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Spying On Girls

Posted by: Author: Age: late 60's Posted on: 1 comments
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At that time I was tall for my age, skinny, a bit of a loner, not surprising seeing that I was an only child. I was into puberty, noticing girls, growing pubic hair, having wet dreams from time to time. My penis became erect many times a day but I seemed to have little control over it. I was very self-conscious about my penis. When it was soft it was too small, in comparison to other boys I had glimpsed at the urinals, and when it was hard I was ashamed of it and tried to hide it. A few weeks before this story I had discovered by accident that I could have a wet dream during the day. I was trying to readjust myself because of an erection but must have held my penis for too long or too tightly because suddenly these powerful feelings were shooting up and down my legs and through my lower stomach and I realised that I was pumping out stuff into my underpants. Luckily I was alone and when I examined myself I could see that it was the same stuff as in wet dreams so I knew I hadn't hurt myself. My penis was very tender but went down almost straightaway although there was still white stuff dripping out. Like most boys I tried it again later and after pulling back a few times I finally got the courage to go the distance and experienced the feelings and the ejaculation again. Very quickly I associated it with girls I fancied.

Because I didn't have the opportunity at that time or the courage to meet girls in my spare time I took to trying to see them as they passed by our home. We lived on a farm at the edge of town so there were often people coming and going. I would watch from the loft in one of the sheds close to the road. Occasionally I would see individual girls or girls in groups walking or cycling by. In my mind I would speculate about them, what color knickers they were wearing or what they looked like naked. During this I would masturbate to a climax.

The highlight of these activities came for me later that summer. There had been some heavy rain and the local schoolteacher came one evening to my father. It seemed that some German scouts were camping in a forest on the other side of town and had got very wet. My father agreed that they could use a shed on our land to shelter for a few days. They stayed three days. When they arrived it turned out that they were all girls with two older leaders and an adult teacher.

The shed they were using was a distance away from our house but I discovered that the loft I used for my spying activities overlooked the back of the scouts' shed. When I went up there that first evening I was looking for girls passing by on the road. At some point when I was about to leave because it was getting dark I noticed two of the German girls come around to the back of their shed where it was sheltered by a hedge. I still had a good view of them. I find it hard to describe my excitement when I realised that they were peeing. I saw them pull their shorts down and squat. The first one pulled shorts and knickers back up together but the second pulled up her white knickers first and then her shorts. At this stage I was pumping my stuff onto the straw of the shed. Before I knew it those two left and two more arrived and went through the same procedure. I wasn't able to come for them but before I left my hiding place I had seen two white, one blue, one pink and three navy knickers.

During the day the scouts went on hikes around the area but returned for two more nights. Naturally I was in position to see what I could see and I was not disappointed. However they moved on and somehow watching girls just walking or cycling along the road was no longer enough to get me going. The memories of those German scouts were far more powerful and are still vivid enough for me even today.



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