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Creating World Peace Through Sharing

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Everybody, let´s spread the good word about Solo Touch, leave secret anonymous messages like WANTED-YOUR HOT STORIES AT SOLOTOUCH.COM or READ GREAT HOT STORIES AT SOLOTOUCH.COM on bathroom walls or College/University bulletin boards or anywhere else you can think of. For a small fee take out a small classified ad in your local paper, it would be a great philanthropic gesture on your part. Everybody wins, more fun stories for all of us to enjoy. You could also share the good news with friends, who knows what great things could happen after that, that you too may want to share. This is OUR site let´s all make it better.


Like everyone else, I get horny and find myself getting hornier all the time, even as I get older.

Be it from the mental stimulation of reading or looking at sites like these or from the eye candy of young women wearing skimpy, sexy outfits at the mall etc., I find I´m walking around with a constant hard-on. (Imagine ladies, there are actually horny guys you pass on the street everyday that have a raging hard on because of their sexual thoughts maybe about you and whether you´re wet and horny too at that moment.) At work I get opportunities to secretly appreciate the assets of lovely customers, be they young women or middle aged.

Having grown up in a Catholic Household where I was told that only men thought of sex and women didn´t like that stuff?? it has taken me years of de-programming and lots of reading of magazines and Solo Touch (to name only a few) to realize that females had the same needs and desires for release as males. Because of this I can´t help but think and imagine what dirty thoughts or deeds a particular woman has had or done in her life.

If I see a group of women together I wonder which one is the horniest or slutiest when it comes to sex. I wonder if this one enjoys hard anal sex or if that one likes shoving things like cucumbers or carrots up her pussy when she masturbates.

The fantasies are of course more powerful if I somehow have some concrete info about a particular woman´s sexual preferences, practices or experiences. A female friend long ago confessed her preference for penis shaped butternut squash for her masturbation tool.

Men´s magazines are always good like that, especially ones that feature Real Women or Amateurs instead of models submitting their stories and pictures. Better yet if I meet a woman who is also dying to share her secret, hidden self with other open-minded individuals like myself then it´s a match made in heaven (whether or not anything physical does happen between us or not).

Just knowing, like a young woman friend told me recently, that she´s always horny when she finishes work (no wonder, she works in a sex shop) and just has to do her boyfriend when she gets home gets me HARD. Knowing that it makes her wet to fantasize about having her hands tied together to the head board of her bed and be on her knees helpless as she is lightly and playfully spanked or lashed with a small black whip from her shop, makes me HARDER. Her secret confession of wanting to have 3 guys do her at the same time, one in her mouth, one in her ass and one in her pussy drives me mad with desire to see her actually do that. But what made me the HARDEST and caused me to COME every time I masturbated since our last visit was how she described her masturbation style (especially her loving to have her nipples pinched, twisted and pulled) while watching a porno of a big breasted woman getting fucked causing her big tits to sway back and forth or up and down.

Those of you who have witnessed those type of pornos know exactly what I mean. Such a sight causes us to be mesmerized and you can´t help but to zone in on those beautiful natural mammaries going to and fro as you rub faster and faster causing you go over the edge, into the abyss.

Thank you J. and you know who you are for sharing yourself with me, I love you for it and I only hope my confessions have helped you with extra fantasy stuff to enjoy as well.

Get the good news out there people. Remember to be respectful of others but let´s communicate and help each other have more fun. The important thing I have found is to create a non-judgemental discreet atmosphere with others where they will feel safe to open up to you. It helps if you also go first and divulge a secret first (truth or dare is always fun). Let´s do more sharing, it´ll make us all feel more normal and that deep down we´re not so different from one another.



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