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Such a Lovely Skirt

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Spring time brings out the prettiest women...


Spring brings out the best in women and their attire. Leaving the office for lunch is a visual treat these days as I see so many young women leaving their drab winter clothing behind as they dress for the new season.

They seem to be liberated by the opportunity to wear softer, lighter clothing. I'm sure that they realize the effect they have on us men.

I have long had a serious fetish for wearing and masturbating in women's clothing. This began when I was quite young and has continued to this day. I've accumulated quite a wardrobe over the years of female clothing and accessories.

My attention was grabbed last week on one of my lunch sorties by a vision of a truly lovely young woman. She must have been 21 or 22 years old. She was blonde, slim, and had deliciously long legs.

She would have been worth a second or even a third glance under any circumstances, but what caught and grabbed my eye was the skirt she was wearing. It was in a very pretty pastel floral print on a light-weight silk fabric. It had enough fullness to move around her legs enticingly and it fell to just above her knees.

There was a faint breeze this day which helped move things around nicely. I didn't see anything that her mother would have been concerned about, but the carefree way in which she walked down the mall and her unconcern with where her skirt flew grabbed my attention fully.

I followed her for a few blocks just to prolong the happy experience, but she turned into an office building and disappeared in the crowd. As I walked back to my office, I saw, on a mannequin, in a stylish clothing store, the same skirt.

I had to get back to work, but I made a point of remembering where I saw it. As soon as I had finished work for the day, I walked back to that store.

I went inside and walked up to the display window. Nearby, there was a rack with about 10 skirts just like it. I found one in my size and looked up to find a pretty sales girl.

She seemed to figure out that I found something special and helped me choose a tank top and blouse to wear over it in colors that were contrasting and went well with the skirt. Coincidentally, this was pretty much the same outfit that the woman on the mall was wearing.

My salesgirl wrapped it up for 'my girlfriend' and took my credit card. I'm not sure whether she saw the distinct bulge in the front of my slacks, but I didn't care at that point. Buying a new outfit or a dress is always a thrill for me. If I had had the time, I would have gone to the lingerie store for a new ensemble to wear under it, but I was pretty worked up by this time.

I took my purchases and went to my car and drove home. On the way, I kept thinking about the lovely things that I had bought. I couldn't help touching the front of my slacks and enjoying the thrill of my fingers teasing my very hard cock.

By the time I got to my town house, I was rushing to get in and start enjoying my new clothes. I shed my male things as soon as I hit the bedroom. I just left them on the floor to deal with later.

I took a quick shower and spent a few extra moments shaving my legs and crotch area. That served to only add to the excitement. When I got out and dried myself, I used a body lotion with a very subtle floral scent on my freshly shaven parts. I could only barely touch my cock or else it might start shooting before I could enjoy it all.

I selected a bra and panty set and pulled them on, adding my silicone breast forms to my bra. I pulled on a garter belt and slipped into sheer nude stockings which I clipped to my garters.

It was almost torturous to make myself sit down to do my make-up, but I did it and thoroughly enjoyed the process. I've been wearing make-up for years, learning from watching my mom, my sisters and my girlfriends over the years. The best teacher, though, turned out to be the owner of a shop that caters to cross-dressers. She understands what a man must do to pull off a feminine look and has the gift of being able to teach the rest of us.

I noticed that my hard cock was straining against my pink silk panties and leaving a little wet spot. Seeing that only made it twitch the more, but I put that thought aside for the moment and tried on the tank top that I bought.

It fit well and nicely accentuated my false titties. I pulled on a white half slip that hit a bit above my knees. It is an older vintage slip in a style no longer available. Slips these days are so utilitarian. I love one that just drips with lace. It felt wonderful as the coolness of its passage over my hosiery-clad legs made my cock strain even more against my panties.

I had to walk around the room just a little to enjoy the feeling, but I really wanted to wear my new skirt. I pulled it on and fastened its drawstring around my waist. I really couldn't resist twirling around to see how it moved. Seeing it in my bedroom mirror reminded me again of the lovely woman on the mall.

I was torturing myself with anticipation, but that is the heart and soul of the game, isn't it?

The new blouse was next. I put it on and left it unbuttoned. I only tied the shirt tails at my waist leaving the rest of it bloused over my waist.

A pair of open-toed mid-heel sandals completed the outfit. I knew that I had shoes much like my dream girl's in my closet, so that part of the outfit was taken care of.

After putting on my long brown-hair wig, I spent a little time applying peach nail polish and letting it dry. As I did, I browsed the latest copy of Marie Claire and gave some thought to the season to come....

My nail polish was dry and I was done, fit to be tied. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and saw a much older version of my dream girl, but one still very attractive to me.

I couldn't believe how much I loved my new outfit and how nice it looked. I couldn't resist the temptation. I got my purse, threw some necessities into it, got my keys and drove my car to the local mall.

I just had to walk around and truly enjoy the moment. I parked a little way away and walked in to the mall. A light breeze lifted the hem of my skirt and I just let it have its way with me. It really felt so good...

In the mall, I wandered around and saw lots of new things. I even considered trying on some dresses, but I decided I liked what I was wearing too much to want to change.

Besides, by this time I was so horny that I couldn't take it any more. I had to go back out to my car and take matters in my own hands. I threw my purse in the passenger seat and locked my door. I was parked in a dark section of the parking lot and nobody was nearby.

The temptation was too much. I had to hike up my skirt and release my cock from my panties. I stroked it slowly and softly at first, but it didn't take long for me to get into a rhythm that I knew would make me shoot. I had some napkins left over from fast food and grabbed them as I began to shoot.

Despite my care, I got some of my semen on the steering wheel and onto my skirt and slip. I must have shot a triple load! I almost blacked out from the sensation but I was brought back to reality when I saw a couple nearby. I pulled down my skirt and made myself presentable and slowly drove out of the mall back home again.

When I got home, it was fairly dark, so I decided to make the moment last and took a walk around the block where I lived. Feeling the skirt and slip flowing around my legs and hearing the clicking of my heels on the pavement was enough to give me another erection.

By the time I got back to the house, I needed more attention and sat down in my living room and caressed my thighs through my skirt at first, but as it slowly worked its way up, my touch was more on my stockings, then on the bare leg above them.

I kept teasing myself as though I was seducing another woman, finally having to take my cock in hand and get off. It was just as nice the second time as the first.

After I cleaned up my mess, I took off my clothes, put them away in my special closet, and washed the make-up off of my face. I left my nails polished when I went to bed. I knew that I would have to remove it before I went to work, but I needed to keep something for a reminder of a great night as a dream girl!



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