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The Cabin

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I had just turned 13 years old back in the summer of 1973. I was good friends with Tom who was also just turned 14 and his sister Holly who was 13. We grew up together and played 'doctor' a few times but I was still innocent about sex before a week shortly after school ended for the summer. Tom and Holly's family inherited a cabin sometime during the winter from some relative because they were the only ones that seemed to enjoy it there. They planned on going to see what shape it was in and clean it up. Tom had told me stories about the place. All I knew was it was a small cabin with a loft for the kids to sleep in, no running water or electric and along a creek that fed into a small lake. There was no one else for miles around. I always wanted to go. This time I was invited to go along. It would be quite an adventure.

I remember getting there in a loaded Chevy station wagon. We had to carry everything about 200 yards since a tree fell in the road leading to the cabin. It was smaller and more primitive than I imagined but was great. The cabin was made of logs and shaped just like the cabin in Little House on the Prairie, with an open eating area, wood stove, loft and everything. It was dusty and dirty but everything was in working order. I thought everything was cool except for there being only one bed in the loft where we would sleep. I felt a little awkward about having to sleep in a bed with Holly but I didn't say anything. A year earlier I don't think it would have made a difference but I noticed Holly really started growing tits in the last year and were about the size of large peaches. Even though I was still hairless in the pubic area, I started growing a larger penis and balls and would get an erection every time I would think about Holly's boobs. It would cause me a lot embarrassment since I wore very short and tight fitting cut-off shorts and was sure every one could see the outline of my boner reaching to the waistband of my shorts.

The most of the first day we spent cleaning the place up. By dinner time the cabin was in order and, after eating, us kids were sent out to clean up the outside. There wasn't much to do. There was just basically three things to do. Drag an aluminium row boat down to the lake which we did in short order. We also had to clean up the tub/water trough. This was an old, large claw foot tub. I remember wondering how someone got it there. It must have weighed 500 pounds. The hand pumped well fed into it but the interesting thing was that it was built on a frame of stones about 18 inches from the ground and open underneath so a fire could be made and heat water in the tub for a bath. Tom and Holly told me they often took baths in it together when they were growing up, even the previous summer. I wondered if we would be expected to do the same again. The tub was filled with dead leaves and stuff but we cleaned it out and Holly scrubbed it while Tom and I went in to the woods to gather more fire wood and set up wood under it to get it ready for a bath. We were already told we would all be getting a bath before going to bed that night. While in the woods I asked Tom if we had to take a bath with his sister but he was wondering the same himself. He said his sister was getting a lot more private since her boobs started growing. This gave me some relief.

The last thing we needed to do was clean up a small shed and the outhouse. The two were attached to each other. We had been in the shed several times already that day but this time, while Tom and I were working in the shed, we heard something moving around underneath. We searched around the outside and sure enough we found a small hole that some animal had made to live underneath. Tom and I got working on getting out whatever was under there and soon started a small fire to smoke it out. It wasn't long before Holly joined us who informed us smelled it like a skunk and we had better leave it alone. Neither Tom or I smelled anything that smelled like a skunk, but as soon as we started arguing about it, out came the skunk, and none too happy either. Things might have gone without incident but Holly panicked, picked up a shovel and tried to chase it back under the shed. Why she did that still remains a mystery but you can guess that we all got sprayed.

It wasn't long before we were instructed to get some water in the tub and the fire going underneath. Tom's dad went out to the 'town' about five miles away to round up some tomato juice while their mom started getting us kids fixed up. Neither mom or dad would get within 20 feet of us. They just told us what to do from a distance.

About an hour later dad came back with about 6 large commercial cans of tomato sauce he got from a restaurant down the road. By this time the water was hot and we were sent out to the woods to get our clothes off far enough away that we could bury them and not smell it from the cabin. The whole time Holly was pretty mad. She blamed Tom and me for the whole thing but we thought it was her fault. She wouldn't do any of the work but just complained about everything. She refused to go with us to bury our clothes. I was surprised to see her strip bare right in front of us and throw her clothes all over the yard. I saw the first grown tits on a girl I ever saw. I was also surprised to see a small amount of hair between her legs. It gave me an instant boner. She was ordered to pick up her clothes and hand them to us but Tom and I were sent to the woods alone. We soon had a small hole dug and we stripped and put all our clothes in. It was then I noticed how much I had grown there in the last year or so. Tom and I had always been about the same size there but now we were noticeably different. He was still boy size, maybe 2 inches long and small balls but my balls were sure bigger and hung down and I still had boner that stuck straight out maybe 5 inches. Tom noticed it too but we didn't say much about it.

