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Swimming With Girls

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When I was younger I had two best friends, Pam and Tina. At the time it wasn't the least bit odd to be friends with girls but we grew up together and they were the only kids around about my age.

Tina was blind so Pam and I used to describe what we saw whenever we went walking and exploring. It was just second nature to keep up a banter when we were outside.

One day was hot and we decided to go for a swim. I was describing the looks of Pam's new swim suit to Tina and Pam then described mine, I thought it odd because it wasn't new and I already told Tina about it and she even felt the extra strips of fabric down each leg like racing stripes. Pam's suit was a bikini and some hair was visible in the crotch, only I didn't tell Tina that.

Pam did not spare one detail about me, and proceeded to say to Tina that she could see the outline of my boner in the fabric.

Tina asked what a boner was and Pam said my penis. Tina then asked why she didn't just say it then, why the new word.

'Cuz, it's all big and hard. It's a boner. That's what my mom calls them.'

It was true I had a boner. Tina laughed and said 'Oh, you mean an erection.' Tina seemed to know about everything. She had a computer program at home and her school that read to her and she was always studying. A lot more than Pam and I did.

Tina asked me why I had a boner and I had to tell the truth and say because I was looking at Pam's hair poking out if her suit.

'Were you thinking of having sexual intercourse with Pam?' Says Tina.

Pam is laughing, and said, 'Gee Tom, I had no idea you thought of me like that. Tina, his boner is growing you gotta feel it. Let Tina feel it Tom, so she can see how big it is!'

Now I'm laughing cause clearly Pam was just joking around. They became very somber and I realized I was the only one laughing. Tina then said, 'May I, Tom?'

'Oh, go ahead and show her. It's only fair.' Said Pam.

I stand up and untie my suit and it was bit tight getting it down. Pam let out a 'Whew' and said it was bigger than she thought. She took Tina's hand and put it on my shaft.

I can't remember all that Tina said about it but was surprised it was so warm, almost hot to the touch, and that if felt like velvet as she traced her finger up and back. She then felt my balls and said 'Yes, you are excited Tom, your testicles are elevated.'

She went on to tell us how the human male went through different fazes of sexual arousal. Ending with ejaculation. Tina knew all the technical terms. Pam and I just listened. It was like us when we were painting a picture in Tina's head. She just listened.

Tina then said that she felt herself lubricating. She was indeed too, aroused. She described the fazes of female sexual arousal and all the while I just wanted to go home so I could jack off. Pam laughed and asked what the technical term that Tom was doing now. I had my hand on my dick and I was squeezing the head and shaft.

'That would either be auto arousal or masturbation, something I was thinking of doing myself.' Said Tina.

She then rolled back in the grass and pushed her suit down giving me my first real look of a pussy.

She dipped a finger in said she was further into the arousal stage than she at first thought. She said the vagina relaxes and elongates to accept the male's penis. By this time we were all pretty much uninhibited and jacking for the world.

'I want to watch you cum. Tell us when you are going to cum, Tom.' Said Pam. Tina was also interested.

I told them. I was kneeling and Tina was feeling the contractions in my balls. 'Put your hand out to catch his ejaculate.' Tina said.

'I'm not doing that, I don't want to touch cum.'

'I'll do it myself then.'

Tina cupped her other hand under the end of my dick and I shot into it. Pam let out another 'Whew'

I felt thoroughly drained, and a bit light headed. I recalled it as being an unusually strong orgasm.

Tina was saying that it smelt of bleach, and very very warm, again, almost hot to the touch.

She then went on to describe what semen was made of and how many sperm cells were swimming around in it.

It was much more fun later when I could say pussy instead of vulva and vagina. And boners, I've been calling them that ever since.

Oh to be young again. I do believe sex had a whole mystique about when we were just learning.



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