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Squeezing My Balls

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Learning about masturbation was fun....usually.


When I was in the boy scouts, my best friend was named Kevin. He was a curly blonde haired all American boy. He was not handsome or particularly fit, and he still had some baby fat, but he always laughed at my jokes, and he was really clever, especially with tools. Kevin was a grade behind me, so when I learned about jacking off, he was maybe a bit too young, and he never really seemed that interested. Still, he didn't want to be left out of all the fun at scouts and stuff. He would be in the tent with us while we jacked off, but he usually didn't participate. Still he was curious about it all.

One time in the tent, he asked me 'what would happen if I squeezed your balls? Would sperm come out?' Well, it sounded kind of logical, but I knew that didn't really happen. I thought about it some more. 'Maybe if you squeezed while I was cumming, more might come out.' I reasoned.

I didn't really think it would work, but the thought of having my best friend take part in jacking off, and especially caressing my little nut sack while I was squirting my goo, sounded kind of cool.

So I pulled my pants down to my knees and started to beat off. To my surprise, Kevin hovered over my dick, watching intently. 'Tell me when.' He said.

I got closer and closer and finally said, 'Okay, now.....' and with that, instead of giving by balls a tender caress or a gentle squeeze, he grabbed my whole scrotum and squeezed like he was trying to get orange juice!

'AAAAAgghHHHH' I yelped in pain, my orgasm suddenly clamped off. I instinctively doubled over to protect my jewels. I think Kevin was genuinely sorry he had hurt me. I guess since he wasn't a masturbator yet he didn't understand. Still, he had balls of his own and should have known not to grab them so hard. Of course I forgave him but, at the time, I wanted to kick that mother fucker in the jewels.'



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