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Soaking Wet Panties

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Try it, you'll like it!


As I already told you, I discovered masturbation with a friend at a summer camp when I was 13. I still masturbate very often nowadays (at least once a day) but, since these days, I have greatly improved my technique.

As I grew up, I noticed my pussy was often producing an oily fluid, especially when I was hot and needed some relief. I also noticed it was making large stains on my panties. My mother told me it's normal and that she has the same problem.

One evening, I was particularly in need to masturbate but I had to finish some school work. I was sitting at my desk, trying to work, but my mind was elsewhere. Suddenly, I felt wet between my legs. Instinctively, I touched my pussy through my panties (in these days, good girls were wearing skirts) and found I was soaking wet. The touch of my fingers gave me an incredible pleasure irradiating in all my back. I started moving my fingers, masturbating through my wet panties. Believe me or not, I came to a huge orgasm in five seconds !

A few days later, the habit was taken. Touching my pussy and clit through wet panties became my favorite way to climax. Later, I also discovered that, when I was not producing fluid myself, I could replace it with baby oil or even water. At this age, I could masturbate many times a day. I did it everywhere in every circumstance. At school, for example, I took the habit of washing my hands before going to toilet but not to dry them. Therefore, I had a handy water source to wet my panties before masturbating. In these days, I can affirm my panties got wet everyday.

One evening, I was particularly horny and really needed to do something weird. My mother remarked my nervousness and proposed me to have a bath to get relaxed. I entered the bathroom, closed the door, began to undress and fill the bath. When I had just my bra and panties on I began to touch myself through my panties, but I was totally dry. Then I saw the bath filling! When the idea rushed through my head, I had a shock. I began sweating and my mouth dried in seconds. I had all the liquid I wanted near me. I stepped into the bathtub, still wearing my panties and bra. I slowly immersed my panties and sat in the water. I began masturbating through my totally soaked panties. It never felt that good. I quickly reached an incredible orgasm.

After that, I let myself sink in the hot water. A few minutes later, I came back to reality. How could I explain my wet panties to my mother ? At this moment, I remarked I also kept my bra on, increasing my panic. I quickly got out of the bathtub, removed my undies and tried to dry them as well as I could, but with very little success. Fortunately I had an idea to fill the sink, add some soap and throw my undies in the water. When my mother found them, I told her I was ashamed with my undies, stained and stinking, and I wanted to pre-wash them before she could see them. My mother thanked me!

After this adventure, I used to bath very often in my panties and then 'pre-washed' them. All the girls should try at least once to bath in their undies and to touch them through wet cotton. It is sooooo delicious!




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