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Totally Soaked, in Different Ways

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I was totally soaked, in more ways than one...


It was a long ending to an even longer week at work.  Friday afternoon seemed to drag on forever.  Five o'clock finally came around and I was done with work for the week.   I needed to stop by the grocery store to pick up a few things for the weekend, and then I was going to go home, eat dinner, soak in the tub, and pleasure myself to relieve the stress of the week.  

As I exited my building, I realized it was raining.  It wasn't like a light Washington misty rain; no, this was a heavy Texas downpour.  As I drove to the grocery store, the downpour and the lightning and thunder added to the atmosphere of the evening.  There truly would be nothing better to do than to stay in all evening.

I walked the store getting the few things that I needed.  Just getting from my car to the store, I got a bit wet, even with my umbrella.  The coldness of the store mixed with the dampness of my clothes making me long for that long, luxurious bath.  I also started feeling the sensations of my horniness increasing as I walked the store in my damp clothes.  I realized that my clothes were not the only dampness I had, as my pussy was wet from thinking about what I was going to do later.

I finished my shopping and drove home.   I got to my apartment and made several trips from my car to my apartment to put away the groceries, stopping to put the perishables into the refrigerator, and then running back down to get my work bags and such.  I needed to make one last trip down to the car to get a book that I'd left in there.  As I hurriedly ran out of my apartment, I had a horrible realization.  I had absent-mindedly locked the door behind me.  With my keys in the apartment.  And my car locked.  All for a book.

I hoped I was wrong, but I wasn't.   I ran through the rain to my car, hoping that maybe it was unlocked with my keys in it, but they were not.   I went around the side of my apartment, looking to see if a window was cracked enough for me to get it, but I had locked everything down.  By this time I was utterly soaked, in more ways than one.  I was completely drenched by the rain, but my pussy was also soaking wet from the anticipation of getting home and relieving my stress.  To make matters worse, the apartment office had just closed for the evening and wouldn't be open again until 10am the next morning.   I could pay an emergency fee to get my apartment unlocked, but that would be very expensive.

"SHIT!!!"  I blared out loud.  "FUCK MY LIFE!!!"   I was so frustrated, and getting cold, and I honestly didn't know what I was going to do.   My neighbor who lived across the breezeway from me must have heard me shouting.  She opened her door and started to say "everything ok?"   But she took one look at me in my drenched state and knew that things were not ok.    She invited me in to warm up.

Rachel was about 33, just a little older than me, but HOT for her age.   She really did look a lot like Rachel from the show Friends, but with a little bit cuter face.   We had met a few times and talked just a little bit, but we didn't really know much about each other.   She asked me what happened and I told her about me getting locked out of my apartment, not wanting to pay the emergency fee to get back in, and not knowing what to do for the evening.   She was super sweet.  She was like "well nonsense to all of it.  You've had a rough week.  You need help.  You'll just stay here tonight.  I'll make sure you get a hot shower or bath, I'll dry your clothes, cook you dinner, and then tomorrow morning we can go to the office and they can let you back in your apartment."    I couldn't believe she was going to do all of this for me.   

I started to shiver because I was cold and wet.   She said "first things, you need a warm shower or bath.  Your choice, but feel free to go in there now.   You can drop your wet clothes outside the door and I'll wash and dry them."   So I went into her bathroom and started running a warm bath.   Just then, it hit me.  I was about to be naked and bathing in (pretty much) a stranger's house.   I started getting both horny and self-conscious.    Well, I was already horny earlier.   This just re-started it.    I also realized that I was about to hand her all my clothes, including my panties so she could take care of them.   I had no idea what I was going to wear.

I slipped out of my wet clothes, my bra, and my panties, and I cracked the door and dropped them on the floor right outside.   She was right there.  She said "shall I wash and dry them all?"   I answered and said "yes, feel free to wash them all, but I don't dry my bra or my panties in the dryer."   "Neither do I," she said.    Great.  I would have dry shirt and pants, but my bra and panties would be wet for most of the night.   

I took my bath, and I thought about masturbating in there, but I just couldn't get comfortable enough to do it.    As I was getting out of the bath and getting dried, there was a knock on my door.  Rachel said "sorry, your clothes won't be ready for a while.   I tried to find some pants that would fit, but I don't have any your size.   I did find this long t-shirt though and you are welcome to relax in this while you wait for your clothes.    So I cracked open the door and got the shirt from her.   It actually fit me really well, though it really showed my nipples and it was just barely long enough to cover my pantyless ass.

Well, there was really nothing else I could do.   I finished drying myself and put on the t-shirt.  I exited the bathroom and she was in the kitchen making dinner.  She said "I hope you feel much better."   "Yes," I said, "the warm bath was just what I needed."    She said "I'm sorry I couldn't find any pants that fit.   I'm hoping yours will be done soon."   I sat down at her dining table and we talked for a while.  We both couldn't help but notice that my bare ass cheeks were directly sitting on her chair.   I was still horny and wet too.   I don't know if she picked up on that or not, and I was trying to be as modest as I could and not show her my pussy.   Finally she said "I know this may be a little weird, but a good diddling always helps me when I'm stressed.   lol."  We both laughed.  Then she said "that shower head in there is amazing.  I don't suppose you saw it though since you took a bath."    I said "ummm....no, I didn't see that."   It sounded amazing.   She said "dinner's going to be a while.  Feel free to go try it."   I couldn't believe it.  She just made me an offer to masturbate while she cooked dinner!

I honestly didn't know what to do.   I didn't want to be a whore, but I WAS horny and had been for a while.   Finally, Rachel said "oh come on  Beth, I can tell you want to.  You've been fidgeting over there, especially since I mentioned it, and your nipples are clearly hard and showing."    I looked down and she was right.  My nipples were on clearly on display through that t-shirt.   And I was SO wet and horny.  Finally, I was like "ok, I'm gonna go check out that shower head."

As I got up from the table, I made sure that she saw a bit of my ass.   I went back into the bathroom and started the shower.  I couldn't get that shirt off fast enough.   I noticed that any parts of the bottom of the shirt that had contacted my pussy were wet.    I hopped into the shower and turned that shower head to the various settings.   Oh, this wasn't going to take long.     I laid down in the shower and ran the pulsating water over my clit, labia, perineum, and my anus.    Oh my god, it was amazing.   I was so close to coming and I didn't know where I wanted the water to hit as I came.   Finally, I just decided to rub my clit while the water hit my anus and perineum.   It was one of the most explosive orgasms I ever had.   I decided to be vocal enough that Rachel would hear.    

I finished and dried off again, and I slipped that long t-shirt back on.   I came back out for dinner and Rachel said "that sounded amazing."   "Oh, it was," I said.  "Dinner's almost ready and so are your clothes."  I said "I may just hang out in this shirt if that's ok.  My panties and bra will still be wet for a while."   And she said "yes, they will be."

Rachel and I had dinner together, me wearing nothing but that t-shirt.  Later we moved over to her couch, where we just got to know each other more.  None of this time did I ever try to show her my pussy.   That doesn't mean I didn't catch her trying to look.  I know my nipples were showing through that t-shirt a lot of the time.

I would love to tell you more about what we did that night, but I think that would change the category of this story.  We did sleep that night in the same bed, me still wearing nothing but that t-shirt.  

The next morning, I did get dressed in my own clothes and we went to the apartment offices and they were able to get me back into my apartment.  Rachel and I still get together on occasion.   What we do though, that's a different story.



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