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Stranger in the Club

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This was my first girl on girl encounter, with only one since, please let me know if it gets you wet, I played with myself while I typed, and now I'm going to play with my rampant rabbit vibrator!


Just to get you going, this is what my pussy looks like. I shave, with a triangle of hair above my slit, my clit is pretty small, but rubbing above it makes it grow, it gets pinker and harder when I'm horny, and really thick see-through juice leaks out of me when I'm excited, my lips are quite long, and dark pink, they get very juicy when I get wet. I like to masterbate everyday using my vibrator, I think my parents hear, but I'm not fussed, when I'm horny, I'm damn well going to be a naughty girl and make myself come.

September last year in Freshers week, me and some friends decided to go to town, we didn't have ID, so we went to a small place with a dance floor. Once we got there, you know how it is, once you start there is a point where you're dying to use the toilet.

I went to queue up so I could go, I was dying and I could feel my pussy twitching, I was definately getting quite desperate. In the queue I started talking to some of the other girls, I'm about 5ft 7', long straight dark hair and B-cup boobs, I've always wished for them to be bigger, and I started talking to quite a short girl, whose boobs were a double D. Her bra was showing and I told her it was gorgeous, the other girls, all agreed, and she lifted her top and let me check the label to see where it was from. My hand brushed against her skin, she felt so soft. She had blue eyes, shoulder length dyed reddish hair, and yes, amazing breasts. I wanted to unhook her bra. I'd never seen naked breasts in person, I've got a lot of girl on girl porn, but it's hardly the same.

These breasts were real, and they were straining out of her bra. I could just make out the shape of her nipples, they were quite large and also seemed to be getting harder. The girl looked at me and said I had a nice top, and put her hand on my shoulder and ran it down my front, I thought I was imagining things, but when we got to the front of the queue, she could see I was desperate and asked if I wanted to go into the toilet with her so we could carry on talking while she used it.

I followed her in, not exactly knowing what was going on. When I was in the queue I was getting worried I wouldn't make it, so I crossed my legs and clenched my thighs, my clit started to get hard and it made me more horny that being so desperate to piss, it gave me something to think about. We went into the toilet and she told me to go first.

I'd never pissed in front of anyone before so I was feeling a bit nervous, but I just went ahead. I pulled up my skirt and pulled down my thong, it was a T-string, pink and see-through. The girl moved her hand so it was cupping my pussy, and gave me a squeeze, the pressure of her hand pressing up against my clit was electric, I was shocked and sat down, she looked at me and winked.

I told her I was nervous and I couldn't go, I looked up at her, and she pulled her top up to let me look at her breasts, and I reached up and pulled up her bra. Her breasts were amazing, perfectly round, with large dark pink nipples standing out, I wanted to touch them, kiss them, but she moved my hand down to my pussy and told me to cup it like she did. I told her I didn't know how I was going to piss, but she said it would relax me. She raised her hands to her breasts and held them, gently tweaking her nipples in her fingers.

I was so desperate for the toilet, but I was feeling so horny, I just needed to come and piss so badly. I felt my clit pressing against my hand, I slowly humped it, wishing the piss would come out, but I was nervous, I had only been with guys before, I didn't know what was happening. Here I was locked in a public toilet, a gorgeous woman, about twenty, rubbing her huge breasts in my face while I had my hand pressed up against my clit.

She reached her hands down and pulled up her skirt, revealing black french knickers, which she then pulled down. She looked like she was waxed, with just a small triangle of hair above the slit where her clit was. Her clit was huge, I could see it bright pink and poking from beneath the hood, about an inch long, I had no idea they could look like that, it was poking out from her gorgeous dark lips, almost brown, which hung down from her cunt.

She spread her lips and showed me her cunt hole, which was glistening and had trails of juice seeping out. She pulled her knickers off completely and sat over me, her legs either side of one of mine. All the while I was trying to cum and piss, I was so horny, but I just couldn't let go enough to cum and let all the piss come out of me. She put her weight on me, facing me, still with her top pulled up and her boobs out, and she began to hump my leg. At the same time she reached her hands down between my legs and took my hand, moving my fingers so they were running across my clit.

I could feel her clit rubbing against my thigh, it felt huge, I would have given anything to suck on it. As she rubbed my clit she started humping me faster, by now I wanted to save my piss and spray it all over her, make her lap it up for me and stick her face in my pussy and lick me dry. I could tell she was cumming, with one hand she stroked my clit, occasionally dipping down to my wet hole for lube, and with the other she supported herself with her hand on the wall, she grunted and groaned so gently, and I could feel a wet patch on my leg. With one final burst she dragged herself from my knee to the top of my thigh, spreading her juice across my leg and rubbing her clit hard against me. She then rested for a moment, my clit twitching as her fingers lay against it.

She knelt down and spread my legs, looking closely at my pussy and stroking my little hardened clit. She told me that I had to piss on her, as her punishment for humping me, she said she would make me come and as I came she wanted me to let my piss go all over her hand, and that she wanted to come again after, using my piss as a lube for her big clit. I didn't know what to say, I think only about ten minutes had passed, but this was the most sexual and dirty thing that I had ever done. All my life I've dreamed of being with a woman, but piss had never seemed something sexy before, but I just wanted to let it all go and see her getting horny off me being so free and turned on.

She flicked my clit, coaxing it out of the hood, and then ran her fingers around it in circles, getting faster and faster, with her other hand she reached down and slid a finger into my cunt, then another finger and another, I was bucking about on the toilet, trying to stay quiet, I was biting my tongue and holding onto the wall, so desperate to piss all over this dirty bitch. I felt that tingle growing in my stomach, and she stuck two more fingers in. I'd never had more than two in before, and now I realised she was fisting me as well as playing with my clit, and I was loving it, I could feel my pussy juice coming out, and I could hear myself squelching as I got wetter and wetter.

I told her I was going to cum, and she told me to let my piss out. She didn't have to tell me, because I couldn't have held it in, my piss came streaming out as my orgasm hit, I felt so embarrassed but so turned on, at that point my head was spinning and I could see my clit twitching, the walls of my cunt were moving, the most amazing feeling washed over me but so much longer than normal, it felt like it went for a few minutes, the whole time my piss was running over her hands and she was running it into my steaming wet pussy, you could tell I had held it in for ages, it just kept coming and coming. The sight of me pissing on a stranger made me feel so dirty.

When I stopped coming I almost collapsed, and she held me up, pressing her breasts against me. I looked at her, she was grinning and her hand had piss dripping from it. She reached between her legs and pinched and pulled on her huge clit, she rammed three fingers up her pussy, which was wide open and dripping juice down her thigh. The smell was incredible, and it was only a few seconds before she came again and collapsed against the door. I wiped the juice off my legs as well as the piss, got up and pulled up my thong, and she did the same. She unlocked the door, washed her hands and walked off. I stood in the bathroom for a minute, not believing what had just happened. I went back into the club, made my excuses and went home, I didn't see her when I walked out, I guess she must have gone home, I know I had to, to masterbate to my second amazing orgasm of the night.



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