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Best Friend's Sister

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I had recently learned about jerking off, and as a horny boy did it as much as I could.  I was 15 at the time and my best friend's sister was 14. She was to come over after school until her mom got off.  They lived down the road,  so she would walk home with me.  Her brother, my best friend,  work go with his dad and help him at work after school. 

One day we were outside in my tree fort and she says, can I ask you a question.  But you can't tell anybody what I'm telling you.  I agree,  she asked if I'd ever touched my penis.  I laugh and say yeah when I pee. She says no,  I mean like play it with.  I couldn't believe she was asking this.  I tell her yes but why was she asking.  She said she saw her brother the other night in the shower.  The door was cracked open. She said he was doing something with it and breathing heavy.  I told her he was jerking off. I asked if she had seen porn or anything and she said no.  She said seeing him do that made her vagina wet. I asked if she did anything she said no. She then asked if I would jerk off for her to see. I was shocked and nervous. 


I told her I would,  but this could never get out. She agreed.  I pull my pants down revealing my cock. I had a small chub going from out talk.  She says, wow I've never seen one this close before.  She says you're not as big as my brother. I say, gee thanks.  I tell her I'm a grower.  As we talk more,  I get hard.  She was so excited watching my cock get hard.  She then asked why I had skin around the tip. I told her I wasn't circumsized. She then says OK, start doing whatever you do.  



I start stroking my cock in front of her.  She had her eyes on it with a smile on her face.  She was a chubby girl,  cute to me.  She says at some point, did it feel good.  I tell her yes,  and feels better as I get closer.  She asked close to what... lol I tell her cumming. I explained that when I reach the end,  white thick stuff shoots out. She asked if ib was close and I tell her no. She then asks if there is anything she can do to help me.  I say maybe seeing you nude would help.  She says, I guess that makes sense. 



She takes her shirt off revealing her tiny mounds and really puffy areolas and tiny nipples. I tell her I really like her boobs. Seeing her boobs I stared getting pre cum.  I tell her.  She leans in and gets a closer look and says, I think that's pee. I take my finger and rub some onto it.  I show her it's sticky.  Couldn't believe it.  She then pulls her shorts and panties down. She has a small amount of dark pussy hair. At this point I'd never seen a girl's vagina in person.  She says look,  she sticks her finger in her pussy and says, see I'm wet and I don't think it's pee either.  I tell her it's not.  



The sight of her doing this,  her being nude in front of me,  and the whole situation I tell her I'm close.  For the first and only time ever in my life,  she says yeah I can't wait.  I start breathing heavy as the orgasm grows. She tells me she wants to see it. She then says, cum for me,  I can't wait.  Nether could I. I moan out her name and shoot load after load of cum out. A couple of spurts get closer to her,  then I reach my end and drain the rest out. She says to me,  that was so amazing.  She asked what it feel like,  I told her amazing.  She then asked about my cum.  I told her it is warm and sticky.  She asks if we could try it together sometime.  She wanted to feel my cum on her skin.  I told her we could.  After we get dressed,  my dad calls us because her mom was there.  We pinky promise that was our secret. 




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