We headed back to the cabin. As we got to the cabin clearing we saw Holly already in the tub with tomato sauce in her hair. I was glad my boner went away as we walked back but I felt it growing again. The first thing I saw Holly dipping a wash cloth into a can of sauce on the side of the tub and washing her chest with it. Tom and I stood silently at the edge of the trees and watched her for a minute. It was Tom who finally said, 'Boy, they sure are getting big.' I noticed he now had a 3 inch boner and rubbing it. The other difference between us was that Tom was circumcised and I was not. I was always intrigued that his little head was always sticking out while mine was covered by what we called a turtle neck. We stood there stroking ourselves for a minute until his mom saw us and ordered us to the tub. Holly yelled that we couldn't go in with her but their mom informed us that she was going to be responsible for making sure we all got every inch scrubbed and we were all getting in together. Tom wasn't phased at all and headed straight for the tub and got in. I covered myself as best I could and got in behind Tom. Once we were in their mom informed Holly that we would all be sleeping in the same bed so if she wanted to sleep well that night she had better get us all cleaned. She then went back in the cabin.

Holly then took charge. She made us pour sauce over our heads and watched as we rubbed our hair all over and then rinsed it under the pump. This made the water cold again and Tom and I had to get out and feed the fire. I was glad that my erection had gone down. Once back in Holly took the wash cloth and while I held another can of sauce she washed Tom head to foot while he stood in the tub. She finished with his balls and penis, which had gotten hard, and watched as she took a quick glance at the cabin to see if her parents were watching and then dropped the cloth and first pulled his penis down and let it bounce up again and then started to stroke it with her bare fingers. Tom stood there for a minute while she did that. We felt one another years before but never that long. I saw Tom enjoy this in a way that I never noticed before and found myself wondering if she would do that for me instead of being afraid of it. Holly started to roll his little head between her fingers and he pulled back a little a few times until he told her that he didn't want to do that right then but wanted to wait until we got in bed. I wasn't sure what he meant meant by that and wondered if they played like that in bed a lot. Tom sat down and got another can of sauce and told me it was my turn.

I knew I had another boner and was embarrassed to show it but I felt I had no choice and stood up with the nearly empty can of sauce in my hands. It didn't occur to me to just put it down and cover my parts until Holly finished washing my back and behind and told me to raise my arms over my head so she could wash under them. I put the can down and raised my arms up while she washed down my arms and chest. She stood up herself and I got a close look at her breasts and slit. When she sat down again she was right in front of me. I could see she wasn't watching much what she was doing but staring at my hard penis and swinging balls right in front of her face. I wanted to cover up but I thought Tom didn't so why should I. The time finally came when she dropped the washed cloth and started washing my penis and balls. She got a handful of sauce and started rubbing and eventually flicked my penis and rubbed me the same way she did Tom. She even pulled the skin back all the way, exposing the head and rolled it in her fingers. I felt and incredible sensation but felt as though I had to pee. I asked her to stop so I could run to the trees but Tom laughed at that and told me it wasn't pee I had to do but something else. He told Holly to wait till later and we should finish cleaning up. I had no idea what he was talking about but as soon as Holly stopped the feeling of needing to pee stopped and I sat back down.

Holly then informed us that we had to help her get all washed. I started to wonder why since we saw her washing herself when we came from the woods but Tom asked if I wanted the front or the back. I wanted the front but was too embarrassed to say that. I just shrugged my shoulders and Holly said it would be fun if we each did both and I did the left side and Tom did the right. Tom just smiled got the cloth, handed last can of sauce to me and started to wash his sister. I watched him to see what he would do. I decided I would do just like him so I wouldn't cross the line with his sister. He did pretty much the same as she did with us. I was hoping he would drop the cloth to wash her tit but he didn't. He didn't drop the cloth until he got to between her legs. He rubbed there with his palm for a few seconds when she pushed his hand away and said it was my turn. It was real exciting to wash her and my boner showed it. I felt my first real breast even though it was still with a wash cloth. I was still working on her leg when their mom called from the door that we better hurry. I was afraid she saw me but she went back in without another word. We noticed it was getting dark by this time and Holly never let me finish.

