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My Beautiful Naked Neighbor

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Several years ago while living in a suburb of Houston, Texas, a young couple moved into the house next to my wife and I. My wife and I were both in our late 40's and the couple next door was in their late 20's. They were Chinese and both were well educated, holding professional jobs. They were typical Chinese, extremely nice and polite. Both spoke very good English and of course Chinese.

Louise, the wife, was tall and slim. I would guess she was around five-seven. She was a good six inches taller than her husband. And she was absolutely beautiful.

The day after they moved in they came over and introduced themselves to my wife and I. We invited them in and sat and talked for over an hour. All the time I was thinking, 'At least there will be someone living next door who is beautiful rather than the old busy body that did live there. Little did I know just how much I would enjoy Louise living next door.

A couple of weeks after they moved in, Louise came over one day and asked if they could leave a key to their house with us. My wife did not work and was usually around the house all day, except for late each afternoon and early night. She was doing volunteer work at a local library and would go there each afternoon around 5pm and usually stay until around 8pm. I held a job where I worked out of my house a lot so I too was around a good bit. Louise said they were expecting a new dishwasher to be delivered and wanted to know if it was alright to have the company call us to open the house for them. She went on to say that my wife would be around and could keep an eye on their house while they were both working. We told her we would be more than happy to watch after their house when they were not at home.

There was a wooden fence between our houses with vines growing on top of the fence. If you stood on the ground and tried to look over the fence you could not do so, unless you were seven feet tall. However, we had a deck that extended almost to the fence and by standing on the deck I could see inside the windows on that side of their house. That particular side of their house was almost all glass. I could see into their dining room, their kitchen, their den, their bedroom and even the bathroom off their bedroom. And with my wife gone every afternoon I had plenty of time to watch.

It didn't take long until I realized that once Louise got home from work she wore very little clothing. Every day as soon as she got in from work she would take off everything except her panties and bra. As soon as her husband got home he would strip down to his undershorts.

Almost every day, late in the afternoon I would stand out on my deck and watch Louise walking around the house in her panties and bra. Some days before her husband would get home she would take off everything and walk around totally naked. I could tell she enjoyed greeting him every afternoon naked. He would walk in the door, they would kiss and then out of his clothes he would come and then they would make out. And seldom in the bed. I watched them have sex on the sofa, the back of a chair, the dining table, the kitchen counter and even the floor. The bed was saved for doing it again that night after they went to bed.

The one thing I picked up on real quick was that her husband never seemed to last long. Once they started he would always cum within about two minutes. I could tell by the look on her face it was entirely too quick to suit her.

They had not been living there a month until I noticed Louise started masturbating. She would usually sit on the sofa and prop her feet on the coffee table and play with her pussy. Her pussy was covered with black straight pussy hair. I don't know if everyone has ever seen an Oriental woman's pussy, but their pubic hair is straight and not curly like American women.

Louise would sit there and rub her pussy as she plays with her small tits. Her tits were so small all I could see were her dark nipples, which would get very large when she was aroused. After a few minutes of rubbing the outside of her pussy she would start inserting a finger or two in her vagina. She would finger fuck her pussy for a while and then she would start rubbing her clit. It was easy to tell when she had an orgasm because her head would go back and her legs would close together and her ass would start jerking. She would give herself one of two orgasms and then walk to the bathroom. She would run some water into a douche bag and wash her pussy out and then take a wet cloth and wash the outside of her pussy. Then she would be ready for her husband when he walked in the door. I guess she did not want him to know that she was enjoying herself when he was not around. If she was lucky enough to cum during the short time he fucked her, fine. If not she had already had her orgasms.

Naturally, having a key to their house meant one thing to me. I wanted to smell Louise's pussy. And there was only one way to do that. If my wife happened to run to the store I would take the key and check out the clothes hamper in their bathroom. I knew there were worn panties there because I watched Louise take hers off and drop them there. One sniff of her panties and my dick was rock hard. I usually kept a pair of her freshly worn panties hid out at my house. Let me tell you, there was nothing more enjoyable than standing on my deck watching Louise, totally naked, jamming her fingers in and out of her pussy as I held a pair of her panties to my face and smelled the wonderful odour of her pussy. As I smelled, I would lick and suck the crotch of her panties and jack off. When I got ready to cum I would hold her panties down and shoot my load of cum in them. The next day I would return the cum filled panties to the hamper and get another pair to sniff and lick.

I also knew where she kept her clean panties because I had watched her put clean panties on many times. On more than one occasion I shot some cum in some of her clean panties. I wanted to know that my dried cum was getting on her pussy. Several time when I visited their house I would jack off with a pair of her panties and shoot my cum into her douche bag. This way she was shooting my cum directly into her sweet little pussy.

This went on for ten years until my wife and I moved to another city. Looking back, I wish digital cameras had been invented at that time. If so I would have a collection of pictures of Louise to remember her by. I still think of Louise and her beautiful face and body and the pink flesh of her pussy. She gave me many hours of pleasure.



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