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Stranger in the Coffee Place

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So there I was at the local coffee shop waiting for my coffee, minding my own business. A woman was standing there opposite me, about six or so feet away, and I took notice of her. She was pretty, late 20's or early 30's, dirty blond hair, wearing nice snug jeans and a tight T-shirt. Her clothes established that she had a really good figure. She was maybe 5'4' and she was looking at the front of my own jeans. Hello, I thought. What do you suppose my brain-stem did to me then? Yep, it told my dick to react to this, and sure enough, it complied. I kind of watched her watching me, and I could tell that she was acutely aware of what was happening to me. She looked at my face, and I looked at hers. She smiled, and whew, that made her even prettier and it also made my old friend get even bigger.

Her stare flickered back and forth between my face and the front of my jeans, I smiled back and kind of did a little shrug, like 'Sorry, can't help it.' Her face opened up even more, and she took the few steps over to me. She said softly, 'Looks as though you have an issue there.' I said, 'Yeah, well, it happens sometimes. Especially when I am in the presence of someone as nice looking as you are.' She told me then that gee, she was feeling kind of guilty about being at fault, and asked if I wanted her to make it up to me. 'Uh, well, what do you mean?' I asked. At which point both her drink and mine were ready.

She asked me to sit and drink my coffee with her and of course I said sure. 'Well, I want to make it up to you,' she said, and the least I can do is to help you with that issue.' I was pretty surprised at this, and said, that she didn't owe me anything, it was OK, thanks. 'No,' she said, 'I want to help you out. I would like to help you make that problem go away.'

Now what would YOU do under those circumstances? I said OK. She instructed me to step out to her car with her, and she drove around to the back of the store. Then it dawned on me that maybe she was a hooker, and I asked her um, are you going to like, charge me for this? She looked kind of hurt, and said, 'No, of course not. I am just really horny and there is nothing I like more than seeing a guy masturbate. It gives me a chance to re-live it when I get home and take care of myself. And sometimes when I get with my boyfriend, I think about it and I get off real quickly. So come on now, let me see your problem and let me get my hands on it.'

Down came the zipper and out came my dick, which was straining to be freed. The girl kind of moaned softly, she couldn't seem to take her eyes off of it. 'Stroke it,' she said. So I did, slowly. She asked if she could touch it too, and naturally I said sure. My cock was very hard, I mean there I was jacking off for this great-looking woman who I'd never seen before, and she was just loving it, and was feeling me too. Her other hand had gone to her crotch and she was rubbing herself as well. This felt really good, and I was getting excited, she moaned to me that she loved to see me do this just for her, was I doing it just for her? 'Yes,' I said, 'only for you.' A big moan came out of her, and my dick was twitching and throbbing, and I took my hand off myself, but she kept on slowly, slowly, stroking it and brushing the tips of her fingers over the head. 'How is that,' she wanted to know and I told her that it was perfect, don't stop, please. My cock was throbbing and seemed to have a mind of its own, and I moved my hips a little to get it closer to her, and she wrapped her hand around it and went up and down, up and down. This was so nice, so I put my hand back there too along with hers. She moaned again, and her moan got louder, and she came right there, even though her jeans were still on, and as you might imagine, this sent me over the top too, and I came in spurts on her, and this made her come even harder.

As we caught our breath, and I cleaned up a little, I said thanks, that was great, and she said she had enjoyed it too. She told me that she had never done anything like that before with a stranger, she had fantasized about it, but when she saw me getting hard, she figured what the hell, why not try to make the fantasy come true. She thanked me. SHE thanked ME! I got out of her car and she drove off.

Turned out to be a pretty good day.



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