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Teacher Obsesses Over My Bulge

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Back when I was a freshman in highschool, I would get erections in the mornings. My first class was algebra; I would always get that feeling in my pants throughout the whole class. I would sometimes just let my cock get fully hard,thinking that the bulge wasn't noticeable in my jeans. I would refuse to go the board because I was afraid that I would get hard in front of the class.

One day right before class ended, I got an erection so I slowly put my book in my backpack..waiting for my excitement to go away. The class was empty when I was ready to leave.

As I headed toward the door my teacher, Mrs.Y, aproached me and asked me 'Are you okay J?'

Mrs.Y was a plain looking teacher; white, kinda nerdy looking, skinny, small tits with a shapely ass.

I replied, 'Oh yeah....why?'

Mrs.Y said, 'Well, lately you just seem so distracted.' Mrs.Y swiftly got really close and looked deep into my eyes and scanned my whole body. She let out what seemed like an orgasmic breath and licked her lips as her eyes stayed at my crotch. Suddenly she just snapped out of it and looked like she was embarrassed and walked away stroking her hair.

I was afraid to look back at her directly, but I could tell that she was looking at me. I left the class quickly and tried to not think about what had just happened because I was afraid of getting superhard during the rest of school. So I repressed my thoughts until I got home.

Later that day when I was at home in my room, I thought about what had happened. I laid face down on my bed grinding my painfully hard dick into my mattress as I thought about Mrs.Y licking her lips, being so seductive. I knew that she made a pass at me, but I felt disappointed in myself because I didn't respond to her. I wish that I had said something playful, to let her know that I was all game (I didn't have much experience with girls). I had to plan ahead as to how I would react when I would see her again.

I decided to not make any passes to her or do anything because my cock would get hard and my classmates would notice. I didn't want to embarrass myself or her. I just knew that the next time I would see her would be very exciting but I had to control myself.

Well, the next day came and nothing happened, in fact, it felt like perhaps Mrs.Y was trying to keep her distance; she acted like nothing had happened. Time passed on and I would still get my usual erections during class.

One day, Mrs.Y was helping a girl who sat to my right. After Mrs.Y finished, she looked at me as she made her way back to her desk and asked if I needed any help. I told her no thanks and looked at her as her facial expression went from caring teacher to perv as her eyes left my face and looked down at my crotch. It was right then and there that I knew that I didn't conceal my erections as well as I had thought. It was earth shattering news to me because for years I thought that nobody could notice them. I sat near the back of the class but I was facing directly at her. From where Mrs.Y sat she could see my crotch.

As the days passed on I would catch Mrs.Y looking towards my direction at different times sometimes when she was at her desk by herself, talking to other students or at the board showing us problems. I could tell that she was checking up on my cock looking for her bulge.

Thinking about it made me real horny. Most of the time in that class, I just felt too damn horny and I couldn't concentrate that well. I had previously done better in my math classes. Mrs.Y told me that I needed help and she suggested that she could help me during my lunch period. She told my whole class that if they needed extra help that they could stop by and get some tutoring from her in her office. Although I could have used the help, I never bothered to show up for those 'lunchtime algebra' lessons, but she kept on insisting.

Finally one day, I showed up to her office during lunchtime. She shared the office with another instructor who was there. I took a seat on one of the student desks. She got a worksheet and put it in front of me. I remember sitting there, pencil in hand afraid of my cock getting hard. When I got stuck in a problem she leaned across my back and depositing her saggy breasts on my bicep and shoulder. She grabbed my hand and guided my pencil explaining to me how to do the problems. We would stay in that position for a longtime. It was very erotic. She would occasionaly look down at my groin. When she would turn her back to me to talk to the other teacher, her butt would be a few inches from my face. I could see her panties were riding up her ass underneath her khaki pants. When the other instructor left the room, Mrs.Y walked away from me. I couldnt see her but I could hear her writing something on her desk. I got stuck on an equation, so I stood up and walked toward her desk only to see her bent over on her desk with her ass in the air. She had her ass positioned very provocatively, pointing straight at me. I will never forget Mrs.Y's khakied ass.

I asked for her help but she ignored me. She continued her writing while humming some song. I could see that she was flexing her butt muscles in a subtle motion through her khakis. She stayed in that position for what seemed like a long time. I acted like I was looking at my paper, occasionally stealing glances at her ass. I could feel my cock get semi-hard. She got off her desk very sensually, stretching her back while letting out a huge yawn. She asked me, 'What's wrong, Honey?'

I pointed out the problem. She told me that she had to get ready for her next class. So I picked up my backpack and held it in front of my crotch. As I walked down the hall I could feel my penis squirting out semen as I bounced my backpack over it. That's it.

Looking back on it, I wonder what would have happened if I had been more bold. I should have reached down to my cock and repositioned it during one of her many stares, just to see how she would have reacted, but I didn't.



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