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Surprise with Mother-In-Law

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I was staying with my mother-in-law for the night, and things went in unexpected directions.


I was travelling for work. On this trip, I had to go to two different cities, both a fair distance from where I live. My mother-in-law happened to live in a small city about mid-way between those two, so I arranged it such that I would spend a few days in one, stay a night at her apartment in between, and then move on to the other.

I have been with her daughter for a long, long time. In fact, when we first got together, her mother was younger than I am now. So, of course, I have occasionally fantasized about her over the years. She has always had what you might call a plentiful body -- not excessively so, but lots of roundness, large breasts, and a general softness. She has lost a lot of weight over the last year or so because of health issues, which I find looks a little odd on her and I have been a bit less attracted, but she still has a smile that lights up her face and great breasts. She and I are very different people, but we get along well. And until this point, nothing had ever happened between us.

I arrived at around supper time. She had cooked -- she's not a great cook, but it was fine -- so we ate and chatted and generally enjoyed ourselves. At a certain point, I decided to shower. I guess she had decided to get ready for bed as well, and had thought I wasn't done, because when I came out of the bathroom, there she was, obviously in transit from the open living area of her apartment to her bedroom, without a stitch on. I suppose she dashed out to grab something, because it looked like she had an item of clothing in her hand. Anyway, I got an eyeful -- hairy brown bush, big drooping breasts, lots of jiggling pink all over.

After a startled, quick stare, I turned away, and she dashed into her bedroom. When she came out wearing a nightgown a little later, I apologized profusely.

"Oh, no, I'm sorry," she said. "I shouldn't have done that, and subjected you to this gross old body." She was trying to downplay it, but she still looked kind of uncomfortable.

I smiled warmly. "I'm just sorry I made you uncomfortable. I certainly didn't mind the surprise glimpse of a hot older woman."

She made a sound like she didn't believe me and rolled her eyes, but she seemed pleased.

The way she has her apartment set up, her TV is in her office, not in her living room. I wanted to check my email anyway, so we moved in there, me at her desk using her computer, and her on another chair. She put on some old movie.

As I was working my way through my inbox, I picked up an odd looking thing on her desk. It was kind of like a ball with three smaller balls connected to it, kind of like a tripod, but with the smaller balls big enough that they all touched. I was just fidgeting as I read, not paying attention. I must have turned something, because all of a sudden the thing started vibrating. I kind of jumped and turned it off.

"You found my back massager," she said, not looking away from the TV.

I kind of laughed.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"Sorry," I said.

She was looking at me. I couldn't read her expression.

"Sorry," I repeated. "It's just.... Look, I don't care one way or the other. I don't know if you've had any lovers since you left Danny, and I don't care if you do or you don't use it this way. I just laughed because I really hope you realize there are way more fun places to use something like this than your back."

I tossed it over to her and she caught it.

She didn't say anything. I waited, but her attention seemed to go back to the TV, so I went back to my email.

I was in the middle of a reply to an unreasonably unhappy client when I heard, "Do you?"

I paused for a minute before I answered. "Do I what?"

She nodded towards the device in her hand.

"Well," I said, "not with something like that, no. But of course I do."

There was another long silence.

"Does Sarah mind?" she said at last.

I knew from my wife that her mother had, shall we say, issues around sexuality, so I had a sense of where this was coming from. "Of course not," I said. "She does it do. I mean, hers are generally shaped a bit more like a penis, but it all ends up the same."

Again, silence.

She sighed. "I haven't had a lover since Daniel. It just...." She sighed again. "I don't mind, really. And there's this." She held up the device, a bashful smile on her face.

I gave her a warm smile. "Well, that's something."

There was another long stretch where she seemed to be attending to the movie and I paid attention to the screen, and I thought it was all done.

Then I heard, "Can I see it?"

It didn't quite register. "What's that?" I asked.

She was blushing intensely. "I haven't so much as seen a man in fifteen years. I don't want to do anything that would hurt Sarah." She paused. "But can I see you?"

I was flabbergasted. I never expected this. Both from what I'd seen and from what my wife had told me, her mother was very detached from sex, and had done lots that had shamed her daughter as a child.

But here she was, and here I was.

She was sitting there, not looking at me, but not looking at the TV either.

How could I resist. I got up and walked over. I stood just in front of her. She still wasn't looking at me. I pulled down my pyjama trousers and my boxer briefs. I was only part way to hard.

She breathed in sharply.

"Can I see you too?" I asked.

She blinked rapidly, eyes fixed on my cock. And then her flannel nightgown was on the floor, and she was naked. She leaned back in her chair, opened her legs -- hair, very fleshy. She started stroking and so did I.

The noises she made were hot. Her daughter, sexy as she is, is pretty quiet during sex, but my MIL was moaning like nothing I'd ever heard.

I was super hard, and stroking fast. I leaned forward so my cock was inches from her face.

A buzzing noise started. Her face was contorted, her eyes close. Her noises were more like grunts, now.

Unbelievably, she came before I did. Loudly.

She was still panting when she leaned forward and gave the tip of my cock a quick lick, and that sent me over the edge. I came all over her face and hair.

Well. She went and cleaned up. I cleaned up with whatever I could find. And when she came back in the room it was awkward at first. But soon we were talking. We both acknowledged that we'd enjoyed it, and we agreed that it might happen again. But nothing more.



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