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One night with friends


I had spent the day with my friends, and seeing that it was getting late, we decided to head home. However, instead of going home, we decided that we wanted to stay out a little longer, and we suggested that we just have a sleepover at one of my friend's house.

I was one of three guys, and the friend who's house we stayed at was a girl. We needed to shower first, but the lock on the door did not work, so I guess we were on an honor system...which honestly I was tempted to break when my female friend stepped in. Anyways, when it was my turn, I showered and was so turned on knowing that she had just showered and rubbed the soap on her naked body right before I did. When she heard the water stop, she decided to scare me and opened the door a crack and slammed it right away. I'll tell you... that was definitely a shock... but I really wouldn't have minded letting her take a look at my goodies. I'm very open with her anyways.

We sat around for a while, until we decided to play a game. Out of all the random suggestions, we decided on Strip Poker.

We had decided beforehand that we wouldn't go beyond undergarments, because we wanted to keep it PG-13 haha. Even so, with three guys and one girl it was a bit weird. Soon after, I was down to my boxers, as was another guy and my female friend in a bra and pants.

I've always thought that my friend was extremely hot, and I've liked her for a long time now. Seeing her take off her shirt, even with the bra, it turned me on so much. I was so embarrassed that they would see my penis through my boxers, since it was starting to tent a little.

I kept stealing glances at my friend's tits, my god they were beautiful. I wanted to rip her bra off, but that would be pretty messed up and I wouldn't want to embarrass HER too haha, see, I do have a heart. Sorta... x]

That passed, and we all just decided to go to bed. I slept on a recliner next to the couch where she slept. In the middle of the night, I kept recalling images of her boobs resting gently in her bra, which was a sexy laced black. Slowly, I pulled down my pajama pants and started playing with my dick. I put a bit of saliva on the tip of my penis, and started to stroke very slowly, in fear of waking her up. I watched her every move, and was terrified, but also excited at the thought of being caught. I saw her rustle a few times, so I really do wonder if she caught me... I sort of hope she did... but she didn't say anything either way.

The next morning, I woke up still horny. I remembered that she had showered and thrown her clothes into the laundry room that was right next to the bathroom. Being the sly little boy that I am, I searched the basket for her dirty panties.

I'll tell you now, I have a big thing for panties, especially worn ones. I was so turned on at that point, I thought my penis would explode. The panties were so hot, they were made of a see through meshed material, and just imagining her wearing them drove me insane. It was a G-string, which made it even hotter... I imagined the little triangle of the panties right above her ass cheeks. She has a beautiful ass by the way. I couldnt help but poke it with my foot playfully the night before as I was getting up to take a shower. It's nice and bouncy, but has the perfect shape. I love her ass haha.

So I took the panties, and walked into the bathroom, the one with the broken lock. The thought of getting caught was so exciting to me, but I was so scared at the same time, like what if she was mad if she caught me? I decided to risk it, and held the panties up to my nose and took a long sniff. The smell was amazing, and knowing that she had her pussy pressed up against the fabric made me so hard. My dick is just about 6 inches long, and about 5.6inch girth, but after that, I swear it got bigger than that. (I unfortunately have huge hands, so no matter what I feel like my dick isnt big enough since it looks so small in my hands hahah) The meshed material didnt with-hold much of her pussy smells, but it was just enough to give that sweet aroma that drove me wild. Right under the mesh material was a softer cotton material, jackpot! It was in the position right between the vagina and the anus, which turned me on even more because I'll be honest, anal turns me on. A lot. I sniffed that spot, and I was overwhelmed with the smells, it was heaven! I licked it a few times, and the taste was amazing as well. I imagined actually tasting her pussy, and I was so tempted to bust out of the bathroom, pulling off her blanket, her PJs, her panties, and just licking her pussy until she exploded all over my face. But alas, I'm not that outgoing or courageous to even try something remotely like that. Instead, I began to suck on the cotton portion. I sucked some juices out of it, and it was sooooo wonderful. It tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before, and I was in love. I held the panties up to my nose while inhaling deeply all while stroking my throbbing cock that was so ready to explode. I just held the panties in my mouth and sucked while I stroked my dick from tip to base with one hand while fondling my balls with the other. I was in heaven, and if someone had walked in on me at that point I wouldn't have even noticed or cared. I began to pump so fast, and then finally I took the panties out of my mouth and wrapped the crotch section over my cock and exploded all over the material. I wiped some of it off, but made a point to leave some of my boy juices on it just because it turned me on to imagine my jizz all over her pussy.

After that, I threw the panties back into the hamper, covering it with a towel. One of the best climaxes I've ever had in a while.



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