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A sauna, a Steam Room and Me

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I love a really hot sauna. Better yet,, the contrast between the arid dryness of a sauna and a steam room next to it. I love flitting between the two.


When I have the opportunity for a sauna, I always take it. I make certain I am wearing my skimpiest bikini, one that doesn't quite cover what it should. I also make certain that I think lots of delicious dirty thoughts on the way there, and while I'm in there.

There's so much flirting that goes on, even when people say nothing to each other. Just glances, little half smiles, and deep breathing does it. So, imagine my disappointment when I found I was the only one in there! (Fuck! Still....won't stop me rubbing one out). I alternated between the sauna and the steam room for a while, getting very hot and slippery everywhere. By the time I got back to the sauna, I smelled quite sweaty, and when I opened my legs, my pussy scent was easily apparent.

I had just about decided to rub one out when the door opened and a teenage girl came in, she gave me a cute little half smile, and then busied herself arrranging her towel on one of the ....what are they? Beds? Shelves? Anyway. She had the cutest little bum and as she hopped up onto her shelf to lay on her towel, her legs opened and I saw quite unmistakably, whisks of pubic hair. Not a shaver, then? 

She lay on her back for a while and then on her tummy. This gave us eye contact. I smiled....she smiled....I breathed deeply, she breathed deeply. Then I leaned back against the wall and deliberately spread my legs, knowing full well that I was visibly wet down there. I half closed my eyes, and noted that she was staring at my crotch and not looking away. I also noticed her nostrils trwitching as she inhaled me, all this, naturally, brought a gentle swell of wetness into my bikini bottoms.

You see, the thing about girls is we are always touching ourselves. Fussing with our hair, adjusting clothing, so it didn't look too out of place when I ran a hand under my bikini bra strap, and gently adjusted my boob underneath. It didn't look too out of place when I ran a hand between my legs over my bikini bottoms. 

I noticed her neck flushing and I ran a little fantasy in my mind. I pretended she had asked me to oil he back, but of course, me being me, I had taken advantage of the situation and had run my hands down to the sides of her tiny little titties and then between her legs. Ok, I admit, it was getting me off. I could have come, I think, just fantasising about her. But I had other plans.

I made sure she saw me rub my pussy over my bikini bottoms. This was not some accidental adjustment... wanted her to know what I was about to do. I even arched my back a little and let out a soft moan. Then I straightened up, stared her right in the eyes, smiled, glanced down at my pussy, looked back and said "time for the steam room I think!" Then, quite brazenly for me, I winked at, grabbing my towel, walked next door.

The steam room is very large. Much larger than the sauna, and you can't see across it. I groped my way round the walls to the opposite corner from the door, spread my towel, took off my bikini and just started to masturbate gently. I loved being covered by the mist. I loved it trickling down my chest and back, like lots of men were cumming on me, or a girl was weeing on me, I had two fingers in me when I heard the door open. She had come in after me. I wasn't going to stop though. Whoever had come in, male or female was not going to get in the way of a nice, dirty orgasm. 

I leaned back, deliberately moaning a little, sighing, letting out the odd "ohhh fuck yes". That's when I felt her sit next to me, and her hand on my knee. I could also hear her accelerated breathing and I knew she was masturbating too. I took her hand and guided it between my legs. Honestly, I would have to say she wasn't very good, disappointing, in fact, and doing what she was doing to me was not going to get me off. So, I reached up her legs. She was happy to let me put my hand into her bikini bottoms where I found a small growth of hair. Most girls shave these days, so it was quite sweet to find someone who didn't. I found her clit quickly enough, and a gentle probe with my middle finger found an intact hymen! Wow...a real life virgin! So I focused on her clit. It didn't take long to have her cumming hard, and, to my utter joy and delight, either squirting or peeing...I didn't mind which. 

So....my turn.i put my hand on hers and gave her the pressure and rhythm I need. I felt her flop her head onto my shoulder, and that lead to a sweet little kiss.

Now....problem time. You see, I had deliberately NOT been to the bathroom before entering the sauna, as I wanted to indulge my increasing desire to pee in public, and here I was, being masturbated by a virgin, about to cum and knowing full well I would pee. So, in fairness to her, I stopped her and explained. I fully expected her to disappear, but instead she just whispered "I wee my knickers on purpose too sometimes" so that was it. I just relaxed into a beautiful orgasm and peed on her hand as I came. 

Afterwards, I learned her name was Charlotte, and that she was 18! (Phew!) we chatted away, and I learned she has no interest in boys, but her family are strict Catholics and could never accept a lesbian daughter. She told me her all time ambition is "to lick another girl out and to have her do that to me.....no matter what happens" I asked her about the peeing thing. She said that the very first time she attempted to masturbate, when she was 13, she got it right first time and came, but "I also peed my panties....and....well....I liked the feeling. Sometimes I sit on the toilet and do it on purpose. Sometimes, I do it outside too. It just feels so naughty and delicious." My own feelings precisely! 

So, since I thought we deserved an early New Year present, I suggested we share a sun bed. "Lets live out your all-time ambition"

I've never tasted a virgin before......trust me.....mmmmmmmmm! Yummy!



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