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Swedish Steam

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wouldn't mind a comment or two...


Last summer I went on a trip to Scandinavia with my aunt. We went from Denmark to Sweden to Norway, back to Sweden and then ended where we started in Copenhagen, Denmark. Although I'm still trying to work up the courage to open the door of my closet, I was hoping a trip to a very gay friendly area might help. Nothing much of interest happened until we were in Sweden for the second time, in the city of Gothenburg. We were staying in a beautiful hotel that had a swimming pool and separate mens and women's saunas, change rooms, showers, etc. Well, when I arrived there was a group of teenagers there who were kind of loud and I believe were on vacation from Holland. They were cute, but I wasn't going to try anything, also, my aunt and two of our female friends on the tour were there as well, so we just kind of swam around. However the pool wasn't very big, really just a lap pool, so my aunt and friends decided to go back up to their rooms, and I said I would stay a little longer, and go into the sauna. I felt a little braver alone, so I stripped and just wrapped a towel around my waist before heading into the sauna. I was alone in their too, but not for long...

A man came in who was about 35ish, and gorgeous. He was god-like. I immediately had to close my towel around me so that he wouldn't see the hard-on I got just from staring at him. Best of all he was naked as well. Not even a towel or anything. I brought my knees up to my chest as he came in. He smiled at me, which I returned, and he sat down on a step lower than mine, but giving me the perfect view of his cock. It was nice. I estimated it would probably be about 6 or 7 inches erect, and the perfect diameter. We were silent for about five minutes when he turned around and asked do you speak english?

Yes, I replied. I'm Canadian

Oh, nice. I'm Karl. I'm from Bergen.

Cool. I was just there a couple days ago. I'm Cameron

He thought for a minute, looking at me. You know, its okay if you have some bone. It's a compliment that an old fag like me could turn on someone as young as you.

I'm pretty sure my face went crimson at that moment, but my heart skipped a couple beats as I slowly unwrapped my towel. Karl's cock started to rise.

See you've got me all excited now, he said. He moved up to sit beside me. Nice dick you got there, his eyes moved from my penis up my (hard-earned) abs to my face. He slowly leaned in and kissed me. As he did so, he gently took hold of my cock. His touch got me close to cumming in under a minute, however, with all my might I forced myself not to shoot my load, to maximise the experience. Therefore I took hold of Karl's and started beating him off. In a couple of minutes, both of us were covered in each other's cum. We cleaned off with our towels, and then headed off in the direction of the now deserted pool...



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