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Stolen Panties Are Sweeter

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When I was in college, I lived in a dorm that housed men and women, segregated on separate floors. It was always exciting to see beautiful young women in the lobby area of the dorm building, or standing close to them while riding the elevator. Each springtime, three-quarters of the way through the spring semester, I stayed in a constant state of sexual arousal as I walked around campus and marveled at all the wonderful young ladies showing themselves off in the warm weather. Needless to say, I found myself masturbating four times a week or more during those times.
The laundry room for our dorm was on the first floor. Both the ladies and the men used the washers and dryers, but at busy times like Sunday nights, the demand for dryers was so high that if someone waited too long to retrieve their clothes, they'd get to the laundry to find them removed from the dryer and piled on top of the machine, while the next person's clothes were inside getting dry.
One Sunday night I was studying for a test and doing laundry, and when I went down to get my clothes I noticed that some girl's things had been removed from the dryer next to mine and placed on top of the machine.
Mixed in with the rest of the warm, dry, fragrant clothes on the machine next to mine were several cotton panties. I suddenly had an urge to steal one of them, so I glanced around the laundry room, saw that no one was near or looking in my direction, grabbed a pair of new-looking yellow panties and stuffed them in the front pocket of my jeans.
My heart was pounding and my knees were trembling as I took my own load of laundry back to my dorm room, with my secret contraband gently warming my thigh from inside my pocket, scared that at any moment a voice would call out 'Hey that guy just stole my underwear!'
But no alarm was raised, and when I got back to the room I could see that my roommates were not back from their evening classes, so I had my bedroom to myself.
I put down the laundry basket, closed and locked the bedroom door, got my secret stash of Vaseline from my dresser, got undressed and laid back on the bed. I put the panties to my face, inhaled the fresh clean scent of newly-washed clothes, and tried to imagine which beautiful girl from my dorm building had been wearing them until just a few hours or days ago. By now I had popped a very hard erection.
I opened the jar of Vaseline, dug some out with my finger and smeared it in the crotch of the yellow panties. Then I began to stroke the cloth against my erect, swollen penis. The exquisite feeling of the lacy cotton underwear moving up and down on my cock mingled with the excitement of the social transgression I was committing was too much to bear, and I felt my pleasure mounting quickly, too quickly, and with a strong body shudder, I ejaculated for what seemed like 20 seconds into the soft warm cloth.
As my penis became flaccid and my heart rate and breathing returned to normal, I got up, dressed, left my room, hiding the secret evidence under my sweatshirt, and walked down the hall to the trash chute and threw the panties away.
So for all the female college grads who occasionally lost or misplaced their panties when they lived in the dorms, now you know that sometimes your underwear wasn't eaten by the washing machine, it was stolen by a horny guy down the hall and used in ways you'd never expect.



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