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I wanted a tattoo on my lower back. Yes, I know some people call them 'tramp stamps' but then hey, maybe thats why I wanted one


I finally plucked up courage to get a small celtic design on my lower back. I was so scared about going because my friends who have one say it hurts like shit. In the end, I took my brother with me as I wasn't going to be a wimp in front of my own brother.

So I sat there, joggers pulled down to nearly over my ass and leaning forward onto the back of a chair. The artist prepped my back with antiseptic and I felt him drawing lightly. He held up a mirror for me to see and make sure I was happy with it and then he said 'Right, off we go. If it hurts too bad, just yell, and I'll stop for a mintue, but you should know that we really need to get this done in one sitting.' It felt odd with my legs straddling the chair and this guy who could clearly see my ass and panties as he worked. Then, oh fuck the sting of the needle. shit it hurt bad and I yelped. It seemed to go on for ever and at one point my brother said, 'Fuck Jess, it sounds like you are cumming rather than being hurt. You sound like you're getting laid.' There was a lot of laughter between him and the tattooist. I was not joining in because I suddenly realised that although it hurt bad, I was getting wetter and wetter. Especially as the needle when directly over my spine. By the time it was nearly finished, I cold actually smell my own arousal and when I looked down, there was a patch of wetness between my legs.

Finally, I was done and he told me about the aftercare. In the car on the way home my brohter teased me about the noises I was making so I said 'Actually, it hurt like shit at first, but, you know what, by the end I was really turned on.' I figured if I said that he would back off. Instead he said, 'Hey, go for it. You can rub off while I drive.' Part of me thought how disgusting that would be, and part of me really needed a cum. So I slipped my hand in my joggers and found that I was more slippery than I can ever remember being. In fact, I slipped my joggers and panties off and gave myself a really good orgasm in my brother's car.

When I finally opened my eyes, I saw he had his cock out and it seemed perfectly natural to reach for it and jack him. When he said 'Oh fuck Jess, I'm gonna blow.' I just leaned over and let him shoot it in my mouth.

For the rest of the drive I felt really horny. When we got home we went to my room and I showed him my new tattoo which by now was really red and sore. My brother said that he thought I looked really horny with my 'tramp stamp' and that I actually looked a little slutty. I dont know what happened next, but the next thing I knew he had bent me over my own bed and was (I cant say here).

I have never ever had sex that felt so fucking erotic in my life. Later that night, I lay in bed and masturbated myself while thinking of my brothers cum. I gotta say, I really hope it wasn't a one off.



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