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Tale of Old New England

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Growing up in a small New England town in the 70s didn't offer a lot in the way of sexual opportunities for a horny teenager. I didn't learn to masturbate until I was 14 and that was by accident one day in the shower when I let the water spray hit my balls just right until ecstasy arrived in the form of a milky geyser. From there on in I was hooked and conscientious lad that I was I moved my activities to the bedroom to save on my folks' water bill. Though I masturbated from 1 to 5 times a day I kept it my secret. My best friend was my neighbor Eric who was 11 and having no male siblings tended to look upon me as an older brother. Flash forward 3 years. Eric and I used to play baseball, hockey and football, which we tended to enjoy the most because it offered the most physical activity. Though we were both good looking kids we were pretty shy around the few local girls in town, and got no action. The year he turned 14 Eric began to get more weirdly aggressive with me and one day in my basement it culminated in my giving him a wedgie. Odd as it may seem Eric would continue to push me into giving him more wedgies until I began to realize he was getting off on the friction. Finally, one day after his tighty-whities tore, I noticed a noticeable bulge in his gym shorts. Eric noticed I was looking and proudly gave me a side view what was going on in his pants. I noticed was getting hard myself. Though I was attracted to girls I had also fantasized masturbating with other boys from school and Eric too, but I wasn't even sure he had hit puberty yet. Suddenly Eric got bold and took his t-shirt off and turned around to moon me. My lord, I had never seen such a tightly sculptured ass, perfectly dimpled. He turned around, his shorts were barely covering his raging boner. He was completely hairless except for a small pubic moustache. 'Show me yours and I'll show you mine', he teased. I was so turned on I got over my New England reserve and quickly dropped my shorts and springing John Henry to life. I gave him a side view of my 6-inch uncut stiffie and that was all it took for him to drop his drawers. He was similiarly endowed and we clumsily went for each other foundling our bodies until we finally grabbed each other's throbbing pricks. We sat spread eagle facing one another and it was soon evident Eric had no clue how to masturbate. I began to stroke his pretty penis and tickle underneath his splendid balls, much more defined and larger than mine. He followed suit and quickly got the hang of it. Within a minute I was beginning to buck. 'Don't stop, keep rubbing' I pleaded as the first sprit of semen shot out of my member, Eric watched in shock and awe. 'Don't stop!', I groaned. Eric picked up the pace and after 3 or 4 more eruptions I leaned back, completely spent. 'C'mon, do me' Eric whined. He offered me his throbbing dick which had globs of my jism already coating it and I immediately got a second wind. I reached for his penis and with my other hand continued to tickle his virgin balls. Eric laid back and closed his eyes in ecstasy. It was a revelation to gauge his expressions and the wonderment when he opened his eyes. 'I feel funny', he said, slightly spooked. 'Let it happen', I said as I speeded up my strokes. Seconds later Eric spread his legs wide and thrust his crotch upward. His semen sprit out in a thin line, almost like piss spraying up on his chest and all over my hands. 'Oh, my God, oh my God...' he muttered over and over. He got up, quickly cleaned himself off and left without another word.

I was first disappointed because I was very hard again and wanted another go, then I became a little worried considering our age difference and felt a little guilty. But raging hormones would win the day Eric came by the house the next day and asked 'Can we do that thing again?' We did and it was good. We would remain daily jerk off buddies until I went to college the next year.



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