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Step Sister's Friend

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I found Solo Touch in search. Enjoy the stories. Feel it is time for me to write in.


I'm writing about the experience I had when I was 16. I was quite shy around girls and had never even been kissed much less anything else. Anyway, my mom and dad had divorced several years earlier and mom had remarried. As a result, I ended up with a step sister named Sandy. She was a year older than me.

On this particular day Sandy had two of her friends over and both friends were very outspoken girls. We had a built in swimming pool out back and had decided to go swimming. I had already been swimming and already had my swim suit on. I was soon joined by the girls at the pool. This is when the problem first started. They all walked out of the house to the pool and all three were wearing very small bikinis. All were 17 to 18 years old and had very sexy bodies. You can just imagine the effect seeing them and there bodies had on me. Did it ever. And there was no way I could hide it in my swim suit. I quickly grabbed a towel and put it around me and headed inside.

Several minutes later, I was peeking out of my bedroom window at the girls and rubbing on my cock through my swim suit about to take it out and jerking myself off. It was then that one of Sandy's friends named Barb saw me. I'd been caught. Like I said, these two friends were very outspoken and Barb yelled out 'Hey Buddy. What'cha doing? Looking at us and playing with yourself'. I was so embarrassed. All three girls were looking up at my window laughing. I kept peeking and they were still looking up at my window. Barb then yelled out 'Do you need a little help up there'? Then I saw Barb telling the other two girls something and then heading for the back door of the house. I could hear her coming up the stairs. She got to my bedroom door and stopped and knocked. I opened the door.

She came in and immediately looked down at my swim suit. I was still rock hard and it sure showed. It was evident that Barb had been around the block a few times when it came to boys and our way we think. She then walked up to me and showed me she knew exactly what to do about it too. She put her hand over my cock and started squeezing on it. Her touching me like this was just about to bring me off. I was so aroused by it. Barb then put her fingers in my waist band and pulled it out and then down freeing my cock. It was just about to burst from excitement. She then wrapped her hand around it and expertly started stroking it. I didn't last but maybe 5 seconds when I had the strongest orgasm of my young life. I know some of the cum went five feet out as it squirted out of my cock. When I finished, Barb said 'Feel better now'? Did I ever! Problem was I was so aroused that my cock just stead hard as a rock. Barb then went to the bath room and washed her hands and left heading back to the girls. I pulled my suit back up and went to the window. When Barb joined the girls she was talking and the girls were all laughing. I know she was telling them all about it.

After this, my relationship with my step sister changed but this is another story I'll write about at another time.



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