ejaculation. She had heard about this in sex ed, but it did not click until she saw it for real. I was more than happy to be her educator.

By this time I have removed her top and am drooling over her glorious tits. I tell her they are absolutely perfect, firm and the perfect size. I don't like large, heavy tits. Her nipples stuck out about a half inch, firm and I had to get one in my mouth. This brought more gasps from deep in her throat. She melted into the couch as I massaged and sucked her nipples. Her hand crept between her legs and rubbed her Mons slowly. Watching this made my cock jump in her other hand. She squeezed and stroked my cock in response.

At this time, Carry said she wanted to see me masturbate myself. And that she wanted me to watch her. She pulled off her pants and panties. I removed my shirt and we looked at each other, totally naked. She was magnificent. She had thin, blonde hair over her snatch. I could see the tiny clit starting to peek out from her lips. When I touched it, Carry just about creamed. Her breathing got rapid and her hand on my cock squeezed hard. We began working each other into what would turn out to be a totally mind blowing climax for each of us.

Carry wanted me to jill her first, so I could watch without distraction. She said 'I want to do you after, so I can watch all that you do'. This was perfect with me. As I slid my hand into her slit, I could feel the wetness and heat. I was going crazy. So was Carry. She showed me how to work her clit, how to insert one, then two fingers into her pussy. She did not last long. Her body arched and shook as her orgasm took over her entire body. Wish guy's orgasms were that intense. Carry collapsed into my arms as her breath slowly began to return to normal. Her hand was still wrapped around my cock and she squeezed and pulled it.

She said..'your turn. Lay down on your back while I administer your punishment'. Carry had her face within inches of my cock, her eyes locked on it. One hand stroked my cock, as the fingers of her other hand rolled my balls. I showed her the area behind my ball sack and told her this was a sensitive spot because it was close to my prostate. The hand on my cock began a slow and steady pumping. More pre-cum oozed from the hole in the head of my dick. This made the foreskin slide up and over the head easier. I also did not last long. Carry felt my ball sack tighten, drawing my nuts close to my body, my cock twitched in her hand, and she felt the pulsing in the shaft as the semen erupted out of my cock. Her eyes watched as the streams of cum shot into the air. Long, creamy white semen left my cock and landed on my chin, chest and stomach. Carry let out a soft scream as the five or six ropes of cum erupted and finally oozed out and over her hand. She said 'that is incredible, I love this'. She said she had to try tasting the cum. Her hand was covered and she put her fingers into her mouth. 'I like this stuff'.



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