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Summer Camp

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My first year at Boy Scout summer camp, when I was 11, almost 12, was uneventful as far as masturbation goes. I remember hearing some noises in the dark tent at night, but didn't think much of it. As I explained earlier in another post, though I had been masturbating since an early age, about 5, I stopped when I was 9 or so for no reason that I can think of. I was about to start again over the next year, which was also the subject of another recent post.
My second year at camp, when I was 12, almost 13, was a different matter. I had rediscovered masturbation, and was into it big time. It was my favorite recreation.
Almost from the first night at camp, I was aware of the noises around me. The tent was so dark that I couldn't see much, though I could just see a little movement from a couple of the other boys around me. But the sounds were unmistakable.
Most nights before lights out there was the usual banter among the 8 boys in the tent, with vague references to beating off, rumors about who was playing with himself, and the normal gross jokes. But when lights out was announced, the soft, furtive sounds of boys masturbating became very clear to someone, like me, who was listening for them. Mostly I could hear soft rustling inside sleeping bags, sometimes rhythmic squeaking of a cot, occasional heavy breathing, things like that. And sometimes a grunt, which always made me smile.
I did it, too. I was still into humping my bed or pillow at that point of my life, and was surprised the first time I tried to do it silently that I actually could. I slowly dragged my pillow down under my crotch, and slowly rubbed on it. It took longer than when I could do it fast and hard like at home, but I found it a challenge worth the effort, as the fear of getting caught or being heard made my orgasms even better. I didn't realize until almost the end of camp that at least the two boys closest to me knew exactly what I was doing. I realized that the day one of them hid my stains for me. Let me explain. I always ejaculated on the same side of my pillow. Even though I wiped up with an old pair of underwear, the white crusty stain was visible. When I made my bed in the morning I was always careful to put the pillow with the stains down, and no one would see them. Except one day. I was careless, and left my pillow with stain side up. As I walked out of the tent, one of the other boys stopped by my bunk, and with a smile, turned my pillow over. I was mortified, and must have turned bright red, but when we left the tent he just whispered to me, 'You should be more careful. I am.'
Anyway, the one boy I really wondered about was my best friend, Billy. I had been wondering if he did it, too, but he was so shy about stuff like that that I was never able to engage him in any sex play or discussion. Not that I did a lot, but you know how young boys play I'll show you mine if you show me yours, and things like that. Not Billy. For years I had been fascinated by Billy. I guess because he was so cute, and secretive. Even changing into his bathing suit only infrequently got a very quick peek. And unlike the rest of us who slept in our underwear, Billy always wore these cute shortie PJs of very flimsy, thin cotton. Out of his sleeping bag I could just see the bulge where his penis was, and I was curious for a better look. The odd thing about Billy's changing habits was that he changed into his PJs while in his sleeping bag, so I never got a look at him. It drove me nuts.
Well, this one night the whole tent was more boisterous than normal, and the banter was blatantly sexual. A couple of the guys actually flashed their boners, to the laughter of all. And I could see most everyone had his hand in his pants. But then Billy really knocked my socks off. He suddenly jumped up out of his sleeping bag, and was totally naked, with a boner. He made a show of stroking it with his fist, and yelled out, 'Someone give me a cup, I'll fill it up.' Meanwhile several boys had their flashlights trained on Billy, so he was giving quite a show.
This was the first time I'd really been able to see Billy naked, and with a boner to boot! He was one of the best looking boys I knew, and had a really cute body, and his penis was perfect. I would love to have touched it. I was certainly touching mine.
The lights out signal came, and Billy hopped back into his bag, and everyone quieted down. But the sounds of masturbation were louder and less furtive that night. I think we all must have been doing it.
A couple of nights later it was really hot, so some of slept on top of our sleeping bags. I noticed Billy was in his bag, but he had it unzipped so he could get air. In the morning, before reville, I looked over at Billy, who was still asleep, and saw that during the night he had one leg out of the bag, and it was only over half of his body. He was naked in bed, and I could see his hip and pubic mound, and just a little bit of his genitals. I was amazed to see that Billy slept naked. He must get out of his PJs after lights out, and put them on just before getting up. The thought of him there naked was exciting to me, and I popped a boner on the spot. Laying there looking at him, I slowly humped my bed, and came in my underwear.
All this time I was wondering if Billy masturbated. He had shown no sign of it, other than the show he'd given that one night. I knew he had a younger brother who slept in the same room at home, and knowing how secretive Billy was, I figured he knew how to do it very quietly. He must have something to wipe up with, so I started thinking about finding it so I could know for sure.
One day I had my chance. I had KP duty (meaning I had to help in the kitchen tent), so had to leave the morning activities early. I ran back to the tent, and there wasn't anyone around, so I looked inside Billy's sleeping bag, and sure enough, down at the bottom was a little hand towel. I pulled it out, and sure enough, there were cum stains all over it, and one was still damp and had an obvious semen smell. I was really excited - now I knew for sure.
That night I strained my eyes and ears. It happened to be a full moon, so I could see better than normal, and sure enough, I could see Billy had his knees up so the sleeping bag tented over his crotch, and I could see his arm moving. I was able to watch him masturbate, and I matched his motion, and I think we came at the same time.
I have another story about Billy, equally as surprising as his little show that one night. I'll post it soon.



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