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Surprising Friendship Development

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Vicky and I have been friends since I moved to the area. I think in fact she and I were mentioned in another story I remember reading on here that happened with more of our friends (male and female - A fun night with all of us), but this happened before then (little did the rest of them know!). Anyway, Vicky and I were 14 when this happened. We had already known each other a couple of years.


So Vicky and I were walking back from school. We had just finished PE and were sweating, it was a really hot day after all. Because we are close, we share everything with each other, although we had only seen each other naked in the shower.

So on the way back to my house she, all of a sudden, surprised me with a bit of news.

'Jess, I kind of have a crush on Matt'

I stopped in my tracks in astonishment.

'No way that's amazing! That is just so so huge!'

'I know, I don't know what it is about him...'

She leaned in towards me and looked around cautiously to make sure nobody heard her.

'Well he's hot, for one reason!' She whispered.

We both giggled really loudly as we walked on. For the rest of the way home we spoke about our past crushes and who we wouldn't mind 'doing', we were both young, horny girls so this was a regular conversation topic. As the conversation went on, I could feel myself getting slightly wet, certainly my heart was beating faster; I could tell what was happening.

Once we got through the front door, Vicky raced up the stairs to my room, we had agreed that she would choose the movie we were going to watch. All both of us wanted to do was to wind down after a stressful, hot day.

I walked up the stairs and got changed into a t-shirt and shorts, then went into my room and saw her lying on my bed with the TV on; it was a movie I hadn't seen in a long, long time.

'Come here and snuggle with me, Jess!' She threw one of my stuffed animals playfully at me and laughed. I giggled, threw the bear back at her and jumped on the bed.

At this point I knew exactly what was going on, I was getting horny, I could slowly feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I knew what I needed to do, I had many times before (I was a VERY horny girl!), but I needed a way to get away so I could. Then a thought came to my mind. It felt like a risk, but I still wanted to try.

'Vicky?' I said quietly.

'Yeah babes?'

'Do you ever masturbate?'

'Of course! All the time, you think I could be as horny as I am over the guys I told you about and not enjoy a little play with myself?'

'I didn't really think about it to be honest!' I felt amazing relief but I still wanted to press ahead.

'Answer me a question then, Jess, do you?'

I moved closer to her.

'Yeah, of course! I love to do it every day!'

She smiled at me endearingly.

'I knew that already, honey!'

I was shocked.


She pointed at my shorts.

'Normally a girl only get's a patch THAT wet once she's been 'actively horny' a couple of times!'

I hugged her as we giggled beyond control.

'Vicky, I need to do it now.'

She sat back and rested her arms behind her head on the wall.

'Ok, go ahead. I'm not here, enjoy yourself!'

'Come on, I can't do it with you watching me!'

'Why not? I've seen people doing it before. Nothing new to me.'

I looked at her suspiciously.

'Who, then?'

'My sister a couple of times, though she didn't see me...'

'Wow, you naughty girl!' We laughed again.

'Well, go on then, I'm waiting.'

My pussy was itching to be touched so I thought I might as well, we had seen each other naked before so nothing there was new. It was just what I was doing that had a new thing to it.

I sat back at the end of my bed so I was opposite Vicky. She looked at me expecantly. I slowly moved my hands past my boobs and down to the bottom of my T-shirt, and slowly lifted it up little by little until my small tits were revealed.

'Nice ones,' Vicky said. 'Wish I had ones like those.'

I threw my top away from the bed so it lay on the floor. I pinched my nipples and my whole body got goosebumps, the feeling was so good.

I moved my hands down again but this time they got to the waist of my shorts. I wriggled out of them slowly and then kicked them away so I was totally naked in front of one of my best friends.

She looked at me from top to bottom and nodded. I looked down at my tits and then my pussy, then moved my hands slowly across my legs and let out a big, relaxing sigh. I closed my eyes and began.

I started my pressing gently on my clit and making a circular motion, to which my pussy gave such a tingling response, I thought I was having an orgasm already! I continued this for about a minute or so then licked my fingers, preparing for one of my favourite moments of when I masturbate: entering.

At this point I opened my eyes to look at Vicky, who was clearly enjoying what she was seeing. She was breathing harder, I could tell she was getting turned on.

She started to move around and I could see her positioning in order to take her trousers off.

'Well I guess we've both done it; we've both seen it and felt what it's like...'

'Yeah,' I moaned in agreement. 'Are you going to join me, babes?'

'Well, I can't just sit here watching you.'

She first got up from the bed (she was still wearing school uniform) and un-buttoned her school trousers. She let them drop to the floor to reveal pink panties, she stepped out of the pile that was not her trousers. She slowly un-did the buttons on her shirt, one button at a time, until I could see her belly and bra. She took off her shirt and turned round so I saw only the back of her bra. She un-did it, then flung it somewhere on the floor. She then turned round again to reveal herself completely topless, she giggled and ran back over to the bed where I was still in awe of her amazing body.

She started to rub her panties and moaned almost immediately.

'It's so good to do this with you, Jess. I always do it on my own, but doing it with my best friend is so much better!'

'I love it too, babes, I can't believe we never talked about this sort of stuff before!'

'Well we talked about porn, though.'

'Yeah, one time. I still don't watch it, by the way.

'I still think you should, well now you know why I do!'

I wasn't really listening at this point. I was almost hypnotised by her three fingers rubbing her panties in a circular motion. And of course I was wrapped up in my own orgasmic pleasure as I began to thrust my two fingers a bit faster into my pussy.

'I think it's about time these went!' Vicky said excitedly. She hastily took off her panties with one hand and threw them away so that she too was completely naked.

'I can't believe I'm doing this; on your bed!' She said happily.

She resumed the position she was in before and immediately shoved a finger inside herself. It was getting me more and more excited watching her get herself off like that.

All of a sudden, I knew that I was about to cum, I could sense it, I had an immense feeling I meant to pee, I wanted to hold it but I knew I need to just let myself go.

'Oooohhhhh, Vicky, I'm almost there!' I thrust my fingers harder and faster inside of me.

'Ooooohhhhhh, shit, I'm going to cum! Yeeeessssssssssss!!! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes!'

She watched as I let go of myself, my entire body spasmed out of control as I came. I felt rippling surges of orgasmic pleasure go all the way through my body as my pussy erupted.

Once it was all over, I sat back and watched Vicky until she came too, just as hard as me. Once she too had finished, we looked at each other and laughed, we hugged each other and I kissed her on the cheek.

'That was amazing!' I said

'It was, I think I know how to get myself off now, come to your house!'

'Yeah, I think we should always masturbate together.'

'I think we should keep it a secret though, well, for now. Next time we do it though, I'll bring my toys!'

For the next few years we got together three times a week and masturbated together.

I was inspired to write this story because I came across Mike's contribution, telling of when we all got together and everything developed into what it is now. But for me and Vicky, everything started then, not that they knew about it though!

It happened unintentionally, you never quite know what will happen when you simply chat with your best friend!



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