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Deserted Locker Room

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It was a snowy Sunday afternoon, but my car has four-wheel drive so I headed off to the gym for a workout. The place was nearly deserted. By the time I'd finished working out and stripped down to shower the locker room seemed empty.

As I passed the sauna, I caught a glimpse of a guy lying on the top rack above the bench. His hips were spasmodically lifting off the wood slats and his legs were quivering. 'Convulsion' flashed through my brain and I opened the door to offer assistance.

'Are you ...?' I meant to say 'okay', but I was struck speechless when I saw one his hands wrapped around his long, thick cock and moving like a blur as fingers of his other hand tugged at his left nipple. I could now hear the rhythmic slap of his buttocks against the wooden slats and his frenzied panting. For just a second I could see a flash of panic in his eyes, but he threw his head back and moaned as jets of cum erupted from his cock, gobs landing on his chest and stomach, its distinctive aroma intense in the dry, hot air of the sauna.

I mumbled a quick sorry, made my escape, and headed directly for the whirlpool to hide the stiffening of my own cock. I'd never seen another guy jacking off before and I was stunned by how aroused I was. Once I slipped into the water, I felt free to slowly stroke myself a few times and squeeze my fingers around my partially erect shaft.

As I expected, he avoided making eye contact when he headed into the shower. He tossed a couple of items on the shelf outside the shower room and dashed in. I figured he'd shower quickly, grab his towel, and head for the locker room to get dressed and head out before we'd come face to face. No mutual embarrassment, not problem ... all I had to do was stay in the whirlpool and give him time. Only things didn't quite workout according to my imagined scenario.

Much to my surprise, he came out of the shower and headed directly for the whirlpool and me! He very deliberately stepped out of his shower sandals and proceeded slowly down the steps, presumably getting used to the hot water, but I found my eyes riveted to semi-erect cock with a glistening drop of pre-cum. He dropped down onto the seat uncomfortably close to me.

'Man, I'm really sorry if I offended you,' he began. I tried to act casual, told him it was not problem; I'd just thought he was having a heart attack or a seizure.

'You're not going to report me, are you? I don't want to lose my membership; my wife would kill me cuz this isn't the first time I've been caught.' I tried to assure him that I had no intention of doing so, but I couldn't seem to convince him.

'What if you change your mind later? There's only one way I can be sure. Let me watch you jack in the sauna; then we'll be even. I'll watch the door and there's no one here anyway.'

It seemed so absurd, but I couldn't deny that I was turned on. I stood up to let him see my stiffening shaft and he reached up to lift my balls with his fingertips. 'Let's go,' I said, 'before I change my mind.' Heading for the shower, I saw him grab one of his items from the shelf. As we soaped up to get the chlorine off, I saw him giving the object a good washing too.

I got to the sauna first and climbed up onto the second shelf in one of the corners so I'd be less visible from the door than he had been. I began stroking, not knowing if I'd chicken out if I didn't start immediately.

'Wait a second,' he said. 'Let me get you ready.' He stretched out his hand and opened his fingers to show me the mysterious object he had been washing-a butt plug. In his other hand was a tube of heat generating lube that he applied to the plug and his second finger. Mesmerized, I watched him reach down, rim my asshole with his lubed finger, slip it in up to the first digit and twisting a bit. I flexed and relaxed, flexed and relaxed my sphincter muscle in response to his touch, making my stiff shaft throb with waves of pleasure from the root to the tip. He pulled out his finger and slipped the plug into my now yearning anus.

'A little present from me to you for accommodating me,' he said with a smile. He squeezed some lube on my balls and spread a thick line up my shaft to my glistening head. His hand glided over my balls and cock to spread its potent warming action; it squeezed another dollop unto his index finger, lifted my shaft with his left hand, and applied a thick coating to the ridge where the head joined the shaft-my most sensitive spot. He swirled more lube onto my nipples, giving each a pinch and a tug.

'Now you're ready. Get to it!' he said with a chuckle.

I began a slow stroking, coordinating my hand motion with the tightening of loosening of my sphincter muscle. The rising heat from the lube, the waves of sensation from my penetrated anus, and the turn-on of being watched, made my cock so hard, so thick ... how I wanted it to last. Soon my legs were quivering, my butt lifting off and slamming down on the heated slats of the sauna, my hand stroking harder and faster, my breathing ragged. It took all my self-control to ease off a bit ... so I could build it back up. I free hand tugged and rubbed at my nipples; my stroking and sphincter flexes began to build in intensity when I looked up to see him lean over with his hands on the wall, his balls dangling just above me, his cock throbbing with a full erection.

I just had to reach up, stroke him in unison with my now frantic pumping of my own shaft-faster and faster-harder and harder until his cum was jetting against the wall just before I erupted with gob after gob of ball draining cum spurting over my chest and stomach. I was wasted, drenched with my own sweat. It took me a few minutes before I could follow him to the shower and then collapse in the whirlpool.

'Even?' I asked.

'Definitely,' he replied.

Not much more was said. But when I got home and emptied my gym bag, I discovered the lube and a short note- 'See you next time it snows' along with a phone number. I smiled, squeezing my sphincter muscle around the butt plug I'd worn home from the gym.



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