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Swim Team Practice

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These are some happy childhood memories


Reading the recent posts about using hot tub or pool jets to masturbate triggered my delicious memories of my swim team practices in the 1970s. I have never talked to anyone about that, but I have masturbated to the memories many, many times.
When I was 6 I joined the swim team at our local community pool. The team was broken up into four groups; boys and girls, and 6 to 10 and 11 to 16. Each practiced at different times so it wouldn't be too crowded. We had two coaches, who would take turns coaching the various groups. One was in his early 20s, and was the head of all the lifeguards. The second was 16, and his brother. The older one was more hardnosed. He always made us get out of the pool after swimming each lap, but the younger one let us stay in the water and hang off the edge while catching our breath.
Being one of the new kids, I kept my eyes open so I could learn the ropes. It wasn't long before I noticed that the prize places to hang on the edge were in front of the jets where water came back into the pool. There were 5 or 6 on each end of the pool, and they were surprisingly strong. I noticed that when we were at one of the ends of the pool, there would always be a boy hanging in front of each jet. When a group finished a lap, there would be a little bustle near each jet as boys jockeyed for position. It took me a couple of days to figure this out.
One day I got to a jet first, so I decided to see why they were so popular. At first it hit me in the stomach, and I just didn't get it. But the boy beside me whispered, 'move higher.' So I did, and I suddenly discovered the secret as the jet hit me in the crotch. It felt great on my penis! I only had a few seconds before I had to swim another lap, but I knew I wanted more of that, and from then on I was one of the boys jockeying for position on a jet.
The jets became the highlight of my morning swim team practice once I discovered them. Pretty soon I found I was getting hard down there from the good feeling, and that when it was hard it felt even better. Then one day I noticed that when we had longer than normal breaks, like when the coach was demonstrating strokes and things, the boys who were lucky enough to be occupying a jet stayed on them, and every once in a while I could see one tense and hold real still with his eyes closed and a look of concentration on his face, then drift back off the jet with a happy smile. I didn't know what was going on, but I sensed something worth trying.
The next time I got a jet for a long break, I did the same, and it didn't take long before I could feel tension mounting in my groin, and suddenly it felt like I was exploding. My penis twitched and I was overcome by a warm, tingling throbbing that felt better than anything I'd ever felt before. I had to move my penis away from the jet since it was so sensitive, and I drifted back off the jet like the other boys had done, and my place was immediately taken by another boy. This feeling alone was worth getting up early and going to swim team practice.
I became one of the regulars on the jets, and tried for orgasms as often as I could. I remember once when I was doing it another boy whispered to me, 'hurry up, I want a turn.' I blurted out, 'just a minute, I'm almost done.' A minute later I had my orgasm, and he replaced me. For some reason I felt really embarrassed about answering him like that, perhaps because it was the first time I'd verbalized what I had been doing. It was silly to feel embarrassed, of course, because that was what he wanted to do, and what the other boys on the jets were doing.
But I noticed something else interesting. It was only about half the boys who used the jets. The other half never did. They just seemed to ignore the activity of us who did, but once or twice I caught a disapproving look from one of the other boys. But I also caught a couple of envious looks, as though a boy was afraid to do it in public but wished he could. One such kid never did it during swim team practice, but a couple of times I saw him sneak up to a jet during regular swim time when the pool was crowded, and hang there. I guess he figured no one would notice with the crowd, and he'd hang there and go stiff, and I knew what he was doing.
Anyway, back to practice. The coach never acted as though he knew what we were doing, but of course he did. I noticed that when he was giving a demonstration of strokes while standing on the deck at the shallow end, his eyes would be looking at the boys on the jets, and he had a sly smile on his face. He seemed to drag the demonstrations out long enough for at least one group of boys to go to completion, sometimes two. He had a younger brother on the team (he was one of the older boys of my group), and I remember one day when the coach watched as his little brother did his thing, then as soon as he was done, he called him up out of the water to use to demonstrate a stroke or something. I remember seeing his little boner poking out his speedo, and it looked really neat, but I felt embarrassed for him. Obviously his big brother did that to tease him.
About halfway through the summer the younger coach started a new routine. At the end of practice, he'd line us all up at the deep end, and we had to all swim at the same time to the shallow end in a race. He said, 'OK, the winners get the jets first!' and we'd race down. The boys who didn't use the jets would get out and go to the showers, and the rest of us would do a mad scramble for the jets, and most of those who got there first would stay on them long enough to get off, to be replaced by others. Most of us would get off, and eventually all would drift off to the showers.
One day I had to come back out to get my towel, and the pool area was empty except for the coach, and I was surprised to see him in the water at the deep end, hunched over a jet, enjoying himself. I scampered back in before he had a chance to see me, with that sight etched into my mind.
That was a pleasant routine for the four years I was in the 6-10 year age group. When I moved up to the older group, no one did that. I suppose it was because there was more social pressure to not do that in public when we all got older, but I would occasionally see boys do it during regular swim, and I have to admit that I did, too. It just felt too good not to.
When I finally hit puberty when I was 12, things got a little too messy to do it on the pool jet, and I learned other methods. But the memories of all us boys so brazenly masturbating in public in the pool have always been fuel for erotic daydreams while masturbating. I wish I could re-live that period of my life.



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