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Some Personal Experiences

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I just found this website and I love it.


I was taught to masturbate with some other kids in the apartment complex I lived in that always played together. One summer one of the girls my age had a cousin visit. She must have been all of 13 but seemed completely 'grown-up' to the rest of us. She immediately became the leader of the group and organized all the games.

One afternoon two other boys and I plus the girl and her cousin began a game of spin the bottle that soon turned into a version of truth or dare. The cousin was pushing us boys to take our pants off and show our cocks. After a while the two other boys left, leaving me alone with the girls. The game soon changed into 'doctor' with me being the patient.

We went into the bedroom and they undressed me and I lay on the bed. The two girls took turns poking me, looking into my ears and mouth before the older girl directed her attention to my penis.

She tugged at it and it soon began to get hard. I had gotten erections before, mainly in the mornings, but had never paid much attention before. Once I was hard, she pulled the skin tight with one hand and after spitting on her palm, she quickly stroked the head and upper shaft until I had my first orgasm.

I was not sure what had just happened but I was sure I liked it. I somehow knew this was 'a special thing'.

The other girl tried to do it but I was not hard and my penis was too sensitive for her to touch.

The three of us got together twice more that summer and each time the girls would take turns jerking me off. I never ejaculated but could feel the pulses in my body. I also was learning how to jerk myself as well.

When the older cousin left, the games stopped and the other girl did not want to play that way anymore. She went to a different school and I did not see her very much.

About three years later, I became friends with the girl again when we both started grade seven at the local middle school. She and I were the only kids picked up at the bus stop.

One morning she looked like she was crying and when I asked her what was wrong she got really angry and told me she hated me and to leave her alone. That afternoon after we had exited the bus, she called out to me and asked me if I would walk her home. I said that I thought she hated me. She just said 'I am having one of those days'. When she realized I did not understand what she meant she whispered in my ear that she was on her period.

We walked back to her apartment and she asked me in saying that her mother and father would not be home for a while. We went into her bedroom, the same one we had played doctor in three summers before.

She asked me if I wanted to see her period. She took off her grey school pants and pulled down her panties, showing me a small pad with a tiny blood stain on it. I was not looking at the pad, but her pussy. She had a small triangle of thick light brown pubic hair that covered the crack going down between her legs. Her lips were pink and open at the top by her clit.

I reached out and tried to touch her but she pulled back, falling onto the bed with her legs open. I could feel my penis, now as hard as a rock, in my pants.

I said I wanted to show her my penis and before she had a chance to object, I pulled my pants and underwear down and sat beside her on the bed, looking at each other.

I took her hand in mine and placed it on my penis, while I ran my fingers through her pubic hair. When I tried to go further down, she said No, and closed her legs.

By this time I was close to coming and she watched closely as I stroked and ejaculated a huge load of semen onto my lap and tummy.

She got up and went into the bathroom saying she would be back in a few moments after changing her pad. I found myself alone, on her bed with a semen covered penis. I began to jerk-off again and was close to coming again when I heard the toilet flush and knew she would be back. I pulled my pants up and waited in the hall to wash up.

We never did anything like that again, the closest we ever came again was slow dancing.



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