We drained the tub of the red liquid and it was another half hour before we were able to rinse each other off with the cold water from the hand pump and get the tub cleaned up. When we finally finished we were all freezing and had goose pimples all over. We ran into the house where I hoped to get some clothes back on. Mom and dad had the fire going in the stove and made popcorn as a snack for us. Tom and Holly just sat at the table naked and I reluctantly joined them. I didn't want their parents seeing me naked but I just pulled my chair close to the table. I was horrified when their mom made Holly and then Tom and I get up while she inspected us, even holding our arms up over our head to see our arm pits and bending over to see between our butt cheeks to see the sauce was all clean off. But we all passed inspection and were soon around the table and we started to tell our versions of the story and eventually got to apologies for actions and words and were laughing about the whole thing.

We were finally told to get to bed but us kids begged to stay up a little while longer and play rummy. Their mom and dad went to bed behind the curtain and after a few times of them telling us to be more quiet we heard both of them sleeping.

Not long after Holly said she was ready for bed and she climbed the ladder to the loft. It was then I remembered we were still nude. Tom and I both ran outside to pee. While we peed he asked me if I wanted to feel something real good. I said sure and he told me to wait till we got in bed and do what he did. I was curious but didn't say anything more and when we came back I was happy to be able to get to my gym bag and at least retrieve a pair of briefs. Tom climbed in the big bed right away beside Holly. Tom asked me what I was looking for in my bag and I told him but he said I should just get in bare. I didn't want to feel out of place so I started to go around to Tom's side of the bed but Holly told me she was more comfortable in the middle and I had to sleep on the other side. I got in beside her.

I heard Tom telling Holly very softly that we should do it now and he said for me to just lay there. I didn't know what he was talking about but felt Holly's fingers on my penis. By this time I was used to our nakedness and was soft but my penis grew hard quickly. Holly was rubbing up and down for several minutes and had pulled the skin down all the way. It felt incredible. I could tell she was doing the same thing to Tom on the other side. In about five minutes I saw Tom lifting his hips up and down, breathing hard and eyes closed tight like he was peeing after holding it for several hours. Holly stopped stroking me for a minute and I could tell she used her other hand on his same area. He soon let out a small squeal and then they stopped. Tom had a big grin on his face. He rolled over on his side and kissed his sister on the cheek and thank her. I was looking right at him and he said it was my turn and I would love it. I felt Holly's hand on my penis again. I laid there and waited and soon began to feel what Tom must have been feeling. He must have seen my reaction because he told me that it might feel like I had to pee but to just wait and see what it feels like. In a few minutes my hips started to rise and fall. I wasn't sure why but I just felt like I should and soon found a rhythm along with Holly's up and down motion. She started to roll my balls with her other hand and I soon over the edge. I felt several spasms starting from my head and feet and rushing right to the middle into my penis and several small spurts coming through. Holly stopped her rhythm but felt the slippery stuff for several seconds and told Tom to feel what I did. I sort of felt like a science experiment at first when Tom felt my still hard penis and the slippery cum. He asked Holly what it was and she said it must be semen. Tom told me that was cool and he couldn't wait to make some come from his boner and asked me what it was like. All I could say was it felt real good.

Tom told me it was Holly's turn and asked if I wanted to help. I said sure and Holly laid there while Tom showed me how to finger her pussy and rub her tits till she had an orgasm too.

We stayed at the cabin for a week and slept naked and played every night with Holly between us. It was years before I learned that this was only masturbation and not intercourse. She never let us do more than finger her.

Tom and I got each other off every morning though. Holly would get out of bed long before Tom and I and we would stroke each other. Tom was always eager to feel the slippery juice coming out of my dick. I was curious why he liked it so much since his sister ended up slipperier than me most of the time. I didn't make real cum yet, it was just clear and usually just about a teaspoon would come out in 2 or 3 squirts but it was fun watching.

I used to think we were quiet enough that no one down in the kitchen heard what we did but now I wonder if they didn't. My own son is is that age now and I hear him and his one friend doing the same thing during sleepovers and I would never say anything to them about it. Tom and I would even lay on each other and rub our hard penises together till we both came when no one was in the cabin. We continued our play even at home for a couple years but we lost interest as we got interested more in girls. Holly would never do anything with us at home but only during that one summer when we went to their cabin a few times.

It was fun and I wish we could relive it again.



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