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First Experience With Another Guy

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I wonder how many other guys there are out there like me. I consider myself about as straight as they come. I have loved girls from the moment that I first saw one and I am constantly mentally undressing every pretty girl I see.

When in my teens, I was not happy unless I had at least two dates per week and considered myself to be very gentlemanly around the ladies. On my dates, I mostly treated all my girlfriends to a good restuarant, a good movie and a little kissing and hand holding during the movie or afterwards on the way home. After dropping my date off and on the way to my house, I would be so horny that I would usually have to stop somewhere to jerk off so that I wouldn't have a hard-on when I got back home to my family. I enjoyed these jerk-off sessions so much that I made it into my twenties without having a lot of real sexual experience.

The event that I am writing about happened to me when I was about 21 and drove to a nearby big city to visit a friend that lived there. I spent the night with my friend and stayed with him until around 11 am and then said my goodbyes and got in my car to make the 60 mile drive back home. On the way home, while passing through downtown I noticed a XXX movie theater. Growing up in a small town, I had never seen a porn video before and I knew that I just had to stop and check this place out.

Once inside, I discovered that there were many little rooms that were connected by hallways. There were lights above the doors of each room that indicated whether the rooms were ocupied. Inside each room were coin operated mini-theaters where you could watch the porn movie of your choice by inserting quarters into the slot and choosing your preference.

After spending about a dollar in one room, I decided to check out another room to see if there were better films in other rooms. While walking the halls to make my selection, a man in his early thirties tapped me on the shoulder and suggested that if we both slipped into a room together, we could save on quarters. That sounded good to me because I did not have a great deal of money and wanted to see as many naked girls as possible.

We started watching a movie that had a really attractive girl that we both commented on how hot she was. I was really getting an erection and was beginning to wish I had not paired up with this other guy because I really wanted to take my dick out for a little play. It was just a minute later that my new friend commented that the movie was making him horney and would it be ok with me if he played with himself. I told him that I didn't mind. I was actually very turned on when he brought out his penis. It was about an average sized 6-7' dick but what was unusual to me was that it was un-circumcized. I had never seen an un-circumcized man before and I found it very interesting the way the foreskin would roll over the head of his penis as he slowly worked his hands back and forth. When he released his hands and allowed his semi-hard penis to just hang there, the fore-skin would almost totally cover the head and only allowed the tip to be exposed.

Sensing my interest, he commented that it was fine with him if I wanted to take mine out also. I could not believe how excited I was at the prospect of standing beside another man while stroking away, especially when I noticed that he was enjoying watching me as much as watching the movie. When I dropped my pants and he told me that I had a really nice cock. I told him that I liked his better because I thought it was so neat that he was un-circumsized and how I had never seen one before. After hearing this, he asked if I would like to touch it.

I reached over and began to gently play with his dick and he began to do the same to mine. By now, I was hard as I have ever been and wanted so bad to make him shoot his load while I watched. I was contemplating how I could ask him if I could suck on it some when he moved his other hand around my back and ass and began to start grouping around trying to find my ass-hole. He also began to start kissing on my neck at the same time. I was horrified but didn't say anything.

At this moment, the movie ran out of coins and we both reached for pockets to find more coins. Neither of us had any more change so I volunteered to slip out to the operators station to get a $10 dollar bill changed. I never stopped at the front desk and continued heading out the door and to my car. I got out of that place as fast as I could.

When I look back at that experience, I realize that it still turns me on to this day. However, the thrill comes from seeing and touching another man's dick and getting to help jack him off. I have never had another experience like this one with another man but I would love to. I just don't want to kiss him or go anywhere near his ass-hole and I don't want to be hugged or cuddled. If I thought he was a straight guy that just wanted some mutual gratification, I would love to play and maybe even progress to a blowjob. But, nothing else.

Are there other guys out there like me?? I like girls and even get turned on watching other guys fuck girls. A blowjob doesn't particularly bother me no matter who is blowing who but I just don't understand this kissing and ass-hole stuff.

I still get hard remembering this event so many years ago.



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