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Sometimes I Just Have To

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What started as an F became the most delicious, if somewhat dangerous FM of my life


Sometimes, I just have to do something naughty. I live alone, (unfortunately) and owing to my job taking me all over the country, and sometimes out of it, to America, China and Australia. Not much time for a relationship.

So, for me, its masturbation. Like anything you do a lot, you become very good at it. Sometimes I do it in daring places, like on an aircraft when the lights are low. But that is not the subject of this story.

I woke up on Friday of last week feeling really sensual. I wanted to do something different so, when I dressed for work I wore a skirt that is a little too short for me, but it is also loose fitting. I chose a white blouse and (sadly) one of my old school bras. Yes, I STILL fit it. But under the skirt I wore only a pair of tights. I love the feeling of tights, (or pantyhose as they say in the US) against my smooth pussy. I totally HATE pubic hair. It gets so sticky. Yuck!

So off I went to the office. I spent a day becoming more and more aware of cool air on my moistness and my clit rubbed on the seam of the tights rather nicely.

I was looking forward to a series of huge orgasms that always follows me teasing myself all day.

So, 5:30pm arrived and so did the train. As usual totally packed. In fact, more so than usual as this was a Bank Holiday weekend. I barely managed to squeeze myself onto the damn thing and when the doors shut I was pressed hard against the glass. There are two quick stops followed by an uninterupted journey of about an hour. Of course, no one got off and no one could get on. So we left the second station, my nose still pressed against the window and the sun making me sweat a little.

Of course there were people pressing against me as the train moved. Still, I figured that would only make me more horny and the cum I was anticipating would be that much stronger. I concentrated on my feelings. DAMN I was horny.. AND wet as all hell too. I could even smell my own arousal. Then, I felt a breath on the back of my neck, and a rich voice said 'You smell like you need a fuck.' I half turned my head and gazed straight into the eyes of THE most gorgeous looking African I have ever seen. I didn't answer him though. Instead I turned my head back and let my bum press ever so slightly harder against him.

I could easily feel his hard on. Then, I felt his arm wrap around my waist and his hand tracked down my leg. He maneouvered his fingers under my skirt and I even parted my legs a little to help him. Then I heard him grunt as he found my tights. I thought he was going to give up, but instead, he leaned in again. 'If I rip these, will you think I am raping you?' I shook my head and felt him take a handful of the material and give a tug. My tights pulled tight against my clit and I swayed with pleasure. Then his fingers were on me and in me, although not very far.

Oh it was Soooo fucking HORNY. I felt him finger me and then, somehow, he turned us both so that he was leaning against the window and I was facing into the carriage, or more accurately, at the backs of the people near us. My mystery lover had lifted my skirt up at the back and I felt the stitches on that loose seam pop a few times. Then his fingers were in me from behind. This is something I totally love. His fingers felt huge and he found my g spot in a heartbeat. Then came the most glorious, long finger fucking I have ever enjoyed. I came at least four times and was on my way to a fifth when the next station arrived. I was thinking about what I could do for him in return, but to my dismay, he got off the train and, giving me a wink, walked away. I adjusted my skirt and let the aftershocks sweep over me.

Then it was my station, which is a little more than a platform way out in the country. I got off and walked a few paces. I felt so wet there. As soon as I got away from the little station, I found a lovely field and ducked behind a hedge. After what had happened to me, I really needed a pee and these tights were ruined. I raised my skirt around my waist and tugged the tights off. They were wet alright, and not just with me. They were full of sticky sperm!

I peed and rubbed off again right there.

Walking back home, naked under my skirt I wondered about those immensely skillful fingers, how long and thick they felt and I wondered.....

...surely not?

Back in my little house, I was ready for just one more cum before I showered. I went into my garden totally naked and stretched out on a sun lounger. I spread my legs and masturbated not giving a toss who saw me.

Never in my whole life have I been so totally aroused. I would have let ANYONE, male or female, fuck my brains out at that precise moment. Hell, I would even have fucked my neighbour and he is in his 60s. All I wanted was to be totally ravished, in fact, I wanted it as rough as hell. So I took my favourite dildo out there and, well, gave myself the fucking I deserved...of course, and I don't know for sure, there is a chance, just a chance that I had already had that.



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