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The Sex Toy Shop

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Getting some at the shop

This last weekend I decided to go to the sex toy shop here and see if I could find anything relating to fire play or pyrophellia! This is a true story!!! So I walked in there were two girls behind the counter and there was no one else in the store at the time. I walked in and they asked me if I needed any help finding anything. I politely asked if they had anything regarding fire play and the one really sexy girl said yes and showed me some movies and books and some kits that have stuff in them for fire and wax play. She smiled as I looked at it and said what exactly do you prefer. I told here I had a Matches fetish and she smiled and said well we do have this large plastic tub of book matches. She smiled again and asked so you have a matches fetish? I looked in embarrassment and with a red face said yes.

She said what exactly do you do with the matches? I began to explain that when I or some one else struck them that the smell made me get very hard and horny and that it made my penis tickle so much it would make me cum. She looked at me and giggled she said really? I said yea she said so do you burn it or set in on fire I said NO but I do enjoy the feel of the heat under my cock and balls while I stroke it. She said have you ever had someone else strike the matches for you ? I told her yes. She said did you enjoy it? I said yes it makes me cum very hard and it tickles a lot.

Amazed at what I had just told her she asked you know we have some masturbation booths in the back and I want to try this on my boy friend. She said do you think I could try it with you so I could see what to do and see it happen? My cock was tickling and getting hard just from her asking. I said sure. She grabbed a handful of book matches and lead me to the booth in the back of the store where she had me take off my pants. She looked at my cock and said woah you have a nice cock and balls. I was very scared and nervous but she asked so what do I do? I told her just strike them hard and fast under my cock and balls about 6 inches below it then blow them out and strike another. I told her to strike them hard so that made that popping sound when lit. I told her just to tease my cocks underside and tip with the flame and then every couple of matches place the used match book against my balls and jack my cock with her other hand.

She did exactly as I had instructed her to do and it felt amazing. I said OMG it tickles I got as stiff as glass and my cock bobbed up and down throbbing in her hand. She looked at me and said wow this really does work good she said I'll have to try this with my boy friend. She grabbed another match striking it hard and making the popping sound she ran the flam under and along my shaft it made me shoot my hot white goo all over her hand. She was totally amazed by how well it worked she said Thank you for sharing and smiled and said take as many match books as you like.

So I left with a bag full of matches. I plan on going back there soon to see how it went with her boyfriend but also because I want to see if she may be up to another kinky wild ride with me.



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