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Topless Tease and Fantastic Show

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Little did I know that watching my girlfriend's friend topless would end so well...


Back in 2006, before we had kids and were married, my wife and I went on a couples holiday with our best friends. It was nothing fancy - Two weeks in a villa in Spain, but the guarantee of sun, sea and sangria. About two weeks before the holiday, the four of us were sharing a night in with a few drinks when my (then) girlfriend's girlfriend brought up the topic of sunbathing topless - "just to let you know, I'll be going topless as soon as I get there - I hope you're ok with that". My response was "yeah, cool no worries" as my cock twitched. Whilst I love my girlfriend (and her GG breasts as stated in previous story) I had always fancied her friend - she is model thin, but with beautiful DD breasts (that she often kept hidden under tight tops with a low cut) - I have to admit having wanked off on more than one occasion thinking about her. Anyway, the holiday finally arrived, upon arrival, the girls went off to sunbathe, the men went off to explore. As we were walking and talking, my mate mentioned the toplessness and told me he was "cool" with me seeing her and asking if he thought my girlfriend would go topless - I replied (sadly) in the negative - to which he displayed his disappointment but relief as he thought he would probably spend all holiday staring at them! We arrived back at the villa. The girls were sunbathing, and yes she was topless. She sat up and greeted us both and I got a first view of those china white, pert breasts with rosy red nipples. She had no problem with me seeing and flashed me a cheeky smile. My girlfriend remained covered, but flashed me a knowing smile when she saw me staring. That night, in bed my girlfriend was giving me a hand job and said "I saw you looking at her. I want you to close your eyes and think of her breasts and imagine it's her doing this to you". I did as instructed and after a few strokes came all over my girlfriends hand and my chest. The holiday continued in similar fashion but I could never convince my girlfriend to go topless. A few weeks later, we were home and tanned and having another evening in. The subject of the holiday arose as did the subject of toplessness. The girls had obviously been talking as her friend was shooting me knowing smiles as we talked about the holiday and the fact I had seen her breasts. I decided to raise it up a notch stating "you know it's not really fair on Steve - I've seen your breasts, but he's never seen Laura's (my girlfriend's)" "Well, what do you think we should do about that" my girlfriend's friend (Becky) asked. "Well I think to even it up she should flash him" "Steve? What do you think about that?" Becky asked "Sure" Steve said with a smile "Whaaaaaaat? Hang on....." Laura protested. After a bit of cajoling, (and another drink or two) she slowly removed her top and bra, exposing her breasts to all three of us. Steve gasped and stared with a look of shock, excitement and surprise on his face. Becky said "you look like you're getting excited there hun" Steve nodded. My girlfriend looked at me..... "maybe you should help him out" I said "what??!!!" Steve and Laura said in unison...... "Well, it's obviously you who got him excited" Becky said, her lips spiced with mischief.... My girlfriend looked over at me for direction. "Do it" I whispered quietly. "I want to watch you do this" Understanding I was serious, she looked at her friend for permission who gave her the ok She reached over and touched Steve's crotch tenderly. He moaned and writhed in his chair. Slowly, she undid his belt buckle and with some difficulty helped him out of his trousers. His enormous erection (bigger than mine!) was obvious from underneath his boxers. Again, she reached forward and touched it tenderly. Steve, looking at me for approval reached forward and began stroking my girlfriend's breasts, cupping them as they swung close to his face. Within an instant. Laura had expertly remove his boxers and was stroking him with all the due care and attention she would normally use on my cock. He was caressing her breasts as she stroked, his gaze switching between his girlfriend, my girlfriend and me. Within a few minutes, his breathing changed and he started to twitch. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum" "Do it baby" My girlfriend said to him. "I want to see you cum" With that, he exploded everywhere and fell back into his seat. The two girls exchanged glances, smiles and giggles whist he cleaned himself up. "Right then" my girlfriend said, looking at me and my obvious erection, then to Becky "You two next........" To be continued......"



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