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Sticky Hands

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I have masturbated ever since I've had sexual desire. Single, in relationships, now my marriage.

I let my wife know early in our relationship before we married that I masturbated and she said you're a guy, all guys masturbate. I masturbate. When she told me she masturbated every now and then and it was ok that I did and it turned her on to think of me with my cock in my hand, I thought it was heaven on earth! How lucky! I "reward" her by masturbating in front of her. I haven't masturbated alone in months!

We talk before hand. I will come on to her and she will let me know how she feels, if she is in the mood. (I'm in the mood all the time)If she puts me off she knows I'll masturbate. Today I am going to tell her I am horny and tonight I'll masturbate. If she's in the mood she knows she's getting sex tonight!

Here is how I've been masturbating and we've been having sex lately. We get into bed before bedtime and we watch TV. My hands start to drift lower and I start very casually to play with myself.

I think growing my erection is part of the experience so I remove my clothes and get into bed next to her so she has a front row seat.

I play with myself, my penis, my balls, then slowly I get erect while watching TV. Glancing over to her occasionally to see if she is watching while I work it.

I move closer to her and start kissing her on the lips while I am masturbating. I move down and whisper in her ear, "Your husband is masturbating baby, I want to cum in your mouth", or something dirty like that.

I move her hand so she can hold my erection and she usually grabs and strokes some, but no hand job, she wants me do it.

It turns into sex at this point, she has had enough and now she wants what I got.

Maybe one out of three times I finish myself. I have been having the best masturbatory orgasms lately. When I masturbate I lay back with my head propped with a couple pillows, legs bent and feet flat on the bed. This gives her the best view and allows me to cum on my chest or face like I did a couple nights ago.

Night before last I masturbated all the way. I have been having the best orgasms when I finish myself lately. When I began to orgasm my head and shoulders raised up off of the pillow, my feet lifted up. I clenched down as hard as I could with my pc muscles and got this delay that kept me "in the air " for a couple seconds. I exploded like a volcano and my first ejaculation sent my head and shoulders back into the pillows and I uncontrollably started to move my head and shoulders up and down into the pillows with every ejaculate. My semen was going everywhere, I could feel it whiz by my ear, I felt it hit my chin, I heard it hit my pillow. I must have ejaculated 6-7 times with the last couple just flowing out of my penis onto the outside of my now stopped hand. I could hear my wife saying "Oh that is so hot!"

I love masturbating in front of that woman! It just makes my want to have sex with her all the time! The more I masturbate, the more sex I desire!



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