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Spankings Helped Me Out

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I'm so glad I found this site. I've wanted to talk to someone about this for several years. I know masturbating is normal and have been enjoying that since I was younger than this story. But I'm hoping to learn if what I've starting enjoying is normal or if I'm completely bizarro.


I'll start by saying I probably deserved it most of the time, and I don't really think my parents are evil or abusive or anything. Sometimes they spanked me when I misbehaved. Oh, yeah, my brother too, he's two years younger than me. It's not that often that we got into trouble, probably not more than once a month for either of us. It's just the way we were raised, and I accept that. Sometimes we lost a privilege when we did something wrong, like no TV for a week. But if it's something really bad, like a lie, we'd be told to go to their room and get ready for a spanking.

My earliest recollection of this was about 14. And I admit I knew I was risking it. I missed curfew, and then lied about where I was. And dad totally knew it was a lie as soon as I said it. He's a lawyer and he has a way of finding out... like he's cross-examining me. So he kept asking follow-up questions and I kept answering them with lie after lie. And my answers kept getting more and more bizarro. And finally he told me what he had already confirmed with my friend's dad about where I was and what I was doing. And I knew I was caught.

My stomach flipped a little at that point and I filled with dread as I waited for the words that I knew would come next, 'go to my room and get ready for a spanking.'

My little brother just grinned at me across the table, and my mom stood there and folded her arms, 'you heard your father, go get ready right now, young lady.'

At this point, I knew what was coming. While I had a sense of dread, I knew I would also get some relief when it was over, so I didn't really argue over it. Off to my parents' room, where I closed the door, and took off my shoes, socks, and shorts. I then thought about how I got myself into this embarrassing situation while I stood there in my panties and t-shirt waiting. It was usually only a minute or two before one of them came up stairs to spank me.

From the sound of his steps on the stairs, I knew it was dad, which didn't surprise me since he's the one who caught me in the lie. I could feel my heart beating through my skin as he opened the door and saw me standing there ready to be spanked.

He always started by making me confirm I know what I did wrong: 'Alright young lady, tell me why you are being punished.'

'Because I lied.'

'And missed curfew,' he adds.

'Yes daddy.'

'You and your brother both know we will spank you every time you lie to us, don't you?'

'Yes daddy.'

'Alright, let's get started.'

My breath goes short as he sits on the chair and reaches for my hand. He brings me to his side and quickly hooks his fingers in the waist band and tugs my panties down over my bottom, then lets them fall around my ankles.

'Step out,' he says. And I do, leaving my panties in a puddle on the floor.

A moment later I'm taken over his lap in a strong motion and feel his big hand on my little white bottom. His other hand secures my arm behind my back and his leg hooks mine. All I can see is the floor looming an inch below my face. All I can feel is his hand on my bottom, which I concentrate on so I know when he is about to start my spanking.

His hand is gone and suddenly back with a SMACK!

And then it continues and I can hear the swats and the involuntary grunts and gasps escaping from my mouth. Daddy's spankings are so much more rhythmic than mom's. But the end result is the same. My bottom stings, and my pussy sings!

Whenever they spanked me I got that feeling. I had to try really hard not to hump against their knee while they spanked me, so I don't think they knew.

So anyway, it's suddenly over. And I'm laying there over daddy's knee and his hand is resting on my bottom. He says something about me trying harder to do the right thing, no matter what... I don't know what he said. All I can think is that I hope I can go back to my room and masturbate soon.

Finally he says I can get up. He hugs me, and says he loves me and I say the same, and then I go to my room. I don't even stop to get my panties.

I close the door and rub my bottom, it's so warm. I love to see it in the mirror, but I don't have much time to look at it... there's important business to tend to.

I lay on the bed face down and put my hand underneath and start rubbing my pussy. It doesn't take long at all to get a nice cum after a spanking. I get my fingers wet, and then start rubbing my little clitty while I flex my bottom. Within two minutes, I quietly grunt and have a good cum.

And that's how spankings worked for me as I was growing up, just about every time. And even if I wasn't the one being spanked, even if I just heard my brother getting a spanking, that would get me off too. In fact, I have a few stories that I think some of you would enjoy about my brother being spanked, and of both of us being spanked together. Maybe I'll share those too, depending on the feedback I get on this one.

Here's my question: Did anyone else ever get worked up when their parents spanked them, or am I the wierdest person ever?



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