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Jacking into Rubbers

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This is an awesome jack site.


One of my friends at school was Garrett. When I was in eighth grade, my parents decided I didn't need a babysitter after school anymore. But they said I couldn't have anybody over either. The day before, I was walking home, down the alley behind our house, and found a porno magazine in some bushes. My dick started to get hard.

I stuffed it in my backpack and headed home. In my room I started checking it out. It was definitely hardcore, I had some other adult magazines but no hardcore. Since no one was home, I whipped out my dick right away and started stroking. By the time I went to bed I had jacked to it three times.

When I got to school the next day I told Garrett about it. We had jacked before a couple of times. Once on a sleepover at my house and once at his house. He wanted to come over and see it, but I told him I wasn't allowed to have anybody over.

Anyway he talked me into it and after school we rode our bikes to my house. He went down the alley and I let him in the back so nobody would see him and tell my mom.

I went in my closet and pulled the magazine out of where I hid it. I handed it to Garrett and right away he said 'Wow.' I sat beside him on the bed and we paged through it. This wasn't his first hardcore porn, but he still thought it was awesome. My boner was ready to rip through my pants and I needed to adjust it. When I did that I looked down and saw Garrett's hand on his crotch. He was definitely sporting wood.

Since we already did it before, we didn't have to talk about it much. I just said 'Dude you wanna?' He said 'Yeah man I need to.' So I said 'Cool' and unzipped and put my hand inside my shorts. So did Garrett. Then he said 'Man I need to get it out.'

I said 'Let's go for it' and we both pushed our pants down to our knees. We were about the same height and weight. His dick was definitely bigger and thicker than mine. We were both cut, but my head was kinda wide, his was tapered and fatter in the middle than it was at the bottom. Both times we jacked off we felt each others dicks but did our own jacking. His kind of curved to the right and the skin was looser on his shaft. It felt different to mine.

My dad had this huge box of rubbers in his closet. Sometimes I used them to jack off with, especially when I did bed humping because my jizz wouldn't get all over the sheets. So we were both kneeling on my bed jacking over the magazine and I said, 'Dude don't jizz on my book.' He laughed and then I thought about my dad's condoms. Then I said, 'I know what, you ever use a rubber to jack in?' He said 'Yeah but I don't have any.' That was when I jumped up and ran into my dad's closet and snagged two of his rubbers.

I handed one to Garrett. He was still on my bed, leaning back on his heels with his boner pointed up and to the right. I pulled my pants back down and my young dick sprang up. We ripped open the packages and started rolling the rubbers on our rock hard boy boners. It was so cool seeing him handle his own cock and roll the rubber down his curved shaft. I got some lotion from under my bed and we both lubed up.

Then we went back to the magazine and started jacking again. We both started getting there fast. Garrett took long strokes and his saggy nutsack kinda swung back and forth. I was already starting to feel it in my nuts. Garrett turned the page and there was this chick getting fucked by one dude and sucking another one. All of a sudden Garrett goes 'fuck man, here it comes.' he made a noise and I watched the end of his rubber start to fill up with his sperm. He kinda shuddered and said 'Dude that feels weird on your dickhead.' Right then I started spunking. Not as big a load as Garrett, he started having sperm when he was twelve and shot pretty big loads both times when we jacked before. I didn't get any until I was almost fourteen.

Then we took our rubbers in my bathroom and flushed them away. We both didn't like the mess from jacking off so using rubbers seemed cooler than using tissues.



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