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Strait And Together, Part 1

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Let me start out by saying that I think some of the stories on here are completely unrealistic. I'm talking about stories where 12 year olds supposedly have 7 inch cocks. Even when erect, that's a little extreme. I wouldn't be questioning this if there was an eleven year old boy that wrote in once every couple of months that supposedly had a 7 inch cock. It's when it's so repetitive like this that it starts to bother me.
So let me describe myself: I am 15 years old, thin but not muscular and I have a 4 inch penis when flacid and about a 5.5 inch penis when erect. Like most 15 year olds, there is a lot of hair around my penis, testicles and underarm area. From what I've seen in the gym showers anyway, that's the way that most kids my age are.
This story takes place in Mexico last year. I had gone with a friend of mine, who I'll call 'Andrew' and we were staying at a hotel that was seprate, but right next door to my parents because, who wants to see their parents on vacation...especially when they're with their friend(s).
We were both very comfordible around each other. Niether one of us was gay, but some mornings one of us would wake up with a boner and the other would understand because hey, it happens to every guy. We were also very comfordible with nudity so it would be no shock if one of us walked across the room or slept in the buff or something.
It was on the third night that this happened. We had been out late at a nearby club and when we got home we were ready to go to bed. The one drawback was that we were both very hot and sweaty and niether one of us wanted to go to bed like that. We fought for a short while as to who would get to use the shower first but then we decided that we would both use the shower together, since we had both seen each other naked anyways.
Let me be realistic again. 'Andrew' was about 4 inches shorter than me, and just as thin only because he was a hockey player he was quite muscular, but not obscenely. I don't know exacly how big his penis was, but it was a little smaller than mine at about 3 or 3.5 inches. He also didn't have as much pubic or underarm hair as I did.
We both got in the shower and struggled to get around one another to use the faucet. We were talking about usual stuff like girls and sex when he started to get a boner. I looked down and saw it and he apologised. I told him it was okay and he could even get rid of it if he wanted (by masturbating). So he took the washcloth that was hanging on a hook in the shower, wrapped it around his erect penis and began stroking while facing away from me. I don't know why, but I got a boner too. I grabbed the other wash cloth and began stroking my meat too. Soon we were both facing towards each other and jacking off. I was probably caught in the moment, but for some reason I enjoyed watching his scrotum and testicals bounce up and down as he jerked off. I told you before that his penis wasn't that big, but his testicles seemed far bigger than mine for some reason.
After awhile, both of us were breathing quite heavily and were almost ready to climax. Then I felt the familiar tingle of orgasm, removed the washcloth from my glans and shot a huge load onto his chest. He kept stroking and then shot his load right into my face. We cleaned up, finished our showers and didn't speak for the rest of the night. We were both strait so the experience kinda freaked us out.
We tried other things but that is another story for another time...



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